Enso Martial Arts Shop – Welcome to our YouTube Channel

Hi, welcome to my YouTube Channel. My name’s Doug Swift, owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop in Bristol So, on our YouTube Channel we have all kinds of videos including product advice, all the products that we sell here in the martial arts shop including all the clothing we do, the
Gis, the Uniforms, all the footwear the range of footwear we have available
for martial arts, all the equipment including punch bags, the kick shields,
breaking boards, boxing gloves. Also the range of weapons that we have for Chinese,
Filipino and Japanese Martial Arts. Have a look at those We also have events we visited, we have
interviews with instructors from the local area and also further afield when
we visited people and also some videos of places I visited some from my time in China. So
subscribe to my channel, we’re adding videos all the time so you can see all the new
stuff that’s coming up. Come down and visit us in the martial arts shop in Bristol 190 Cheltenham Road You are welcome to give us a call if you need advice or any information on
products that we sell. Visit our website www.ensomartialarts.com Cheers

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