Finding the Best After School Programs in Brooklyn

Brooklyn students who participate in after-school
programs are more likely to stay in school, get better grades, and stay out of trouble. But after-school programs in Brooklyn hold
benefits for parents – not just for kids. A recent study of New York City parents found
that 75% of parents missed fewer days of work than they did before, once they enrolled their
children in an after-school program. Parents whose kids are in after-school programs
worry less about their safety, and as a result, feel more energetic in the evenings when they
spend quality time with their children. 74% of New York City parents agreed that after-school
programs made it easier for them to keep their jobs. Why? Because they had lower levels of
stress and missed fewer days of work. If you’re ready for your child to join one
of the top after-school programs in Brooklyn, call Urban Martial Arts, on 965 Coney Island
Ave between Newkirk and Webster. At Urban Martial Arts, we provide kids in
kindergarten through 5th grade with free school pick-up, daily karate classes, and plenty
of time for homework and snacks. Schedule a free tour of our after-school program
now. Space is limited so call or log on today.

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