(ENG) [1MTV] MINA TV – 갑자기 PT 지옥!?

[Genial afternoon, Mina & Lia is going for working out]
From early in this morning ~ Hey what’s going on right now? I’m forced to go to gym by her [Gym where Lia Kim usually works out] So, today let me introduce my PT (personal training) instructor. Here~/ Hello ~
[Today’s day trainer: Lia Kim] Wow, aren’t you too sexy? Ah me? I am naturally sexy! Am I too sexy like that? I haven’t thought I’m that sexy Isn’t the exercise too energetic from the very beginning? Wow Running Running! [Power Jogging] [Lia Kim is having counsel with her trainer] Lia Kim is having counsel with her trainer I have no idea until when should I run this running machine I’m slightly sweating right now Although I’m only wearing bra top I’m done! I’m off to home So~~ Next is~~ Hanging leg raise! I usually grab a bar above and do this [Original way is to hang under the bar
But we use ancillary kit] But (usually) my arms have weak strength
It is pretty hard to do train abs So in most cases you do by hanging like this [It is not easy for beginners] Then put your arms like this Now the next step is to hang [How to work out: slowly raise your leg by hanging on the bar] And then raise (legs) One, Two, Three… Oh it’s like swing [Highly defined Lia’s abs] Power Lia ! I do 20 Three set and 20 per 1 set [power pumping] Oh.. without swinging [stable pose without swinging] [Fats will be scared and run away ;;] I think I will be a loser / guess I can do 5 more God! I think I will loser!!! Twist! To the right, to the left shall we go for it? Start~~ One, Two, right! Three, Four, Five, Yeah, Right! Seven, Oh Oh Oh..Eight! [Mina has slightly defined abs] Ten, Eleven, Twelve! [Joy of exercise: Face full of happiness] Thirteen [So great] [How many did you expect~]
Finally, three left three! No four left
[20!!!!] Ten, Eight, Ten, Nine ~~~~~One more!!! Twenty Oh good job! Ha… I wann go home. [Peace] I’m spaced out now.. Are you a spy? [I’m a Ms. Abs Lia Kim] Ten, one, ten, two, ten, three, Oh Oh you are crazy! Oh abs Lia Ha…you are not a human…. This girl does only hard things ~~
[Genius of muscle] Wow really, that nick name spy came out for a reason [Report for spy suspect to dial 113] Mina is doing well as well Ten, Nine, the last thing is to hold up! Twenty hold up hold up! Hold up at this pose! Don’t move you legs down Stop! Let’s finish this with one last and move onto another Didn’t you say to go back to home after one last? [Of course not!!] Raise only with back muscle!
[God Lia’s continuing hard training] [Sudden clapping for wrap up] If it was ages ago, I would feel pain.. But right now its okay / you look healthier now? [Mina used to suffer from back injury for a while] I wonder how it would be painful after on the next day.. (Bit worried) That was so exciting working out I should say this to wrap up our exercise lol [Muscles starting to come out] Selfie time for the moment! [Selfie time after a hard working out] Let me show off my muscle for shortly? Wow Wow look at this, it’s no joke Hahaha two girls are staying like this [Happy working out finished!] [Watching Ep.3 after coming back to studio] Were you a member of Circus group? /
Mayj: Nope, there was a Circus in the performance Ah really? Ah This is the place where Mayjay did a rapping?
[Watching rap battle of horror and shock] I really wondered about Mayj’s rapping lol Ah Ah I can’t watch anymore [I thought she was watching horror movie¡¦] Ah I can’t watch anymore!!! [But she is actually watching everything with eyes covered little bit by hands] [Ep.3 JunSun’s rapping part] [Reaction just like show me the money] [Main character] Mayjay: Oh no!!! Oh there MayJ goes! Ah so cute ~ [MayJ in the video: better singing.. Do you sing too? [Mayj is singing in the video] [Laughing party] So embarrased!!!! I’m better. I’m much better I’m much better even though I cried [Special horror match, 63m bungee jumping VS 6.3 seconds rap battle] [There was no winner] What! It’s already finished! 10minutes already passed
[Quick time killing program 1MILLION TV] Wait ~~ 1MILLION TV is entertaining us day by day
[Of course! Stay tuned…-Producers-] In this way~~~ [Imitating Mayj] I wanna have short hair cut too I wanna grow actually Wanna switch? Take my hair (long hair) sick of it! You should take my hair Why don’t we do this style? A long hair? [Congratulation for opening Mina Salon] So as you see, you should keep the hair line By doing so Completed my long hair style Ah I wanna see that too! [She can’t look at her hair] What do you think, pretty good right? [This time Mina’s turn] God She became dumy now Imagine that you don’t have this [Salon with imagination] Like this? What is this? What is this!!! [If Lia Kim has hair cut on her bang?] I will flip my bang [Hasn’t seen yet] Wow~ Oh my God so cute??? [23rd century future fashion leading bang hair] Bang hair looooool [After closing Mina salon, 1MILLION martial arts center opened] Suddenly? Oh are you doing martial arts all of sudden? At one shot just like this! Lia Kim was Martial Arts guru I got hit on my neck right now Can’t practice anymore Bye~~~ [claiming unepected break;;;] [The end?] Suddenly? looooool

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  1. Mina, please do not cut your hair. You have the best hair of all of the dancers, it always falls perfectly, and if you cut it short you will automatically look ten years older.

  2. Mega ! What a fun to watch !
    " and I thought they only eat like little birds . . . going tough through workout … "

  3. 오늘의 브금들이 맘에 드네요ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 복근 .. 저렇게 연습해서 생기는거겠죠!! 대박대박..

  4. I'm crying, I usually work out for like two weeks and then slowly give up. This is why I'll never have abs like Lia 😭

  5. 리아님 웃으실 때 ㅎㅏ.하.핳.ㅏㅎ.ㅏㅎ.하.하.하.핳.ㅏ하하핳. 이런 소리라서 더 ㅜㅜㅜ 웃김 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  6. 연습하는 게 정말 멋져요.. 😃 저도 원밀리언에서 배우고 싶네요 정말 진지하게. 저도 예체능 전공 중인데도 진로에 대해 고민이 많거든요 요즘에ㅎㅎ

  7. I remember watching this back then and the English subtitles were complete. They are missing out most part now though. What happened?

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