Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Leopard Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Leopard Style was generally used by people
who had a leaner body type, than someone who would typically be doing a say for instance,
a tiger style or dragon style. The leopard is a style that a person was interested in
preserving his body which is also true in nature. Leopards are very concern about injury
because they have to run fast, they have to move. Leopard stylist would be someone who
was interested in being able to move, preserving their body, not attacking and defending straight
on. Always moving in angles, in circles. The leopard was very elusive. A leopard stylist
once attacked, once the attack comes straight would move in an angle. This would be what
was be called a leopard fist, kept like so, so that small striking areas would be able
to be penetrated, say like in the ribs. A quick strike would injure a person only manutely
so that they would have their man on the strike rather than the person that their striking.
They would use circular movements say like a hook kick. They would strike low to the
groin. Paring, moving, circling, striking, blocking, everything outside of the center
line. Contouring the body even so that they might be able to access under the arm, in
the ribs, using the knees or even the kicks. The Leopard Style was third on the body chart
for sash. The biggest person would probably be more of a dragon stylish. Then a tiger
stylish. The leopard stylish would probably be the next person in line with body type.
This is what typifies the Leopard Style.

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  1. this jesus freak jack ass dont know what he talking about. he's wearing Japanese gi pants, Japanese black belt, got Japanese weapons in the background

    giving assinine psuedo lessons on Chinese martial arts

  2. actauly there more style in china that are unheard there the duck and more ,but i can't remember at the moment but i had book of all the style in china that are unheard of

  3. hehehe thats ,atleast he not a elvis/karate guy wait i think his friend is ,these guys are just straight cartoon characters

  4. Well now, *THAT* certainly was impressive! Woe betide any man unlucky or just plain foolish enough to square off against this guy…assuming, of course, the poor dumb bastard in this scenario was particularly vulnerable to half-assed strikes thrown from a shallow fighting stance whilst leaning way the hell off balance. If that was the case, he wouldn't have a prayer.

  5. this guy leave me curious of who he is specifically. at first i though he was a actor, him and his Elvis gut karate buddy fss idk what to say … what i see is look like 30% affective to a thug, i mean kung fu is about trapping its not about faggorty, i think this guy learn from dvd's ..i seen christain people come up christan/goth and christian/emo ….and now this .i could take on this guy no problem

  6. "move in angles and circles"
    congratulations, guy, you have won the medal of douchebaggery, presented only to the most epic of morons.

  7. no dude that guy is monster ,i saw him rip stuff ,he was thrown out a circus for beat up the lions

  8. im high right now and reading ur comment made me laugh for like 3 minutes….thank you so much for that bro…:)

  9. i want to see him fight royce gracie or mat hughes, or brak lester. we would see how well these, christian shoulin techniques worked then

  10. if it is his hobby than he shouldn't be teaching it to people. if it his his profession than he should know what he is talking about. and any offensive grappling style would trash this guy

  11. This guy is thrash just watch some of his other videos… doesn't know what he is talking about… I want to go against him with my Seh style and put him in his place.

  12. No offense i'm all for religion expanding but last i checked kung fu was buddist and even some muslim style like Xing Yi Quan. not saying they shouldn't teach it but it kinda ruins the spiritual teaching of kung fu

  13. @negait how many people have been killed in the name of islam, buddah…how many people have lived horrible lives in the name of the Hindu caste-system…how many people have been told when and with whom they can have sex, or even when and what to eat? How many people have suffered because religion was taken out of context?

  14. @negait let me call it faith instead of religion, because as religion is, your point couldn't be more lucid. Faith, or superstitious beliefs/stories/explainations was man's first jab at understanding the incredible world around him, which in itself was enevitable. But as time went on religion was born out of certain men who offered better stories for greater mysteries, and as people find solace in understanding, these certain men became respected and powerfulbutthey werecorrupt form the start.

  15. So I guess the whole Christians versus the lions thing never really caught on.

    Christianity, the ever changing religion that tries to stay the same.

    A christian martial arts foundation makes as much sense as Muslim beer.

  16. To represent onces true self in body and mind with discipline and exercise. Martial arts is the battle with oneself for expression. To defeat ones ego.

  17. To mold the mind and body.
    To cultivate a vigorous spirit,
    And through correct and rigid training,
    To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo.
    To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor.
    To associate with others with sincerity.
    And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.
    Thus will one be able:
    To love ones country and society;
    To contribute to the development of culture;
    And to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.

    Martial art or coordinated discipline.

  18. @novacrystalas why? Look at the Chosen Ninjitsu there is a christian martial artist why dont you talk to him

  19. err i dont think this is leopard style kung fu guys…for a start there arent any tru blocks in the style, just attacks that block as well

  20. @xansheng "Christian martial arts", it's how the association is called!! And good for them beacause they are in the good way with that condition. And I've seen many strange and awesome new style of fighting, like "the snake hidden in the eagle's shadow", why not leopard style??

  21. What the HELL? OK stupid people, the Shaolin Five Animals are Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Leopard and Crane alright? Those are the official, original animal styles from Shaolin. Later on there were other forms, born from other styles of Kung Fu, such as the Mantis, Monkey, even Frog or Eagle. But the original Five are the ones that I've stated. He got the leopard fist right (it IS used for blocking and striking at small areas, or to strike with the palm). It relies on speed, outsmarting and strategy

  22. Leopard style doesn't utilize strength, but speed and strategy. It has blocking moves, but it preferes a hit and run approach. It's also recognized by its approach of "block with an attack" to an opponent's attack. It develops muscle and speed and teaches unorthodox targets. Sorry if I came off as preachy but it bothers me to read ignorants who claim there is no Leopard style. I study Shaolin Ng Ga Kuen, or Five Family/Five Animals Kung Fu and these are the animals in our style

  23. people im christian and yes we do deserve martial arts u dont here me saying the athiests dont deserve to live gosh ur just pissed cause ur going to hell

  24. People are free to do what they want and post videos of it, but established systems should be represented accurately. Especially if it's going to be presented by "expertvillage", because people will see that name and assume that the videos are indeed presented by experts, which has not been the case as far as I've seen. This is not Shaolin, and should not be called such.

  25. it is amazing the situations that people evoke god's or Jesus name to make money or advertise their services in general.

    Really, what Jesus has to do with martial arts?

  26. @ContinuosChange try pausing at 1:44 and just look at the body position. I laugh because it's the most open position I've ever seen. I bet you while filming this, some guy probably couldn't resist the temptation of hitting him in the ribs or something, and screwed up the take. It really is ROFLMAO.

  27. @Sk8BoardC17 Dude if he is claiming Leopard style then he needs to do it from the same way that was taught for centuries not his take on Leopard style Kung Fu. This is NOT LEOPARD STYLE

  28. He is definitely utilizing leopard style technique. He has not mastered the techniques yet, but to master the techniques takes years upon years of practice and dedication. This guy obviously loves his craft. I think it is really rude to attack this guy simply because he has not mastered the martial art yet. Worse than this though is the ignorance of attacking somebody for a world view this guy holds that he never pushed upon any of you guys. Humility is something some of you should learn.

  29. He is definitely utilizing leopard style technique. He has not mastered the techniques yet, but to master the techniques takes years upon years of practice and dedication. This guy obviously loves his craft. I think it is really rude to attack this guy simply because he has not mastered the martial art yet. Worse than this though is the ignorance of attacking somebody for a world view this guy holds that he never pushed upon any of you guys. Humility is something some of you should learn.

  30. far too many old chackie chan movies. why not adopt the drukan master style, for this he has to get drunks, pist, get legless. a high intake of some alcholic beverages.

  31. There is nothing wrong with what this young martial artist is doing. And what could be more noble than dedicating his style to his Lord. From the comments have read on this site I think there are many people that need to learn about RESPECT and HUMILITY,,,and that shows me the so called quality of your own martial arts!
    –"The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy…What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly." -taoist prov

  32. There's nothing wrong with being a small nerdy Christian who's talking about martial arts, but this fellow is presenting himself as an "expert." He's not an expert in kung fu; he isn't even an initiate. He's giving bad information about martial arts that he does not understand or perform with any kind of authority. If you're going to wear a black belt and speak as an "expert," you should have some kind of competency.

  33. @jgriffi25 I agree with you. One can down a person's practice or art, but everyone has their own expression of their style of martial science. Therefore, when the style becomes you then it appears different than when you become the style of practice…

  34. @xansheng Leopard style is very much so a codified style,and it is one of the original 5 shaolin animals.

  35. its cool how this guy is devoted to his craft and has passion.. yet there's FAT TROLLS sitting behind their computer screen judging him when they cant even do a simple push up.. LOL its funny how they say get a life when they don't have one.. GOD BLESS YOU expertvillage!!

  36. even if i never fully agree with him it still gets me thinking, and thats a really good thing.
    now i wanna share this leopard… /watch?v=9vTnsPNwq10

  37. I gotta agree. Checkout some of the 'Manup Standup' fights on youtube they have a lot of Kung fu stylist fighting.

    Many of these styles are too elaborate to translate well to real fighting. I'd recommend that more people learn boxing,kick boxing or muay thai for their stand up. Those styles translate into real fighting the best from what I've seen.

  38. Even though I have issues with the effectivness of most Kung Fu styles for real fighting I do like the Leopard styles emphasis on using angles. But I'd recommend people learn this from a boxing perspective.

  39. i agree kung fu is not effective in real fighting

    kung fu is effective only in the chinese kung fu film

    muay thai is better

  40. for everyone saying kung fu isn't practical, have you ever trained in it? and not from a not so good teacher, but a grandmaster hmmm

  41. WHY ARE YOU MAKING SUCH NEGATIVE COMMENTS. from his looks this man can even serve as a professor of the philosophy of martials arts

  42. The Christian Martial Arts Association has been around for many, many years, and is probably older then you are. You have only your own ignorance to blame for not having knowledge of it.

  43. Not trying to be an arse pointing out flaws but many of these stances look incredibly open to take downs and submissions. 

  44. wtf did i just watch?

    All i got from that is Leopard Stylist are supposed to be next in line in body type…

    That makes 0 sense.

  45. This demonstration is saddening. This man lacks the speed necessary to show this style's main strategy and its strengths.

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