Donald Cowboy Cerrone MMA Jiu jitsu UFC fight TOP 5 Highlight 2015

Donald Cowboy Cerrone. He’s a guy that constantly pushes the pace and goes for a finish whether standing or on the ground. Here are my top 5. ‘ (Reporter) Is that motivating for you or personal to you? Like “Oh really he’s the best striker, ok.” (Cerrone) No, no…. just more personal to me is let’s get that check, show up, and fight let’s go. You know, that’s what I love to do. I like fighting. Who do you think will be Donald Cerrone’s toughest challenge? Leave your comments below. If you like this video give it a like and subscribe. Thank you for watching.

25 Replies to “Donald Cowboy Cerrone MMA Jiu jitsu UFC fight TOP 5 Highlight 2015

  1. Holy shit! Bro this channel is freaking crazy epic! Props to you once again, buddy! I'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed that Cerrone has incredible Jiu Jitsu skills. Thank you so much man. Please keep uploading. Your channel is amazing.

  2. if u like jiu jitsu subscribe to bryan jiujitsu and angelica jiu jitsu on youtube they have some truly spectacular videos

  3. Definitely Barbosa. I don't see how Edson isn't champion by now. The Red headed guy that just fought Barbosa really looked good. Needs some more cardio and attack speed. But he really surprised me. But Cowboy will always be my favorite fighter. He's game to fight anyone. One WEC Ppv our satellite lost connection soon as Cerrones fight started. 2 mins later it came back on and the fight was over. He had lost. I was so pissed at dish net. I switched to another co. Screw you Dish

  4. Honestly speaking, I don't know why, I wanna watch Donald Cerrone vs Conor Mcgregor. If either of them move to a upper or lower division.

  5. Cowboys gotta be one of the most well rounded guys in the sport. A great technical striker, good jiu jitsu, and decent wrestling. He's had some tough losses but when he performs at his best there's not too many guys I would pick to beat him. After the way he's looked in his last 3 im anxious to see how far he can make it at welter weight even though I hope they give him the title shot with Alvarez. After all the work he's put in over the years I wanna see him win the belt atleast once.

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