[ENGSUB] GOT7 Jackson shows off Fencing skill

So we prepared~ ‘New Idol Reporting Time’ for interview newcomer GOT7! GOT7 will now go through Devil’s Triangle that all idols have experienced. Will it become irreversible history of GOT7 or private collection clips for fans? Starting of the game is uneasy. Can this really happen? Mark voluntarily started off as first and lost the game from the beginning? First test is ‘Dancing’! 1st gateway of ‘New Idol Reporting Time’ is free style dancing to random music. He knows how to dance~ How about this music? Did you panic? In the end other members volunteered to help out. Regardless of other things Jackson’s facial expression is the best! The second one to take the test is pure guy ‘Yougyum’. What do you think the 2nd gateway is? Singing? Singing? Dancing? Doing the martial arts tricking? Acting charming? Yougyum is so good at acting sexy-charming. Is this the best you can do? Jinyoung is so hungry~~ From now on Jr. will do all the ‘acting charming’. Last member to take the last test is..wild sexy guy Jackson. All the interviews will ask you, whether you have ‘Individual skill’ or not. Hey members..What’s my individual skill? So we prepared a magic wand for Jackson who was a formal national fencer of Hongkong. I will show you the speedy steps. I wonder his capacity for fencing. This is the original steps of member of national teams. I think we got the chance to experience doing the interview in advance. So now we got the hang of handling our upcoming interviews. Thankyou. GOT7 fulfilled all the conditions of being an idol. 2014 Rising Star GOT7! You haven’t decided which member to like yet? Don’t worry~ We will now open the summarized manual of GOT7 for you! GOT7 made their first debut on 16th of January in 2014. GOT7 consists of 7 handsome multinational members ranging from cutie to sexy guy. Sometimes their stage accompanies high level of dancing techniques and showing their abdominal muscles. I love them! Also sometimes they get so tired that they turn into boisterous beagles, so watch out! Also there is another tip! All the members have the desire of self camera. So fans please prepare 1 camera per 1 member! All about Rising Star, Focus studying of GOT7 finished! They finally stood on the stage they always dreamed of. They now made their first step! Wide Camera will also pray for GOT7’s brightening future~ We will continuously put more effort to our activities and keep on making progress. We will always try to show you better performance and good music. Until now we were GOT7! Thankyou so much! So sad to say good bye. We look forward to seeing you again! We promise~

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