Double-Leg Defense with Choke Setup

Hey guys, today I want to approach the situation
when you need to defend a double-leg. OK? So, we go more far away than that. We are going to defend a double-leg and we
are going to setup a choke from the same grips from our defense. OK? Alright. Double-leg defense will be, alot of things
will depend on how you grab the gi. Ok, so today we are going to work with this
grip here. Two parallel grips. And it is important that I have my grips under
his arm. I do not want to have my grips above his arm. So I have my hands under his arm. OK? So, the guy is going to shoot a double-leg
on me. It is important my leg be very wide open,
OK? This hand here in front of shoulder and this
hand under the arm. Grab the guy’s head right here. Do not ever do this here, OK? So grab right here, OK. Good base, wide, and then keep going away
until you feel his hands are going to start to touch the floor. OK, his hands touch the floor is a sign you
can keep going. Alright? So, once he touch the floor I am going to
walk towards this side right here. Ok, so I walk a little bit for this side. I put my knee on the floor this side here
and this leg like this in a good base. OK? So now I use my elbow to tilt his body and
drive him to the floor. Ok, it is important you keep ahold of the
guy right here. Alright, now I’m going to from here I am going
to put my forehead on the floor and I go high mount. Go real high with your leg and mount the guy. Walk a little bit and lock your legs. It is important to lock your legs. OK? And now you just stretch. OK guys, it is important when you guys mount
that you guys do not do the grapevine. OK? It is important that you guys lock your legs
like you close guard, alright? I hope you guys enjoy the technique and always
remember repetition and play safe on the mats with your professor present or the instructor
in charge present, OK guys? Thank you very much and OSS.

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