East West Martial Arts, SLC 2013 Black Belt Test

Hello and welcome to East West Martial Arts.
My name is Master Kreisher, and today we will be having Tae Kwon Do promotion tests and
black belt advancement testing. All students will be completing the requirements to achieve
their next rank. The tests today will be conducted by Grand Master Bolega and Grand Master Penelope,
both World Taekwondo Certified Grand Master Instructors. (Board breaking is part of advancements
for each degree in Taekwondo). Thank you very much for watching, please visit our website
at: www.saltlaketaekwondo.com, and please feel free to come by anytime for inquiries.

3 Replies to “East West Martial Arts, SLC 2013 Black Belt Test

  1. This was awesome!  Congratulations to those who advanced. We hope to join you in February for the next advancement testing! Mr. Blank & Jackson

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