First Cup with Jeremy #41: Crossfit Gyms VS Martial Arts Schools

Hey, good morning. Today is August 29th 2018 Welcome to first cup. My name’s Jeremy and this is my first cup of coffee Now Unless you are brand new to this episode. You’re going to notice. I’m in a car And I’m driving I’ve not done this before So a couple differences about today’s episode versus every other one. I’m not recording this on my phone, which means it’s not live I’m recording this from my GoPro on a dash mount Because I am on the way to New Brunswick, Canada Now I’ll talk to you more about that in a minute, but the other thing full disclosure That was my second sip of coffee. Why? Because I didn’t want to have my first sip of coffee be way too hot and burn myself On camera. I thought that might be a little ridiculous I can go faster There we go So… The best thing I could think of to do to make sure the episode got out today was to record on the GoPro And I’ll upload it when I get to the hotel room later on Yeah So that’s where we’re at. I got some McDonald’s coffee It’s a big one. I’m not gonna get a second cup Put my butter in it. Which I don’t normally do on my first cup of coffee But it’s also… What time is it now? Nine o’clock. I waited until nine o’clock to have coffee in part so I can talk to you guys Also in part because I just woke up an hour ago Stayed with a friend Highschool friend. We went out last night It wasn’t crazy. We just went out to dinner had a couple drinks Went back and watched some silly things on YouTube Crashed. Slept on the couch and It was very very warm There aren’t screens on a lot of his windows. Coz he’s renovating his house And it’s a beautiful house inside. Absolutely beautiful. He’s got a great vision for it’s gonna be awesome when it’s done But it was close to 90 degrees in New England yesterday And he kinda baked all day There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for opening up The windows and cooling it out I slept on the couch and he gave me this really thin sheet You know, if I wanted to cover up with something. Obviously I didn’t need to cover up Normally, I need something to cover up with but what I did with that I folded it up like six times and put it under Me to soak up the sweat Because I didn’t want to get his couch all gross So I’m currently in Maine I’m on interstate 95. i95 I am just passing the Sabattus Lisbon exit. If you’re a fan of the show a lot of the people that I’ve talked to are from Maine. Because New England even though it’s different states Culturally, it’s really similar and You’re not that far away from any other state at any given time And a lot of the connections that I’ve made Came from the old days where at least I’m rooted in the old days of when I used to compete around New England So I got on at the Auburn exit. I can think of a few people who crawling up would have used that exit Maine’s funny for me cuz I in a sense. I feel like I belong here because I grew up here But at the same time it’s changed so much That Vermont really does feel like home now. And don’t get me wrong I’ve considered moving back to Maine. I’ve got a lot of friends here Is a bigger population There’s the ocean. There’s mountains. Far more lakes. One of the things I really dislike about Vermont it’s a pretty short list, but There aren’t enough lakes. Which means if you want to buy a camp, you know a small house on a lake a seasonal home It’s really expensive. In Maine, If you’re willing to drive far enough, pretty much anybody can afford it So I gotta watch my time Because I’m somehow limited to ten minutes because of this GoPro. I don’t know why. Alright that’s five minutes or so So here’s the thing I wanted to chat about real quick I’m going to St. John’s New Brunswick I’ll be there for a couple nights just to hang out just to see what’s going on there I’ve never been there. And while I’m there, I’ll go to a CrossFit gym We’re gonna drop in determine CrossFit lingo that we use then we’re gonna visit And I’ve often talked about the similarities between CrossFit and martial arts And the culture and everything You know one place that the culture is completely opposite It’s the attitude that we have With people coming to visit. I feel confident messaging Any Crossman gym on the planet and saying hey, I’m gonna be in the area. Could I stop by? You know, obviously there’s some logistical questions Is your schedule normal this week? What is your fee for coming by? Is there anything I have to know? You know, and it’s just good etiquette to do that But to be perfectly honest, if I stumbled on a CrossFit gym that I didn’t know was there and I ended up with you know, an hour free I would have no problem walking in and be like, hey Can I get a work out? And of the probably thousand plus gyms, I visited I would be surprised if anybody would say no Now when it comes to martial arts that is not the case We do not have a culture in martial arts where you visit a new town and you Message somebody and say hey, can I swing by and take class? Now understandably there is some There’s some good reason for that. One of the major reasons of course is that You may not do the same martial arts that they do. So we may be we may be looking at a different fundamental approach to training to the techniques But I’ve been to gyms where people have dropped by. Martial arts schools And it doesn’t matter how friendly they are Doesn’t matter if you’re doing very similar things There’s this air of apprehension. When people come in We still have such a strong Skepticism in martial arts of what everyone else does that we can’t get there. Now, I’ll be honest Which would I’d rather go to? If I’m visiting Canada Hello, I have a martial arts business it makes more sense for me to reach out to people and build relationships For when we start selling into Canada? But I don’t do that because the person might say, somebody at his school might say yes But would they mean it? Would they think I was gonna try and test them? So many unknowns And that’s not what I go on for a vacation So I’m going to CrossFit Looks like I got 90 seconds or so. Maybe maybe just shy of 2 minutes. So let me let me tie this back in Whether it’s CrossFit or martial arts life in general We build a legacy People start to look at you and what you do as somewhat fixed It is cliche to say people don’t change Because most people don’t change. Most people are Fairly consistent with how they approach life. Their values their priorities But there’s no Reason you can’t be aware of that. There’s no reason you can’t change it first off and secondly Be willing to admit that how you look at life, how you treat others and all that creates a legacy that other people will judge you by the older you get The more entrenched it is and the harder it is to get people to see you differently. This is why some people move Cuz they need to start over the people where they’re at refuse to see the growth and progress that they’ve had in their lives So there’s ten minutes I will probably do this from the hotel room tomorrow. It looks it’ll be live I hope so. All right, that’s all I got for today. Thanks for watching Maybe you’ve enjoyed this new format and road noise. I don’t know If not, tough Alright I’m gonna finish my coffee and finish my drive, I’ve only got four hours left. See you tomorrow. Peace!

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