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Today in El Recuento, I tell you about the new Google Chrome’s feature: Dark Mode. I’ll explain you how to use it. Furthermore, there is a new competitor for Fortnite! Also, Samsung finishes relation with the fake Supreme. We’ll talk about Apple which brought back to sell the iPhone X. And to finish: We’ll talk about Facebook’s birthday. It is already 15 years! Let’s start! Hello! Thank you for coming to another video in this channel. Let’s quickly review the last video’s survey results. I asked you if you good like more retro-apps after Microsoft brought back its old file explorer. The majority of people say YES. So, let’s see if Microsoft decides to bring back other apps and other manufacturers too. Let’s go to the first news because we’re talking about something that is trending in many apps, nothing less: “Dark Mode”. It seems that Google Chrome is about to incorporate it. So far, it’s only a demo version or where developers test new features: Chrome Canary. If you want to test it, you must install this browser version and that’s all. You can now activate the dark mode. However, it is still not working 100% correctly. There are areas where text keeps dark, so it’s impossible to read. This is letting us know that we’ll soon receive this new feature in the final version. Of course, when that happens, it will work 100%. Let’s go to the next news: Now we talk about a new Fortnite rival, the famous battle game. In this case, the developer is nothing less Electronic Arts. Similarly, this is a free to play game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So far, there isn’t a mobile version, but there are possibilities it comes to the Android ecosystem and iOS, too. In this case, there are eight different characters with varied skills. Players must fight together as a team. However, in this case, they’ve decided to implement some other features to be different when comparing to similar games. When you are falling dawn to the island, you can find some ships containing powerful weapons. So, you mustn’t be on the floor to find weapons. And some other changes… In this case, the monetizing system is through purchases inside the game. So, we must wait to know if there’s a mobile version of Apex Legends. Let’s go to the next news: Turn to talk about Samsung. Now, remembering that collaboration introduced in China when they introduce the Galaxy A8, with Supreme. Some time later, we knew that it was a fake Supreme. It isn’t in the USA as the original Supreme. In fact, the fake Supreme is Italian. It takes advantage of a legal bug to use the same name as the original one, and sell its products in other countries. That’s why Samsung finally has decided to stop this collaboration. I inform you if you were worried. Time to the next news. Now, we talk about Apple. According to Mac Rumors, they’re selling again the iPhone X but as a refurbished version. Specifically in Spacial Gray and Silver colors. With a 64 GB and 128 GB storage. Their prices are 769 and 899 dollars, respectively. So that, plus the news I told you some days ago about Apple decreasing some models’ prices in some regions, let us know that what Apple wants is to finish with a endless stock. Of course, it’s also to increase some sells that according to some reports, they’ve been decreasing and Apple can’t do anything to avoid that. Let’s go to the last news as Facebook had its birthday yesterday. Specifically, 15 years old, so it is as a young lady. The 4th of February of 2004, it was the chosen day by Mark Zuckerberg, to lunch Facebook as a social network. But, in those days, it was more focused on Universities. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the main goal of that platform is connect with people to share important stuff. So, at the middle with privacy chaos and other problems, Facebook is celebrating its 15 anniversary. So, if you want to congratulate it, leave some beautiful comments for it in the comment box. Take part in the survey to tell me if you think that Facebook will be alive when turning 20 or not. I hope you liked this video. If yes, you can indicate it. See you next time! SUBSCRIBE – CONTINUE ENJOYING MORE CONTENT

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  1. Hola no se si me puedan ayudar, descargo la instalador del juego desde la página oficial y al abrirlo dice que no se puede cargar la página, desactive firewall, antivirus y también inicie en modo seguro pero sigue apareciendo ese mensaje. Cualquier recomendación es de ayuda. Gracias

  2. No creo que la misma versión de PC de apex llegue a android y/o iOS, creo que solo sería una versión Lite si es que recauda lo suficiente

  3. No usen el modo oscuro en Chrome van a creer que están en ventana incógnita y verán porno y se quedará en la lista de historial :v:v

  4. Gracias por hacer la pantalla completa se ve mejor para los que podemos alargar la pantalla
    100 puntos

  5. Espero que los niños ratas no vengan con que Apex legends es una copia de fortnite porque realmente fortnite es una copia de PUBG .-.

  6. Descargue apex en mi PS4 pro y en mi humilde opinión sin ofender futuros fans del juego, Apex esta lejos de superar fornite, no soy fans de fornite pero la verda se dice, pero eso no quiere decir que Apex no sea bueno para los gustó los colores, es sólo mi opinión, Saludos a Todos

  7. Yo no puedo felicitar a facebook por su estúpida seguridad,mi cuenta fue hackeada y se me bloquea la cuenta a cada rato 😬.

    Saludos 💙

  8. Gracias Isa por ir mejorando te deseó lo mejor. Gracias por intentar hacer lo mejor para tus subs como los subtítulos y 18:9 etc.

  9. Ese Apex es mas competencia para CoD y no para fortnite. Ya que fortnite nadie tiene habilidades especiales, ahí debes poner tu tus habilidades para jugar para ser bueno en fortnite

  10. Amo tus videos Isa de verdad que mantienes informado y tu voz es agradable al oido pero sobre todo que siempre estas informado y lo que dices lo haces con seguridad y informas a tus subs de verdad que no me pierdo ni un solo video

  11. Isa, yo lo tengo el modo oscuro en Chrome, en la versión final no de prueba. Simplemente instalas la extensión "Dark Mode" y ya

  12. Felicidades en aniversario de Facebook yo no quiero que se mueran en redes sociales en Facebook #15añosaniversarioenfacebook

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