Entrevista Grandes Maestros de Artes Marciales- Isidro Gonzalez parte 1

Now Definitely The company from barcelona spain to the master isidro gonzález the master isidro an eighth degree black belt in American kenpo founder of the Kensei Academy of Kenpo Kenbujitsu instructor of Spanish security forces and great martial arts enthusiast Approximately 40 years practicing different styles of martial arts Good master welcome really welcome I also want to thank you for this great initiative very good initiative I’m very happy I congratulate you a huge greeting to the people of caracas venezuela I have a very fond memories of my step by venezuela a beautiful people and great enthusiasts of martial arts and t with great interest and 11 years ago I was there and at that moment there was already a lot of interest in open or to see beyond what until now, until that moment was what traditional, that’s why I was very surprised, you’ll have count with me The honor is our master we are going to start the interview kenpo kenbujitsu tell us what this variant of kenpo is about good look in principle ah, there is a big mistake, naming things and yes, we live in a society that if it does not have a name it does not carry something sometimes it is difficult to identify the same as in its moment the grand master parker had to put him kenpo karate to be identified with something martial and not sound mexican food or something Bruce Lee also put a name to the JKD that also after sometimes when you classify with a name something like that you close many doors I mean it then for me the name was a name that was put in its moment eh that summed up a bit kenpo ken itsu of technique of opening and do of way but already I say the name for me does not have greater importance It was a name at the time because at that moment he thought that and he felt it like that but that I have repented a lot because tends to misinterpret this character has invented a system, another, another person who has invented something, I have not invented anything simply his name to my expression of my feeling in kenpo and what I have been able to discover inside the kenpo that I have learned and that speakman put the kenpo 5.0 sometimes you get to look for a man who does not if I summarize it, it is simply the name of an expression or my way of working kenpo it’s his kenpo perception but he’s still qkenpo still kenpo is still kenpo but maybe with some nuances and my contribution is common and thesis my thesis inside the kenpo a very personal personal vision but as valid as any other within the world of kenpo That vision that characterizes it, how do you see it? My main vision is to work patterns like we have the pattern kenpo pattern because what I’ve done is work with patterns of movements of different systems and include them inside the kenpo pattern but not patching because now clear now everyone makes brasilian all over the world a series of techniques to carry sometimes I see techniques and I see them work and I say okay it’s okay but it does not stop being a patch or that I am patching putting, I do not try in my movement my kenpo do not stop being kenpo Although I went from one concept to another then mainly in the idea my vision is to be able to work with different concepts or different patterns of movements without losing my identity as a kenpoist In a terminal distance the kenpo can be very effective but evidently if they take me to the ground or it will not work so I need some movement patterns that fit to that situation I 6 25 30 years ago I already realized that Master Parker had discovered with a miraculous key, you were allowed there and started to open this when it has been uncovered the speakman teacher founded his five point zero nowtabatabai also makes kenpo jiujitsu, I mean now everyone has discovered is that everyone has tried to customize it depending on their needs it’s okay from my particular point I am very happy I am not going to do so like that and say I went first or not but I had been here for a long time, it was a matter of really cover that you can follow I always say if I get too long you cut me In my seminars and I give many, I never do program techniques never because the simple reason that I want to see what they can do with Kenpo not that they talk to me about formulation and things like that If they continue doing the program techniques It’s as if we wanted to speak in English I had a lot of sentences already memorized and I’ll be releasing the memorized phrases It’s perfect if we understand each other in English When I go to seminars I find myself with many high degrees that you take them out of the program and they no longer flow Of course it is very mechanical memorized but what do you know do you really and that is the my interpretation master and you within this that is telling me that other martial arts has practiced what has inserted inside the kenpo, what has it been? 973 with karate My parents are Spanish but they were immigrants because of the civil war and I was born in Chile so then in Chile I started in 1973 with karate master arturo maple after the pinochet government lifted martial law and could start start doing martial arts then I started with karate, then in 1975 with him through friends they took me to the academy of maestro Arturo Petit, may he rest in peace and that’s when I started doing Kenpo already in 1975, 76 or 77 it seems to me that it was I met the guru Dan Inosanto who was the first person who completely broke all the schemes when I met the teacher guro inosanto it’s what you say God I want to get to that and from that moment I can tell you that unfortunately for good or bad I have never been able to marry any system Efe I feel kenpoista I am kenpoista is very important for me, but it is so then I did karate, in karate in the shotokan style I got to the third dan after I combined it with jiu jitsu and I also got to 3rd dan of jiujitsu and then I came to Spain in Spain at the time of 1980 there was also here was Luis Gutierrez dealing with the history of kenpo appeared the teacher Raúl Gutiérrez I went with him until the year 1998 I do not have in the 1998 that was when I went to the USA and already I knew Master Larry and it was a very special situation because I sent him a video Saying saying look, look at this and tell me if I make kenpo without knowing you, I send the video to you without knowing it? I knew him from videos and this I recorded a video for him in that year 1998 With my work and I, the only thing I asked was a teacher with all my respect, look at my work and tell me if I make kenpo He explained this a bit because he does take many bad stories stories and since you give me the opportunity, I am very transparent This is precisely the moment to hear the true story then after a month I received a call at night and it was the master larry with a student of his that was Francisco Soto at that time and also a teacher of Mexico and that I was impressed with my work and that please it was us trip and I was with him there and well we are working for a while he showed me a lot of things one of the anecdotes I was very concerned about the program at that time and I remember one day but because you’re so worried about the program the separate program that needs to be worked on, you’re going to take the video with you, it’s a question I wanted to say it’s a question that you have to memorize It tells me what you have chi and it has few people you have a chi, a special energy and that is what will mark your life as a kenpoísta that will cause the difference that was the great feature you got from master larry let’s say he gave me that other part that everyone looks for and can not find what is really finding the kenpo that you carry the energy that’s why I always say the kenpo is like a great mandala the teacher Parker created something very special and we see only one part the teacher was a genius and well and later I lived in Spain and I was the first student in Spain certified by Master Larry, what happens is that unfortunately Master Larry has very different business concepts and we did not finish communicating and finally he gave him the representation for business matters

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  1. Excelente, felicitaciones por el canal, por la iniciativa y abrir de una manera genial con el maestro Isidro, muchas felicitaciones por el trabajo realizado, mucho éxito!!!!

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