Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : History of Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi I’m Adam Bowling. I’m representing the
Christian Martial Arts Center Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. History of the Five Animal Forms starts
in the country name India where a monk named Tamo, traveled from India to China walking
the whole distance. The walk that he took led him on an educational journey through
the wilderness. Tamo saw predominantly five different animal groups that he mimicked.
These animal groups taught Tamo different moves in which he was able to develop a Martial
Arts that we now know as the Five Animals. One of the styles of Martial Art in the Five
Animal Styles was the crane. And it said, Tamo saw the crane by the rivers, and Tamo
would mimic the crane and how the crane, his bit would be sharp, he would stand on one
leg and stretch out with his wings, hook, strike towards the fish, strike other cranes
and kick. Another animal that Tamo saw on his journey was the tiger. The tiger was seen
in the jungles. And the tigers, he saw the tigers when they would crouch, search for
his prey and strike, pinning his prey to the ground. Tigers would tear flesh, requiring strength. Another animal that Tamo
saw was the snake. He would see the snakes in the plains, in the grass. Snakes were elusive.
Snakes would always move, blocking, striking, turning, calling, striking, moving always,
very elusive. Another animal that he saw in the mountains was the dragon. Dragons were
big animals and they have to be sleek about how they move. When they would come at you,
a dragon will not come at you like this. A dragon would come at you in an elusive manner,
with which, will make you think that the dragon was not coming towards you. He would step
always at an angle. If you look at a lizard’s feet today and you see a lizard, a lizard’s
feet point outwards every time they take step forward. Once the dragon was close enough,
he would strike trapping and attacking. The dragon, the tiger, the snake, the crane and
the leopard. The leopard was also an elusive animal saw in the jungle. The leopard will
never attack you straight, similar to the dragon. He would attack you always at angles,
never to attack you straight because the leopard’s body was much more slim than a tiger, even
though it’d be still a cat. The leopard would move to the angles, striking, tripping, moving,
never on straight strike, always from the side. Leopards would move in angles so as
they protect their own body. As you will see, each animal represents or typifies rather
a body type. Tamo saw this and he took all of his knowledge of those animals into the
Northern Temples of Shoaling where he was able to teach the monks his style of Kung
Fu and they’re creating what we know today as the Five Animal Styles.

16 Replies to “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : History of Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. This guy is talking out of his ass. I got money he's another kenpo guy that went nuts and started to think everything he does is Kung Fu.

  2. wow u are stupid… if u read the title it says 5 animals. the mantis and monkey styles were created later hes talking about the 5 original animal styles

  3. I guess im not supprised kung fu panda has its shit inaccurate, but where do the styles Monky fist and Mantis style come into play? Were they created at different times and places so there not considered apart of the big 5?

  4. He said he is part of an christan martial arts practicing group and ya it didnt have anything to do with his story, he was just introducing himself. And monks in asia were hella into self defence from what i know. And i like how you plugged your martial arts gym with out giving him an address, or city that its in for him to find, then call him a puss for probabbly not going. I dont mean to be rude im just board. And for the other people saying the history is rong. Duh, Dragons!
    Who cares?

  5. Dear Presenter,

    Damo had nothing to do with 5 Animals. he entered the Shaolin Monastary around 539 CE. The first recorded/mentioned apperance of the Shaolin 5 Animal style was after the 2nd destruction of the Shaolin Temple around 11th Century; when shaolin dipersed and came to mix with other templs. When around 30 years later Shaolin was again re-oened the idea of Animal Styles started. i took another some 80 years for the One System of the 5 Animals. to un….

  6. continued from below….To understand the 5 Animal Style you also need to understand that the Dragon is a Spiritual Animal and as such, within the actual Shaolin Style of Animals has no physical form or representation.

    When going public with such information, representing your style, you may want to cross check some of the key points again.

  7. The technique of Damo he did not learn on his journey from India China, As already Indian worrier practiced,Indian Martiol arts call KALARIPATTU,Damo is a prince of south Indian King

  8. u could have said what they repersent.the tiger is power the leopard is endurance and stamina the crane is balance and flexiblity the dragon body moton and the snake is strike  

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