I started in martial arts with 13 years through books, in this same year i started in the Kung Fu school “Kitokan” with master Rogerio was for me tremendous to learn Martial arts develop balance and self-confidence i came all this years, that was passing practicing various martial arts styles i started with Kung Fu then i started with another master in the Taekwndo I’ve been practicing Taekwondo until 2013 more or less I graduated black belt in Taekwondo then i started in hapkido, graduated in Hapkido today thanks god second “dan” in Hapkido but i was still missing in all this marcial arts, i was missing something and this thing i found here when i started in the Pa Kua gym my students questioned me… asking but professor why are you going to wear the white belt You’ve been wearing the black belt for so long i always tell my students when I come here to this school I empty my glass why? empty the glass? not that you will forget everything that you have learned all the experience you have but you are starting in something new then you have to start emptying your glass. so when you come here you come to drink a new water, fresh and new becaue nobody, NOBODY knows everything and here in Pa Kua we are always, always learning something new never repetitive, the same thing it’s always something new here in Pa Kua i learned… to be more humble to be a person that dont worry in overcoming the limit of others but my own limits, my own fears here at Pa Kua has been a tremendous experience so I want to get masters degree I want to pass this knowledge on to the next generations that are coming I want to pass on my daughter who is already practicing and i am really happy with this I want to bring others too. and i am telling my colleagues, as son as i have… knowledge required to teach and start to teach Pa Kua in the municipal guard (police) i will teach also to the municipal guard the Pa Kua martial art we must have a municipal guard well prepared know how to dominante, to behave and have self control in the moment of act i am managing to achieve this here in Pa Kua the experience that i have, It’s been two years since I’ve been here in Pa Kua almost three and it’s wonderfull

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  1. Incrível depoimento, não importa qual arte se prática, o que importa é tocar a alma do ser humano, e ajudar as pessoas a se tornar alguém melhor, não adianta ter qualquer faixa e não fazer o bem e ajudar o mundo

  2. Excelente. Exactamente, algo que estaba buscando que no sabia que era y lo encontré en Pa-Kua

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience! I think you described in few words what I mean with "martial arts": constant growth, continuous exploration.

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