Do Not Punch in a Street Fight

[BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, guys I’m going to be teaching you today why you should not punch in a street fight, and you’re better off palm striking which is hitting open hand. First of all, I’ve worked as a bouncer for about seven years in clubs. I’ve seen guys, the size of Rock, bust their hands on guys knuckles. Why? because when people throw punches and they fight, what do they do? They flinch. When they flinch, they close their eyes and duck their head. Which means what? A lot of the punches, a lot of the shots I’ve seen, is a guy getting them right on top of the head. The strongest bone in the body is the head. So, if I flinch, even a guy this big will bust his knuckles on my head. Is he going to knock me out? Maybe yes, maybe no. But I’ve seen guys start hammering this hard, and actually do more damage on the guys hand than on the guys head, and not knock him out especially under adrenaline. Also with a punch, the thing is in a punch, all it does is this, back and forth, right? If I decide to hit open hand, number one, even if I miss, I’m still going to hit my target. Also by hitting open hand, right? Anywhere I hit in the head, across, in the jaw, underneath the face, I’m not doing any damage on my hands. Also, it has a much easy release from a passive stance, and a much quicker follow through. Which means if I palm, I can rake, I can crank the neck, I could eye gouge, I could crush the throat, I could come around. Whereas the punch will only do this. The palm will palm, my fingers will rake, my hands will crank, I could pull his hair, I can crush his throat, I could neck crank him. So there’s a better release from a passive stance, and a much better follow through, and a much better way to just use so many more strikes, much quicker than going into punching. Especially in close quarter, I’d rather hit with open hand. And again, you’re keeping your knuckles safe, right? And if you bust your hands in the middle of a fight, and the guy pulls out a knife where you’re one handed fighter, you still gotta fight. Under adrenaline you’ll still be able to move, but your body will initially shut down. And you’ll feel it, that there’s something wrong with my hand or something’s wrong. Your body will still go through it, and still be able to fight. But again, I prefer keeping everything open hand, and striking just this way using my palm strikes. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. Lol.. This is the biggest joke ever!! If your striking open hand your just pushing the opponent instead of hurting him.. Not to mention that a good opponent can grab your fingers and break them..

  2. Wrong title an theory. Just tell an MMA fighter not to punch while being inside the cage. Offence is the best defense; most of the time (unless you plan to run for it) Not to punch is like a lady pleading for mercy saying, "Please don't f#$k me." Until she gets f#%&d real good.

  3. True, unless you condition the fists gradually for striking hard surfaces. Actually you should condition the hands for every strike you intend to use, they should be calloused and hard. Yet even boxers, punchers especially, damage their fists. The bare knuckle fighters used to resort to wrestling after about twenty rounds, with their knuckles swollen and bloodied. And their hans were conditioned. Tom Cribb, English heavyweight champion 200 years ago, punched the bark off trees in preparation for fights.

  4. All I am going to say is Rock, Paper, Scissors
    Paper=Open Palm
    Scissors=Ridge Hand Strike
    those are the hits I commonly practice with

  5. Grab some shit from the back of your pants ,wipe it in his mouth then simply poke his eyes out while hes vomiting then as a grande finale simply do what everybody else does in London to finish him off a good un

  6. Why is it that MMA fighters punch? Isn't it possible that they too could break their hands?

  7. So pretty much where it comes down to, Always go for the head, so go ahead, give him head in the middle of a fight! >.>

  8. It also helps when your "attacker" just sits there not moving and lets you put his hands all over his face and head.

  9. you are totally fucking stupid ive knocked so many assholes out with my fists. no way in hell would i ever fight like this

  10. You definitely increase the surface of contact by "slapping", which means less power in your strikes… This is even without counting the fact that you can easily break or twist your wrist, and that you basically offer your fingers to your opponent. You definitely don´t want to do that. Nice on paper, but useless in my opinion.

  11. That's kinda dirty. If you're gonna fight dirty, might as well go all the way…. kick him in the nuts so hard that his heels lift off the ground.
    Done. Fight is over 🙂

  12. Of course you should punch but you should punch just not hard enough to break your nuckles. Also for example punches to the liver are very effective and have a low risk of breking your nuckles

  13. Take it from me, I used to be a bouncer. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah push drunk dudes out of bars makes you an expert. Going to get some one hurt with your slap fight nonsense.

  14. I slapped a guy once so hard it knocked out two teeth and broke his nose, so yes the palm of the hand can do some damage

  15. yes your techniques would work on street fighters but not for boxsers and martial artist serious martial artists

  16. Fuck around and bend your hand or finger back too far while trying to palm and you are finish, (wrist sprain). Just punch the guy with your first 2 knuckles.

  17. You fucking moron have you ever even been in a street fight. DONT PUNCH IN A STREET FIGHT 🤦🏻‍♂️

  18. Once again, trying to wing an online teaching session and speaking without knowledge, sigh.
    Quack-quack-quake-quake you've earned the 4 quacks out of 5.

  19. A strike to the carotid artery or Adam's apple or knee or groin, will set you free! But only if no other choice!!! Can be fatal.

  20. This is bullshit, sure he can break his hand on your head, but your fucking head is gonna get cracked. He has two hands to spare, you have one head.

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  22. Use a rolled fist. Duh! Go gangster. Palms, and chops, and spearhands are for special forces guys, not your man on the street. It takes training to use these effectively.And being superfit and not a fat slob probaby helps.

  23. Palm attack works, palming gives you many ways to do more damages than punching, you can use claw strike right to the face, it is so painfull for the opponents.

  24. I just find it funny that there are all those "don't punch" videos yet I've hit people in the face and the head and nothing's ever happened to my hands/knuckles. Any explanation for THAT experts?

  25. So the guy at the bar is just going to stand there like a dummy and not move while you are trying to figure out which way to slap him? I have never seen that happen in a fight. Not once unless the guy was a paraplegic and couldn't move maybe you could just slap him.

  26. I got hit in the ear with one of those rubber sticky hands and I couldn't hear for a good 5 minutes 🙃🙃 a real hand must be hell 😭

  27. I mean, if you give off the impression that you're not even gonna hurt them in the first place…

  28. One open hand and the other one fisting. That`s good. And works too, and you can invert during fight. Saw some of that on a previous video of Krag Magoo or something. Thanks

  29. I prefer not using my hands at all. Go with a front snap/thrust kick with the intention of putting your foot through their back, while screaming budayah.

  30. Palms for hard parts like head you can palm strike in ear or nose and poke his eyes too,,, and punches in the abdomen or rib cage work great,,,,

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