Facing an Aggressive Guy in the Streets

You were laughing at me before you piece of scrap? Come on you right now… Come on you piece of garbage. Now, tell me who’s the wise guy now, huh? Alone with no friends, before with your little friends. Come one, [SOUND] come and fight now you alone. I told you, when I’m gonna see you alone I’m gonna fight you. Come on->>I’m sure we can talk about this.>>Come on, Come on give me your best shot->>I don’t want to hit you man->>give me your best shot!->>I want to give you a shot on the head Come on. You scared! Ah, you don’t want to fight now, you piece of crap. Talking about about what you little “cayonne”>> I didn’t want to fight ->>Give me a shot before you come and fight come and fight I didn’t wanna fight with you.>>You wan’t one on one.>>Yeah, one on one you piece of trash. Come one come on give me a shot. [SOUND], [INAUDIBLE]. It’s awesome man. I’ve seen this exactly outside the Bars man and it looked like this and you know what, it’s very intimidating because the guy slapping himself, it’s just a very strong message when he does that [SOUND] And the most important thing that you are faced with your attacker is positioning. If you notice my hands are always up his hands were moving from here to here. My hands. Pick up your hands. Do the same.
My hands were always here if this hadn’t moved and he pointed I was always here I don’t wanna keep my hands down, I want to move if his hand would have come down my hand would have went a little bit lower maybe he’s got a knife. Also if you look at it I want to make sure as he is moving I’m using my footwork… at no no point. If he moves this way I’m turning here. Why? If he moves here, the last thing I want to do is stay here or give him any momentum to give him any type of chest to back. The thing is I don’t want my shoulder at any point to cross the center line, right? Because then I’ll have exposed my back. My shoulder want to stay around as much as possible towards his. So if he moves here very fast like if he comes here i’m moving here, if he goes the other way I got to turn so at all points I’m actually every point he moves I’m right here. No mater where he goes and all I’m doing I’m pivoting. And I’m sliding from one spot to another. Pivoting on the foot because I don’t want to give him my back, I don’t
want to give him any angles. I want to be ready to strike and go preemptive at any point. We he was telling me hit me hit me right their I probably would be like no, no, no and then when he is not expecting then I would [SOUND] have hit him.
Right because he is actually expecting the shoot. What hurts the most the shoot that you don’t see coming. But again my hands came up the whole time and every time he moved I didn’t stay steady I moved wherever he moved he came in I move back he moved forward. It’s almost like a dance because I want to be able to set out my strike from a good position so I can finish the fight as quickly as possible. [Code Red Defense]

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  1. man you are amazing , just come and visit us in Egypt , your skills really helping me out man , i feel like i am immortal , i wish i can meet you man 😀

  2. I was waiting for you to hit him and you didn't and I thought what was the point of that he didn't do anything. It wasn't till you started talking and I watched it back again that I realised what you did. Great vid.

  3. Another good point that you forgot to mention, but you did very well, you never let the hands of the aggressor gain the center. Once he gain the center position with his hands it becomes hard if not impossible at that distance to avoid being hit.

  4. Very good stuff. Half the fights I've been in were losses due to fear. I realize now that instead of being afraid I should get angry and use that anger to pull me through the fight. I think I lost my fights because I am a defensive fighter and don't like hurting people. Thanks to you I now have the confidence and knowledge to stay safe and protect myself and others.
    My move list-
    Edge of hand
    Palm heel/slap
    Eye gouge
    Would like your advice.

  5. Saw a fight happen right in front of me on the train today. I would have broken it up if it weren't for my freeze response. I would like your help and advice on what I should have done and what I can do next time. I know my moves but they get thrown out the window during situations like this despite my previous street fights. Plz help.

  6. you already lost…you let him get too close………i say stay at least three feet if not five feet away at an angle…..so you always have the chance to defend yourself

  7. Good defensive hand positioning and verbal defusement but that is taking way to much aggression. If you step back and give a verbal warning to stop and he continues aggression that is enough cause for self defense. If you let him talk to much and agitate then there is more chance for him to gain courage and positioning for a strike . Let him walk into an open hand strike and end it

  8. Had I been dealing with a guy like that in a real situation,it would have been over almost right away. He didn't have his hands blocking his head and his whole body left wide open. If after 3rd time of saying I don't want to fight and he continued to show he wanted to or aggressive I would have knocked him out cold with a left hook to the jaw.

  9. I don't like drunk scary people, I had a guy push me thro a crowd and it was scary, he was like come ill knock out come on. my bro came in out of no were and smash his head in, I love my bro hes there when you need him. I don't want to fight in case I killed him, cos you don't know how to control all the rage in side. im afrade of my self.

  10. A guy like that is going to kick off because he thinks he has won already, personally I keep them at arms length and strike before he does, preferably with a head butt but failing that probably a right hook followed by a volley and finish with a flying head butt if needed.
    Truth is I avoid fights as much as I can but someone like that I strike first and very hard, I am only a little guy so am a target for fools who always underestimate me, so Ive learned to deal with them. good luck

  11. going backwards is an invitation for more aggression, as in dogs. U talking very much bullshit for real street fight

  12. I LOVE this detail!! Myself, I'd be immediately ACTING like a scared, pee my pants little wimpy, not dangerous at all person until HE moves into the position I could use to my benefit…for the surprise. There is no way Jose I'd ever be able to use anything else to my advantage…but surprise. Gotta imagine an act! Now your guy Nick, in this little skit WAS WONDERFUL. His acting was superb! I don't imagine for a minute I could hit him with a fist and make a difference. I will be focused on ripping off body parts, poking out body parts, breaking fingers (well, first would be the gun or knife in their hands) and USING MY TEETH. I'll throw up, fart, pee, cry like a banshee, tons of tears, pulling my hair professing submissive postures and then explode!!! Just imagining and writing about my responses is good practice. In fact, just writing out what I would do puts me right there well, as close as I can get without being in the real situation. I hope this helps me…and others? Thanks…I am on to watching more!!

  13. Either he's hiring the best actors that money can buy or he's hiring guys who have done that stuff for real in the street and are trying to turn their lives around.

  14. It takes time to get ready for a fight. If the other guy is already agressive, those 3-4 seconds you need to get angry might be all he needs

  15. Thanks for your videos. The other day a guy hit my car and drove off. I got in my car and pulled him over to show him the damage. He became aggressive and charged at me at least six times. I put out my arms at full stretch to maintain my distance and I kept telling him to take it easy and every time I did that he backed off. When he charged I also changed my angles constantly to make it harder for him to hit me. I believe if I did not create that distance he would have got punches in. Also it was evident to me that he was on ICE. Thanks for your videos as I think it helped me to not get hurt .

  16. When someone is aggressively approaching you and running their mouths the best defense is an Upper Palm Strike to the Bottom of their Chin which snaps their Head Backward and Causes a Neck Injury. After the Head Snaps Back you Grab their Shoulders and Drive your Knee to Their Groin or Solar Plexus if possible.. Another good Strike is to Make a Fist and Hit the Attacker in the Groin with Your Knuckles on Backside of Fist. Then Use your Upper Palm Strike to Underside of Their Chin.. Nobody Should Spend a Full Minute waiting to Strike the Attacker. In your Demonstration you should have Struck the Attacker in first 10 seconds of him harrassing you. Waiting 30 seconds to a minute to Engage the Bully is Stupid. My favorite strike is the upper palm Strike to Underside of Chin.. or Just Practice Grabbing their Shoulders and Driving your knee to their solar plexus is a good first strike too..

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