EFO Empty Force FAIL

¿Qué es la Fuerza Vacía? El maestro Jukka Lampila afirma que puede utilizarse para controlar un atacante sin tocarlo. El 7 de diciembre Jukka Lampila visitó Barcelona para
impartir un seminario de un día (90€). El viernes 6 se programó una demostración abierta. Todos los asistentes estaban autorizados a usar sus cámaras. Como escépticos, no podíamos perdernos esta oportunidad… Sólo tenemos que relajarnos, exhalar y abrir el corazón. El ‘atacante’ es un instructor español de Kyusho,
el cual suele entrenar KO’s a distancia. Veamos más sobre la efectividad de ‘EFO’
con los ‘creyentes’. Y eso no es todo…la Fuerza Vacía es
capaz de dejarte paralizado/a en el suelo… No tengo que usar ninguna energía/fuerza. ‘EFO’ también puede usarse para abrir tu corazón,
desplomándote de esta manera… Si uso mi corazón, simplemente abierto… Ahora sólo abro my corazón. ¿Y si se intenta con alguien escéptico? NADA OCURRE… No pasó nada…
así que vamos a pedir aclaraciones… ¿Dirías que EFO es un sistema de defensa personal? ¿Sería efectivo como sistema de defensa personal? Aunque el agresor… (SÍ). …tenga intención de dañarte, pero no te ame. SÍ. ¿SÍ? Un escéptico se ofreció para
añadir ‘intención’ en los empujones. ¿Quieres que empuje más fuerte? Pero…¿puedo atacar? Un momento…
¿No se supone que funcionaba así? Bueno…intentémoslo una vez más. Tras esto, Jukka ya no quiso hacer más pruebas…
pero nos invitó a venir al seminario de pago. ¿Vas a venir mañana? Iba a venir si se me demostraba que esto funcionaba,
esa era mi…[intención]. Pero ya he visto que no funciona. ¿Último intento? Probablemente sea el tío más débil de esta sala. No tengo ninguna experiencia en Artes Marciales. De hecho ni siquiera estoy en buena forma. Pero…puedo hacer esto. Mi pregunta es: ¿Sería capaz de hacerte esto si lo intento
y tú sólo usas EFO contra el ataque? No lo sé. ¿No quieres probar? No quiero probar, eso es todo. Eso es todo…la oportunidad de probar ataques
más realistas fue siempre evitada. ‘EFO’ no funcionó ni una sola vez
con los empujones. La defensa personal es algo muy serio
y nadie debería hacer creer a la gente que pueden utilizar magia. Por favor, dad difusión a este vídeo
para que todo el mundo pueda contestarse: ¿Qué es la Fuerza Vacía (EFO)? Un agradecimiento especial para PIVOTHEAD.
Sin sus cámaras este vídeo no hubiera sido posible.

100 Replies to “EFO Empty Force FAIL

  1. things like this just wont work on people who do not believe in chi, people who actually believe in this, it will work on, i have used chi for around 4-5 years now and i'm telling you, this is why the human body is the most powerful weapon

  2. Well, the skeptic was a totally non-believin', non-believer. Plus, I don't know if I should say this in camera, but if you have your tongue in the wrong position in your mouth, can't knock ya out. Plus…

  3. I don't understand how ANYONE believe this could be effective?
    I mean there is a lot of bullshit where most people see and think "yeah that's stupid, but I bet maybe like 10-15% of people fall for it" but with this I literally don't understand how even a single person can fall for it.

    As well as being a scammer and stealing peoples money this guy could also be taking peoples LIVES away when they try to use this bullshit to defend themselves, why have the authorities not done anything about this???

  4. Empty Force is real, all you skeptics. I was once dropped. I'm talking flat out, fell over in defeat. It was agonizing, painful, unbelievably diabolical and sickening, and I felt like I'd never be happy again. Oh wait, that was an Empty Donut Box.

  5. Poor guy at 0:20 he got really messed up, the pat on the back was overkill though. this guy needs to be careful he doesn't hurt his students or he won't have any more sparring partners.

  6. The weird thing is if he actually hit you in all those attacks it would have been effective. Idk what this bullshit EFO is but most of his hits would have been effective if he ACTUALLY hit them. Most though not all

  7. Lol ! I practiced Wu Shu and Krav Maga for a couple of years and can say that this is utter BS. There is a lot of sweat and bruises involved just to learn how to throw a punch properly and not run out of breath.

  8. When the dude says you can use it as self defense then that guy at the end asked if he could try a simple one two punch combo and the guys like "oh i dont know if it would work i dont want to try" i wonder if the instructor just KNEW hed been exposed by all the previous fails and just wanted the class to be over

  9. I use EMF quantum entanglement and zero point energy mixed in with multi-dimensional string physics to hunt wild boar. I can levitate a four hundred pound wild boar and spin him around at an elevation of two hundred feet. Then I utilized the quantum wave structure of matter to take his head off. Lastly, I use the negative quantum gravitational wave force to butcher and cook him, and then I levitate him to my family's dinner table. EFO is also great to demolish buildings.

  10. Finland is the biggest troll ever 😀 They invented EFO, because the guy who invented EFO was some alcoholic guy and he wanted to get some beer money and he came up with this :DDD

  11. Great video to reveal the imposter! I'm also on behalf of giving some kind of a punishment to these kind of people, who exploits others with these kind of lies. I think it's immoral and should be stopped!

  12. I'm guessing many of his students have paid big money for their black belts. There's a sucker born every day and these people are con men who should be shut down or at least facepalmed a few times ✋✋✋

  13. This is'nt funny. This isn't funny at all. They all spent what, 110 bucks on this seminar? Did I understand that correctly???

  14. dude, this really works, yesterday i was attacked by monkeys and i just used the last bit of the bit power from my force container and managed to rip their hearts out

  15. I myself have gone up against someone who uses Empty Force, he invited me to punch him but before I know it I am flying through the air, like a brick I practically shatter into a wall a modest 200 feet from that position. Don't mess with them it's all real.

  16. Say whatever you want but the Empty Force master is the real winner here. He grabbed almost 100E from each of them and not one of those idiots demanded their money back. If he makes those paid demonstrations on a regular basis he must have made a ton of money already

  17. I acually typed this without touching the keyboard..used love.Also, making no touch pancakes with no touch fresh squeezed orange juice.I am really impressed with myself…Thinking of going pro and making some real money with my no touch style. I would pay this guy a lot if he could take my cash without touching it.Makes you think of the equal amount of people that believe in their politics without looking anything up. I have no-knowledge politics it amazing. hmmmm

  18. ?
    First of all ling kong jing in its true form is not this. Lol. It's a shame it is given such an impression by false imitators. Real empty force is not about being able to sway people far away like you're a Jedi Knight. Real ling kong jing is applied through striking and even making physical contact. Why is it called empty force? It is called empty force because it goes beyond just the surface, it penetrates through "space". A real empty force master will actually strike you and penetrate you like an acupuncturist and with the force of his Chi aka vitality. The master can also strike close to your body and it will also penetrate you though the damage will be more internal and less obvious at first until your Chi system starts to congest in that area that was hit, it will then take a knowledgeable internal doctor to help you, western medicine is behind in Chi circulation. The real Master's strength is basically just refined in such a way that it has become a force he can extend beyond just his arm or fist etc… This is not empty force. This is comedy. And WILL NOT be affective in real combat.

  19. Bro i am dying hahahahahhahahhahahahahhaha
    I can't,i can't hahahahhahahahahahah oh my god.Why this even excist

  20. His heart wasn’t fully opened guys geez.. do you think this master would dare open his unicorn chest to these strangers and there camera phones? You can clearly tell he still has blood in his body and his heart is still pumping so he definitely didn’t open his heart fully here that’s why it didn’t work… simple explanation …his peacock tits weren’t primed for the masses …. efo is the real deal Holyfield

  21. I'm so embarassed for Finland. As a Finn I can quarantee that most Finns are not like these delusional idiots

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