100 Replies to “Educational Heritage of Ancient India : A Talk by Sahana Singh

  1. Indians lost wealth no matter but vast treasure of literature in all subjects very very sad rework for this treasure

  2. @srijan talks doing great work by supporting rishis of our time, keep up the good work with small videos based on this larger version and it can reach masses in short time and make them interested in this area. Truth must prevail. time is coming where billions of people will come on the internet. we need to make them aware as many as possible.

  3. India does not need to become anything else. India must become only Bharat. This is a country that once upon a time was called the golden bird.

  4. Ji can i have contact no i need job please help me my age 54 so much bad position worst conditions help ji

  5. [16:25] I know this is not totally related to the topic but as regards to point 4 – Brahmins were not expected to amass wealth.That was true at times when and where the Kshatriyas maintained the state and looked after administration and distribution of wealth. In places and times where Brahmins were forced to take up arms to protect the state, Brahmins were allowed to take ownership of the wealth of the state and look after the administration because then they became the Brahma-Kshtriyas. There are many instances of this happening in Indian history. Here is a list – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Brahmin_dynasties_and_states

  6. When I was in school I thought that oh if I born in us or aus, everytime but now I realize that I feel so lucky that I born in Bharat and as a proud Hindu. my sweet motherland. Maa Bharathi. ?

  7. India is a shit country. Country of conman. They are still conning india with sanskrit myth…it never ends. Only way to end this conman paradise is nuke… i am not pakistani or muslim. I think humans with beliefs is a moron. Again it all depends on how you look at it. if you want to live happy , you must need a fantasy. But if you want truth , you must detach.

  8. Please know that japan, korea, russia, france receive education in their own languages. This is one of the important reason for their rapid development.Even chinese do not speak engish and has emerged as a well developed nation. Its time India switches to local languages and indian cultures rather than blindly follow the america and europe which is eroding the very identity of India that is Bharat.

  9. Congratulations to the team. I am forming a group that will tea h vedic science in simple ways. We might have lost 80%, but we can proceed from available. We groups help each other. And at least we bring confidence in new generation with past glory.


  11. Thanks Mam
    The bombardment of Greek or and Roman philosophy has been too rampant at the expense of other similarly or dissimilar philosophies.
    Learning knows no discrimination.we are all thirsting for the Truth…
    Yoga Ayurveda massage
    Kamasutra mahabharat ramayana
    Sanskrit language
    Etc etc etc


  12. More and more from you is expected from all to recognize again our culture, and we are not in any way inferior to others and rather we are all superior, when we know ourselves, whom we belong to.

  13. I still cringe when we say zero is recent addition to mathematics. I believe that humans lived for millions of years and they had advanced knowledge. Hoping to hear a different narrative where the Indian sciences are presented as existing since unknown millienia..

  14. Amazing stuff. Made me feel like i have great capabilities like my ancestors – same is true for everyone else. If they could be so brilliant why not we. Most Indians have been subjected to a low self-esteem through teaching of false history, your work changes it. Here's your answer to why past is important.

  15. My hatikhori was done in the kali temple when I was 4 years old.
    The temple was closed and the puja was done for Swaraswati. The first word I wrote was “ MA”.

  16. Thank you for posting, a precious gift to us to know more about India. India's glorious past is rising. Thank you also Ms. Sahana Singh.

  17. What a wonderful presentation
    Tears with emotion with heavy heart started liatening to glorious Ancient Bharath.
    Such a great nation with beautiful Vedic Hindus became such irrelevant now.

  18. I sometimes feels being an engineer is not so demotivating I always think about different issues and felt disgraced after such people around me who are just robots by thought

    You said they came and destroyed the universities, who are they?

  20. I feel that Padmasambhava (Rinpoche) who went from India to Tibet, and Bodhidharma who went from South India to China and founded Kung Fu, are not mentioned.

  21. It is all lie this shamless women. The scientific , mathimatic and logic wasn't forgotten in the land of India of origin. The truth was, it is destroyed by Shankar Acharya and Brahman.

  22. I hope Burkha Bi8ch nd people like her has seen this video

    And also i hope the converted brothers and sisters of Islam or Christianity has seen this

  23. The speaker talks about students coming from Iraq but conveniently never mention Tibetans who have the best and greatest works of Sanskrit literature mostly Buddhist philosophy, literature grammar as they have discovered by retro-translation (Tibetan to Sanskirt).
    In fact, the last Abbot of Nalanda Shakya Shri escaped to Tibet not China, Indonesia or list of countries she mentioned. Tibetan students first came to India in 8AD mainly to study Sanskrit – literature and grammar and poetry. But most of them came to study Buddhism until the decimation of Buddhism in India 12AD.
    Nalanda Abbot and scholars such as Shantarakshita, Kamalashi, Dipankara from Vikramshila and many others came to Tibet. Many also came from Kashmir region and notable being Padma Sambhava who along with Shantarashita introduced Buddhism in Tibet in 8AD with the ordination of 7 monks in Tibet at Samye monastery near Lhasa.
    Tibetan monasteries have the largest collection of Sanskirt manuscript even written on palm leaves.
    I don't know whether the speaker did it knowingly or did deliberately to appease Chinese.

  24. My lady, the hand that hath made you fair, hath also made you good! THANK YOU for this info. I will now share it with all the kids in mt family, and will PUT A COCKED PISTOL TO THEIR HEADS to make them watch this. Whether they assimilate & imbibe it in their mental structure is a matter of their fate, because until we know what we stand for, we could fall for anything!

  25. If we don't know the history, our experiences will be limited, we will not have lessons. If we don't have lessons we will keep committing mistakes.

  26. Thanks for the nice informative video.You are missing a very strong point .How could be it possible backward British with very few person controllhuge advance intelligent people .If you solve this mystery you will get the logical answer .I may help you to get the conclusion .

  27. Thank you very much. I was really delighted to learn all this. So sad this destruction happened but humanity today still seems to be so very interested in destroying people, nature and perhaps themselves once and for all while there is so very much to learn!

  28. The Glory that was India is bullshit which lost its relevance thanks to the thousand years of rape of India by Islam and Christianity, one of the longest rape in the history of any country. Hindu psyche became proto Islamic thanks to the 700 years of Muslim rape. Hindus treat women just like Muslims do- like trash. Stop living in the past, it was not as glorious as modern Hindus think The hurt of the long rape of Hindus is now coming to surface and to regain self-respect, Hindus are trudging through 5000 years of history, scraping the barrel of history to justify their past glories. which is no longer relevant to India. India is thriving on most trashy kind of generics be it in arts, science, literature, medicine, etc.for god's sake wake up and smell the coffee.

  29. The invaders ruined us in all ways possible. What a brilliant presentation.
    Look at our history books nothing is told to us

  30. Reintroduce Sanskrit in every Indian educational institution from grass root level.
    Make English third option after Sanskrit and your mother tongue.
    Ban Islam
    Unite Hindus.
    Destroy the pseudo secular internal enemies.
    In 20 years India will once again become the greatest nation on the planet.


    whats BEAUTIFUL is in BHARATA, is that DESPITE having many strong IDENTITIES, NATION understand that because of so many strong IDENTITIES, Bharata is a jewel among nations. Here many religions bare strong ROOTS, even for thousands of years.

    Sometimes POLITICAL INFLUENCES cause disturbance, but in time always wounds heal and nation UNITE.

    One language still many languages, one root still many roots.

    That's why many conquerors could not hold control of NATION, CONQUERED often still recovery back to its strong HERITAGE.

  32. We Indians need to recognise one simple fact that India was great till Muslims and later Christians came to India. Muslims destroyed rampantly but Christians destroyed systematically.

    Unfortunate part is that Muslims continue to play their part of opposing rise of Vaidic Sanatan Dharma and Christians are also continuing with making more Indians their slaves through conversion.

    Christians are using foreign funding which is getting channelised through Christian NGOs and Church to destroy India like never before. Christian controlled media houses, TV, Print and Cinema, all modes are being used to propagate negative image about Indian History.

    Our unimaginative government has no clue on how to reverse this destruction. Common citizens are too busy with TV to pay any attention to this serious attack that has continued since last 1000 years.

  33. China made a movie on Ancient Indian University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqG4_faQMWE&list=PLWiSdWaN8dMGH0aVPMQCg8seO5jw94BU0

  34. How old is Hinduism ?
    Before India Independence, 1947 AD
    –British divided India into Pieces, but Vallabhai Patel untied India , an Iron Man.He is the second person to unite India 2500 years after ChandraGupta Maurya first did.
    Bastard Muhammad Ali Jinnah cut my "matru bhumi" into pieces.
    Before British, 1700 AD…
    Before foreign Mughals, 1500 AD…
    First arrival of Christianity into India 1500 AD
    Before Guru Nanak Dev ji, 1400 AD…
    First arrival of Islam into India 1000 AD by foreign Arab, Turk Invasions.
    –(All muslims of "Akhand Bharat अखंड भारत (India,Pakistan,bangladesh,Kashmir)" are Hindus forcibly converted by these Invaders)
    Before Birth of Tamil king "Raja Raja Chola" who ruled 3/4th of India 900 AD.
    Before Birth of ISLAM in Arabia,500 AD…
    —–300AD At this time There is "No Islam" or Arabia Or Muhammad or Quran or Allah. Muhammad copied all other abrahamic religions to quran.
    Before Birth of Jesus, CHRISTIANITY in Jerusalem, 50AD….
    >>>>>>>>Gautamiputra Satakarni ….warrior King..ruled 3/4th of India…80AD
    Before Birth of Samrat Ashoka, 230 BC….First person to Unite "Akhand Bharat(Pakistani+Entire Kashmir+India+Bangladesh)"
    Before Birth of Chanakya,Chandragupta Maurya, 300 BC….First persons to start uniting many Hindu Kingdoms into "Akhand Bharat" or "Maurya Samrajya"
    Before Birth of Alexander and Raja Purushottam(Or King Porus or Puru) of Sindh who fought each other, 300 BC….
    –(Greeks when fought with Raja Purushottam of Sindh, first time called Sindhu River as Indus River and People as Indians(not British))
    Before Birth of Judaism,Abraham,500 BC….
    …..(All Religions of the world disappear here ….except Hindu,Buddha,Jain )
    Before Birth of Mahaveer Jain, 600BC….
    Before Birth of Gautam Buddha, 700BC….
    Before Birth of Tamil saint "Thiruvalluvar" who saw vision of God called composed "Thirukkuṛaḷ" 750 BC
    Before Birth of Greeks, 800 BC….
    Before Birth of Persians, 1000 BC……(Persians are not Muslims ,they are Zoroastrians,worship Agni Deva)
    –Persians are Zoroastrians(worship agni Deva) called Sindhu River as Hindu and called People as Hindus(Muslims never used Hindu word first)
    At the time of "Sanatana Dharma",Veda,Vedanta, 2500 BC….
    "Akhand Bharat"अखंड भारत (Pakistani+Entire Kashmir+India+Bangladesh),
    the Land of Hindus(..and always will be)…Hindus(Hindu+Buddha+Sikh+Jain)..
    the story of Ancient-Hindus……Mohenjo Daro
    Ancient Tamils started moving to South India
    ——–3500 BC…..Still there are ancient Hindus
    ——War of Mahabharata……. 5000BC

  35. STOP being "English language Slaves" . the general trend we see in India and as a nation the direction we are heading into future taking English along with us. This is what we need to change ,the mindset of "Bharatiya Nagarik" especially who call themselves an "Educated" in India. The problem is, unfortunately, Bhartiya Arthvyavastha"(Indian Economy) is so tightly tied into English forcing population to go after it. 100 years back, 99% of population doesn't even know what the English is. "bhartiya Sabhyata"(Indian Civilization) for 7000 years in the recorded history, traded with world at 30% of world GDP since long long before the birth of English.
    Why are we then, forcing ourselves into English for the past 60 years? Very bad. We must go back to our roots of our ancestors who controlled 20% of world economy in "Desh Bhasha"( Indian languages) even before the birth of English. Remember that the Indian languages are 4000 years older, where as English is just 1400 years old, started at 700 AD by Anglo-Saxon tribes when Indian mathematicians were writing math theorems in Sanskrit by Aryabhata,Varahamihira and predicting the Earth is Sphere and goes around the Sun. Destroy English from India. "keval bharatiya bhasha"

    Destroy English from India for Indian Civilization to grow and strengthen

    Foreign-Anglo-saxon tribal language ,know as "English" is heavily respected in "Bharat Varsh" by these so called Educated elite of India(i would say, in real, these are the irresponsible-fake-educated-elite, uneducated, uncivilized in 'matru bhasha' and 'Bhartiya Sabhyata' " and feel pride in the "Language of Slaves(or Slavery-mindset), i,e English. Any, conversation that happens in this "Slave language of India" is well respected by English-Brainwashed-Indians. You are one of the symptoms of that mindset. Brainwashing was planned and executed meticulously by the White-race of Europe starting 150 years ago during takeover. Nothing personal. 'eh bhartiya sabhyata evam nagaric ka durbhag hai ki is chaal me bandhi hai'. Am sure , concepts are too much to digest.

  36. According to the author herself, when great works of science were produced in Sanskrit, it was ok for the chinese to even go to indonesia to learn sanskrit. By the same token, when great works of science are done or exported out in english, why is it not ok for indians to learn english? A language's worth is mostly by the strength of the works produced in it and there usually is nothing inherent to it otherwise. Chaitanya is nobody's permanant property. Civilizations gain it and lose it as a natural phenomenon all the time. Most recent golden age of india didnt come during gupta period bcoz ppl then lived in past glory but bcoz the built the best 'present' during those 2 centuries.

  37. Such a precious knowledge bank we lost against one idiotic book.
    And maximum lost due to Nehru our first PM, an idiot.

  38. Dear madam you are beautiful but what you have been doing is more beautiful ofcourse. People who say what is the fun of unearthing deads, like our history are stupid. By reveali our history, haritage and culture we can know what was our worth and what we can do in future perhaps much more. What i feel that you are not wasting time making a meaningful way for people towards future. Much more to say but it is admireable on your part.. May god give you strength.

  39. "Vidya viheenaha pashuhu", is the ancient thinking that has molded and shaped our thinking; very well presented! It is true that the Indian mindset has always emphasized good education. Proud to belong to this ancient background!

  40. Its a great job you're doing mam, to educate the ignirants,Naives, n new generation about the glorious past of India specially the mysterious science n knowledge of the ancient deities of bharat, hats off to you with lots of love from pak

  41. Sadguru has said that education is a crime on humanity, and its very much true. moreover here Mr, Rajeev dheekshit who studied at IIT, explained even better. please don't feel that under educated or the low scored students as stupid and don't discourage them by which they can commit suicide.


  42. Overall, like the breadth that it covers. Right intent but lack of attribution and citation during the talk (may be it's present in the book itself). At many places, the conclusions are drawn which doesn't seem logically sound. Like when the transfer of mathematics and sciences via translation of Indic text in Middle-East is quoted, and thereafter saying that all the learning that they had came from India. The conclusion one would draw is that the later works were inspired and found basis in Indic texts. Again the wholesale denigration of any knowledge generated in Europe, saying that it all originated basically in India(in science and mathematics).

    It would be great if someone researched deeper on one such span of time and studied influence of Indic texts on European knowledge base in science and mathematics during medieval times, while also researching the lineage of knowledge/discovery in Europe.

  43. What a farce this is that we speak in fluent English to deride the English people and glorify Sanskrit and our own educational heritage and Sanskriti !!! What is there that is objectionable in Macaulay’s so called minutes that we keep crying over If he says – “ we will stoop and raise them” ?
    instead of harping on the past glory Why don’t these people develop an Indian system based on any common Indian language to teach technical subjects and science and show the world that English is not the only language essential for learning ?
    I met Dharmpal and saw the highly conditioned and biased mind he had. That is the beginning of end of scientific temper and true learning. Constantly fed on such propaganda , Indians will lose whatever fragments of true spirit of quest remains.

  44. Very costly lesson learnt by India!! Your wealth, knowledge, prosperity will be gone to dust if we do not have *STRONG* Nation. What a colossal waste! Even now only 10% Indians knows these facts.

  45. आपकी "रचनात्मक बातें" (srijan taiks) यदि हिंदी भाषा में भी डब कर प्रसारित कर पाते तो यह अधिसंख्य लोगों तक पहुंचकर ज्यादा सृजनात्मक हो पातीं…… हिंदी में डब करके भी प्रसारित करने का निवेदन है ताकि अधिसंख्य लोगों तक आपकी बात पंहुच सके ….

  46. Pls aap har sanskrit shabdh ya naam ko english me kehne ke liye mispronounce nahi kijiye, for EG:- It's Rishi Kanadh not Rishi Kanada, pls pronounce them as they are, avoid postfixing letter 'a' in every word.
    Ek aur baat kehna chahunga, vastivik sach ye hai ki methematics, physics aur science ke fundamental principals ki knowledge yaha shristi ke arambh se hi rishiyo ko thi, aur kayi raheshye vidya ki knowledge brain to brain direct transfer hoti thi with power of sankalp i.e thought.
    Vastavik sach ye hai ki isey institunalized karney ka kaam rishiyo ne kiya yaha. kayi sari vidyaye samay ke sath sath lupt bhi hoti gayi jinme se kayi baad mein phir se avishkarit hui alag alag rishiyo dwara. inn sari knowledge ke mool mein Bagwan Surya aur Sapta Rishi hai, unse hi ye gyan Ishwaku wanshajo ko mila aur unse hi aage rishi parampara chali.

    Baki apki di hui jankariya bohot hi acchi hai aur knowledgeble hai.

  47. I wish to revive the culture and experience it before I die. The books that she referred I will read them and try to implement in our school.

  48. Taking note of enduring legacy of British rule it seems they have succeeded more than Muslims in destroying India by choking its well spring.

  49. Nice video
    I am writing this comment at the video time 4:30
    The way the presenter is taking the name if MahagBhara-Taa and Ashram-aa or Nyay-aa Shahtr-aa shows how deeply our world view and vantage point has been westernised that we pronounce Indian names in a western way…. Like I am from Delhi (Dilli / Indraprastha), and when I was a child I always questioned why do Delhi people take pride in pronouncing Dilli as DELHI (as if they are britishers)…. I can understand Britishers having problem in pronouncing Dilli so they spoke Delhi, but why we indians want to show ourselves as aliens and foreigners by calling it Delhi when we CAN pronounce the word DILLI

  50. People were coming to India for education? First, we never allowed 80 % of our own population to study and giving admission to outsiders? Did Newton study in India? Or Einstein? Why we never formulated those principles of physics? If we are so great, then we never invented any of the modern things?

  51. We need to think and do deep contemplation why we were destroyed and conquered..lets not do the same mistake again

  52. India rising … u inspired me Ma’m…! I shall not sit quite or just keep sleeping on this issue from now on..!???

  53. हम अँग्रेजी भाषा के गुलाम क्यो है भगवान?

  54. I feel blessed and fortunate and saddened after this talk. How much we had, how much we knew, how much was lost. I wish there is some way to revive our gurukuls and temple universities

  55. I..am..OVERLOADED..YOUNG..BRAINS..CASTE..HAVES..HAVE-NOT..RACIST..AS..BEING..TOOLS..TO..OPPERESS..US..today..cementing..WHAT..if..we..were..homogeneus..society..we..would..be..in..another..planet..So..don,t..ever..ever..be..proud..of..Past..i..will..pick..more..but..everyone..as..the.mentality..to..Think .do..it .proportionately..did..this..so..called..educated..LOST..to..muslim..invaders..read..snow.white..more..better..OR..chines..dream .on..mummy

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