El Pub, la Pobla y la Muerte

This movie contains a scene a little bit strong in the presence of the death of Cisco Armengou. If you still are in the process of mourning, perhaps it is not recommendable to watch it now. Dedicated to the unforgettable Cisco Armengou The pub, Pobla and the death Like I said, I have seen it with my own eyes. She stood up, came to me and looked right into my eyes. Who will look at you. Apart of our wifes, noone has looked at us in many years. And do you know why? Because we are too smart for the chics of today. Is this saloon open? Very grateful. Can you serve me a Mistel or what you serve here? Mistel? What is that, Mistel? We ain’t have it. Here you only get Wine, Beer, liquor… Ok, than bring me a beer, please. Hey. Someone here plays chess. I always liked this nice game of war. Here is your beer. I play a litte bit. But I am not strong. We can play a game if you like. Very greatful. But I like that you play at your best. You are playing for your life. No no, not for life. We play as we can. Lets play a game. What color do you chose? I like this place and you should have the best chances. I chose white for you. White for me. Star with white. OK. Lets go. (Chess moves) You have to pay more attention. Yet we have a victim. It was before his time. You are invited to give your thoughts. Also your lifes are in stake here. I am kidding 🙂 (Chess moves) Queen takes bishop.. and here is the victim. He was still young… I better let you analyze. We continue our game tomorrow. What do I pay? Nothing. The beer goes on the house. Well. What can I help you in this game? No. I go home. I am tired to dead. It seems, that this was the last place where the victim was seen alive. I always have to come back here. Although we don’t know what happened, I believe the key for resolving the case is here. Like I said, it was nothing special… … until this man came which I never have seen here. We played a game of chess, he used some strange words. But this does not prove anything. You don’t belong here. It is not your hour. Good. I have to come back later. This was the man from the last night. We have to finish a game of chess, therefore he returned. Are you prepared to finish our game? Yes. What do you want? A beer, like the last time. Have you thought well your next move? Yes. Rook to d7. I think this is not enough. Queen takes rook with check. Queen takes bishop check. Queen takes pawn. Queen takes pawn chess. Queen eats pawn chess. And you? Who are you really? Whom do you think I am? Whom do you think I am? Pawn! Pawn! Rook! Pawn! Pawn! Rook! And me? What happens with me? Not you! Its not your time.

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