Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Official Trailer #3

Trunks: I’m tired of being weak. Gohan: Weak? You’re one of the strongest in the world. Trunks: Not strong enough though, because what good does it do me? Gohan: You cannot gain without first suffering the pain of loss. Trunks: Don’t you think I’ve lost enough already?! My friends, my family, EVERYTHING… Trunks: What more is there!? Android 18: This is stupid. Would you just kill them already? Android 17: We spent all that time rounding them up. If I kill them all at once, where’s the fun in that?

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  1. If they ever make a reboot of the movie, then Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan and all the main saiyans should be Asian. Period.. why you say? Cause they are. Before you say thats racist. its not cause its based off a Asian folktale and its our culture. If they ever made a Attack on Titan film with a whole white cast then thats fine cause they are white but in this situation, the Saiyan's are not.

  2. Cuando aprenderá hollywood. debe realizar una película apegado a la realidad. los efectos son exagerados que se notan falsos. pero se ve muy bien. deben regular eso. y todo está super excelente.

  3. I just finished having this conversation about fan made stuff being better then the studio crap. This is totally what I mean. Amazing all around. I so wanted the studio versions to be this. Please please please do more!!

  4. out of all the fan made dbz movies..this by far is the best so yall  hurry the hell up and get this shit on tv

  5. well shit!!!! they did a good job with android 17. good job guys!!!!! way better than dragon ball evolu….. nope not gonna say it

  6. The ever best fan's made about DBZ….Really a mature, faithfull and interesting project! You merit the DB evolution's budget!! Congratulations!!!

  7. No.6 and 7 are ok, but the others are not that good at all. 悟空 definitely needs to have a hero-like face, good looking is not yet enough.

  8. Everything is shit, actors, music, framing, costumes, decor, fights, script … Same level of Dragon ball evolution. Created by fans, lol, I am not pretty sure if we were watching the same serie, because there is a huge gap between DBZ and that shit.
    Please give them money to stop !!!

  9. for there to be a good live action akira toryiama would have to pick the actors because live action dbz looks off thats why they've stuck to animated movies

  10. This looks like good effects, but absolutely none of the charm that made Dragon Ball Z appealing in my childhood. None of the artistic style, none of the charismatic colorful characters… This literally could just be a demonstration of CGI effects with no connection to Dragon Ball and it would play exactly the same.

    Watch Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Man– THAT is how you make a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie, and it was on a shoestring budget.

  11. there's still a hope.,.. I mean not all of the fan made stuff is bad….take. Dragonball GT for an instance….forgive them… guys…there's still a hope..that the next fan-made stuff will be awesome

  12. The actors are crap, it's a fan made movie. BUT before you go so berserk on me, it was better than "Dragonball Evolution". I'd place you right next to the emoji movie. Just so you know, that's not a good place to be in

  13. I got everything I expected from the movie and more. I've followed this channel since this trailer. Thanks so much and good job! 🎉🎉🏅🏅👏👏👏

  14. Love it so so so so so much hope you make episode 4 and continue it cause you left me hanging wondering what happens next

  15. Can I just say that this is by far the best way to bring dragon ball z to life I think you need to make a TV sho and movies you will become very successful and I would suggest this to all my friends and family

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