Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Bo Staff Fighting in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. I’m going to talk to you now about the
Chinese Staff. The Chinese word for the Staff is the Guan. The Guan was a weapon that was
very practical in use. The weapon was something that most everybody would have had access
to. And to be able to use a Guan meant that you’re going to be able to defend yourself
pretty much anywhere because everybody basically carried a stick and it was seemingly a harmless
instrument. Unlike the Japanese, it’s typically a softer wood. The wood that I’m using here
is called rutin. As you can see it bends. I believe that the reason for the bending
is that so that when someone would be hit with a Guan, it will be less at to kill and
more at to whip and beat. So it’s not to kill the person. The Guan was developed by monks
as a weapon. And the monks were very concern about not killing so they would use weapon
similar to this. The Chinese Guan does give you a whipping action, as you can see. The
whip would allow for a person to feel the pain but not be internally harm. The Guan
is broken down into three sections similar to the Japanese Bow. The Japanese called their
Staff a Bow, and their Bow is broken down into sections like this. The Chinese generally
break it down into sections like this. They longest section would be to keep your opponent
away. The middle section would be use for blocking. The smaller section would be use
for bracing, so that, most of your attack would be away from you. All the, this is generally
how the bow was kept. There were different turns and maneuvers that you could do with
the Staff that will allow you to be able to switch sides. Chinese Staff.

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