Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (8/10) Movie CLIP – Kato Saves the Green Hornet (1993) HD

So, d’you hear I bought
a house on the beach? Right in Malibu.
I’m tellin’ ya, I got 120 yards of sand
as my front yard. Th-That’s too tight. I can
sell the stunt. You don’t have
to cut off the circulation. Cal, run him
through the scene. As soon as you get your cue light,
you come through that door. Then you work your way
down this catwalk here. Be real careful as
you negotiate this corner. I want you to get down these steps
as fast as you can. [Chuckling]
Not too fast. I don’t want you to tumble. I don’t
want to lose you on the first show. When you get
to this landing, do you think you could take
these five steps all at once? – I’ll try.
– Atta boy. – [Assistant Director]
First positions, everybody!
– [Bell Ringing] Hey, can you tell
it’s me? I just talked to the network.
They love the dailies. They love ’em. – Don’t they always?
– Yeah. Listen, there’s, uh… – There’s one small problem.
– Lemme call you back. – Yeah, what is it?
– Uh, it’s this guy Lee. You know, he’s
awfully… Oriental. – He’s supposed to be Oriental.
– Yeah. – He’s playing an Oriental.
– I know, I know. What? – Kato is Oriental.
– I know, I know. Uh, can you just make sure
he keeps the mask on? Roll sound!
Roll camera! – And mark it!
– [Snap] – Action!
– All right, Green Hornet, where’s
the secret formula? – Where it belongs.
– Okay, have it your way. [Flame Igniting] [Gulp] Kato! – Good work, Kato!
– [Boing] – [Yelling]
– Good work, Kato! – [Gunshot]
– Ow! Ow! Hey, hey, hey, hey! – Good work, Kato.
– Thanks, boss. – Huh? Ah, cut, cut, cut!
– [Alarm Buzzes] That’s a print. Thought that’d be
a little more exciting.

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  1. Jason Scott Lee did an amazing performance in this role. The way he smirked when the director told him to carefully navigate the corner. And the way he said "I'll try" when asked if he could take all five steps at once. When he bounced through the doorway on to the scene, I thought it was actually Bruce.

  2. for the record you're darn right 100% original for sure & not that fake one who turn The (resent) Green Hornet movie into a joke!

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  4. This helps to perpetuate the myth that all the Green Hornet on a show titled "THE GREEN HORNET" was wait around to be rescued by Kato.Here's a flash for those that never watched the original series the Hornet was a more than capable hero on his own.And oh yeah there was never a scene like this one on the show.

  5. I have heard rumors that there is a man who aspires to become the first martial arts action star and singer. He is of Spaniard and Mexican descent. His vision is to change entertainment and create opportunities for the Latin people and immigration. Many say he is very fast when he strikes whether it be a kick or a punch. He also loves Bruce Lee and aspires to advance Jeet Kune Do into his own fighting art. Many say he is a handsome guy full of energy and a big heart. He goes by the name of "Kenji Lucian".

  6. "is this really Bruce Lee?" This movie was made 20 years after Bruce died, yes the director is Van Williams, the swinging light kick, and the desk breaking were borrowed from the stunts the real Lee did in 'Way of the Dragon' and 'Marlowe.'

  7. he over did it a little, and also that guy calling Bruce Lee/Jason Scott Lee oriental I forgot the white man didn't like other races during this time.

  8. As others have already noted here there never was an episode of The Green Hornet that looked remotely like "The Formula" as depicted here.

    I also dislike the portrayal of Van Williams here as TGH.
    He comes off as a rather superficial braggart & bit of a wimp when he tells them not to tie the rope on him too tight.

    From all accounts that I've read Van is a decent gent & not another egotistical actor.

    He was close friends with Bruce & Van did everything he could within his power to promote Lee's presence on TGH.

    He felt that he & Lee were partners on the series & for it to succeed they both had to be featured prominently.

  9. Why wasn't the real tv show this fucking awesome?! lol Those Hollywood
    LOUD sound effects, the explosions had me splitting sides! 1:58 omg what
    an entrance!!!
    (BOING) YAH! 2:13 LMAO!!!!!
    "Good work, Kato!" (all he could think to say during the chaos, probably scared shitless)

  10. Here's something really cool: Van Williams appears in this movie as one of the directors during the Green Hornet segment (he's the one on the right wearing the brown shirt)!

  11. If anyone watched the Hornet show, they know this scene is done for laughs. The Green Hornet was pretty tough in the series and not like in this fake scene.

  12. Wow, how many times can people make the same comment? +1. Yes, that's Van Williams, the 1960s Green Hornet, playing a director here. And No, this was not a scene remade from the original 60s series.

  13. That's right. When Bruce Lee comes in the room the light bulb gets kicked out too just because even if there's plenty of windows in the daytime.

  14. Am I wrong? Or is the 'director' of the Green Hornet episode in this film clip, the late Van Williams? The 'original' Green Hornet from the 1966 TV Series?

  15. I grew up watching the "Green Hornet" & Bruce Lee remains one of my idols…………………….

  16. I am so thankful I got to watch this amazing 1993 movie in the theaters eating popcorn and drinking a soda. Now I'm glad I saw this Green Hornet Shooting Clip. Had no idea that was actually Van Williams the original TV Green Hornet on set playing the Director!

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