Fighting in Mr Beast’s $100k Youtuber Battle Royale

100 Replies to “Fighting in Mr Beast’s $100k Youtuber Battle Royale

  1. New idea you should hire people to find morgz house and then assemble the odd army so we can kill him as warm up for Area 51

  2. James: only if something interesting happens

    Kid: kicks James

    James: what’s the —

    Kid: is that something interesting?

  3. O login paul really just really can you tell jaiden a fan said hi to her and I am a big fan of both of you guys and girls

  4. my coworkers are looking at me strange… i guess laughing out loud until one cries is not normal office behavior.
    Thank you for this gold of a video.

  5. For the people who don’t know who the youtubers are on 8:52 these guys are (left) swaggersouls (middle) fitz (right) zuckles these guys are amazing youtubers go check out their YouTube channels and they also made a video about this on their channel called misfits and and they have a podcast called misfits

  6. The reason Team 66% Vegan really won is because Jaiden and Anthony used their vegan psychic powers to destroy everyone.

    Anyone get it? Just me? ok:/

  7. A C T U A L L Y
    Team 66% vegan is incorrect because the entire team adds up to 99%
    Team 2/3 vegan in correct
    (im sorry if this sounded elitist its just a joke)

  8. Hey james can you tell something else yt that I want to meet him in vid con because I have a picture for him from his own music video and also luv your channel so yeah bye james also 💖💖

  9. Also I was watching this without headphones on and my dog was right next to me on the couch sleeping and when he screamed about Logan Paul my dog fell off the couch 😂

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