Extreme Form Martial Arts : Extreme Form Martial Arts Stretching

Now before we get going let’s go ahead and
go over some stretches and some exercises that will help us get ready to get moving
for our cognizant forms. So first let’s go ahead and do our basic butterfly stretch.
You are going to put your feet together and push your legs down with your elbows and it
is going to really stretch out your inner thigh. Make sure you warm up and you can do
like also jumping jacks, high jumps and just some light aerobics exercises, maybe even
just some jogging around your gym. Alright now go ahead and put your legs together and
reach for your toes and stretch. That is going to be what is called your pike in gymnastics,
that is what it would be called. It is going to stretch your whole bottom area right underneath
your legs, your hamstrings, your calves, all the way from your calves, all the way up to
your butt muscles back here so go ahead and stretch and pull forward, lock your legs,
don’t cheat, don’t bend your knees and hold each one for about a minute to a minute and
a half and then after this one go ahead and pull your right leg behind you. Keep your
leg straight, keep your toes up and reach for your toes, reach straight. That will keep
your leg locked and give you a good stretch. Good and switch. Make sure you do both sides
and keep this leg locked and hold it for about a minute and a half. After we are done with
those lets go ahead and put our legs out, keeping them locked, that’s called your straddle.
Keep your toes up and go down to your left, you can grab your foot and pull yourself down
and go on and switch. Hold each one for about a minute to a minute and a half, keep your
legs locked and if you have a hard time keeping your legs locked put your head on your knee
and pull your foot up, and that’s going to help you with that and then go down to the
middle and really stretch out those legs, it is very important. Let’s go ahead and do
our wrists, just go side to side. You can even put them on the floor and lean forward
and then to the best way to do that is on your knees like this. Have your knees facing
forward and hold that and then turn it around and lean back to stretch out your wrists that
way and after your done there you are going to flip them over so that they are on the
back sides and lean into it a little bit so it stretches your wrists out and if you want
to do your calves, go sideways, put your foot up, lock your legs, put your heel down and
then you can just put your butt in the air and stretch it out, just move back and forth
like this and you feel it stretch out that calf muscle and then switch. So remember as
you are working out and practicing, do your stretch at the beginning, warm up, and then
stretch and then go ahead and start practicing real lightly and then go back and stretch
one more time before you start practicing harder and that’s going to get you really
warmed up and that’s going to make you more flexible as you go along so you can do better
kicks and a better performance.

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