EPIC Father vs. Son Battle! 5 Year Old Ninja vs. Black Belt Daddy – Martial Arts Demo | Sensei Ryan

Sometimes parents and kids have disagreements Everyone solves their problems differently My family however Grrr… Daddy I’m Home! Daddy Shishi’s home Hi Ryan! How was school buddy? It was awesome Wow! That’s great buddy. It’s time to go do your homework No…I’m going to play now. What did you say? Grrr… Grrrr…. Grrrrr…… Grrrrr… Grrrrrr…. Grrrrrrr…. *first martial arts fight scene begins* Uggghhhhh…. Hahahaha…. Hahaha. HaHa…. *father challenges son* *second father vs. son battle scene begins* Hahahahaha…. Grrrrr…. Grrrrrr…. What? The mountain? Alright. Here I come. I’m going to go get changed and I’m gonna find that boy He’s going to do his homework. *final epic dad vs. son martial arts battle scene* I’m Impressed! Ryan’s epic ninja skills are improving. His training is paying off. I had better bring my staff just in case he tries to surprise me *staff battle* Boom, Boom! *music increases. father vs. son battle intensifies* Daddy? Yes Ryan? Will you please help me with my homework now? Yeah. I’d love to. Hi Kids! I always work hard and do my homework. This video was just a fun way to spend time with my daddy. Bye! Please Subscribe! You rock. You Rock! You Rock!!! Please Click Subscribe For More Epic Videos!

10 Replies to “EPIC Father vs. Son Battle! 5 Year Old Ninja vs. Black Belt Daddy – Martial Arts Demo | Sensei Ryan

  1. This is great man! I have been training my son since he was 6…..he is 19 now. We had many epic "battles" like this one…hahaha this is good parenting done right…well done sir.

  2. I really like the effort you are putting in this video project. Carry on like this! I'm sure in no time you'll get the success you deserve πŸ˜€Β 
    Love your smile anyway!

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