DK YOO L’ENERGIE INTERNE : les bases de son système par SystemaS (DK Yoo 유대경 Dkyoo)

In Asia, we called it yin and yang. So there, there is no force, no tension.
It’s like a dead person. When you go down entirely, the brain,
the mind and the physical will become one. You really have to feel all that in one piece. Just do it every day for 10 to 15 minutes. You inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. So after 10 minutes, 15 minutes,
you sit cross-legged. So here you see, with gravity,
there are plenty of things going down. And if you stretch the [sheet], it will not feel gravity. We will be able to use it [*] only when gravity is lowered. In kendo or in [*],
it is even used as a weight. And the sword is actually the extension of the sheet. So arms and legs …
[It starts from] the shoulder, the elbow and then the wrist. So shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. There, [he is now joined] until [*]. And in any [use], you really have to be relaxed. [*] It’s not enough to just feel gravity or weight. It’s just the base. Then, we must add the relaxation of tensions. He will use force as an example. In boxing back-step, he [the] hits it. Generally, we do like that. And if you remove all the strength, you relax.
You feel the uniform weight [*]. When you do a back-step, it’s very fast.
You feel the limbs of the feet. So this force, it is used with the inner tension. If you use this explosion without being
really relaxed, it’s going to be very violent. (Light laughs) We must stop this explosion once
the body is really relaxed. As a result, you will naturally attract strength and speed. You do not just have to practice this movement. It’s only people who go fast who [*]. He, too, was rather slow. (Laughter) It took 17 seconds for [*]. [He was coming back] [*] [other ways] [*] getting better. [And there …] As a result, he trained twice as long.
And suddenly, he [just hurt himself over …] He understood that it’s not everything. And suddenly, he began to work his strength. So if you will understand what he explains to you by
this inner strength, you will be able to improve. And so it’s like a departure.
You will be able to assume this force [*]. You really need to know this basic strength. In China, we call it [*]. And we feel it [greatly, this] [*]. We will double this force. And [*] [to] blow it up in one shot. There, you will feel a gravity in the arms.
He will show you a little bit. He will feel the gravity gently. So he will tend [that moment] [*]. He will find strength. He will smell the explosion
come everywhere. And then he will explode. So he was training like that in China. And to have [*], it will be much faster for [*]. Just take out the weight of your body. You will feel it naturally. You were lying in phase 1. And once seated, one must feel gravity and weight in [*] in the buttocks. So first, you will feel the tension
in the back, in the spine. If you are too stiff, you will not feel the weight.
You really have to take off the force. We must maintain [the weight]. And if you hit, you will feel the force. If you move your arms, there is the force that will come out. And if the force comes out, it’s not an effort. You must not strive. As soon as you hit or leave the opponent,
the force, it will explode on contact, in fact. (Periodic noise) Just have the force come out from within. So here you did phase 1 lying down, phase 2 sitting. And now you will stand up.
And you will feel [*]. Now. There, you put your feet in the middle
shoulders. The leg a little less. Here. Knees slightly bent. Advance the pubis. The fact that we advance the pubis will really put the gravity
along … The line is the most straight along the body. The human body, it is really in S. If you advance the pubis, suddenly, the column, it will be more straight. And if you take the strength out, you’re going
feel the weight go down gently. [We touch.] Gravity, you will feel it first in the thighs.
It will go down in the calves. And then you will feel it in your feet and enter the ground. And this is the body he will use next. Only if you drag along the column,
below, that it will be able to explode. It’s like a domino. And when it’s going to explode here, so in the thighs,
it will go up. And then in the arms. We must really strengthen this part here. There is no sense if you are just standing up. Really, relax and let the weight
slide along the column to the arms. You must not strive. Must really
that it slides naturally. Try. You really have to feel here in the middle of the body. It will fall slowly. It really has to slide along the leg, to the foot. The body must not fall forward or backward.
You really have to be straight with the column as straight as possible. And you will feel the strength. And the weight, it will become
really very important here, in this part. And if someone pushed you, you should not move. It’s not like you’re resisting. It’s really natural. Feel the fist. Concentrate on the fist here. When he was in Shanghai, he was learning all that.
His teacher said to him: “If there are eight people trying this,
there is just one person who will succeed. ” It’s because we knew. It’s really fighting [*]. And to acquire speed and strength,
must really get into [the fight]. Try to spread your legs a little further. Feet outward. Must go down. Put the pubis forward so that
the column is really straight. There, gently lower the weight. And there, if someone next door pushes you with an arm,
Normally, you do not move. (Isolated laughter) We will first push left. He will push slowly [with one hand]. You do not have to push very closely. If you are too close, both people can
to hurt yourself. So you really have to have a distance. And have to push with the body,
not just with the strength of the arm. The other side. Guinea pig: “So it’s hard”. (Light laughs) – And when does it grow?
– It resists, but up to a certain [*]. – It’s really … You feel like a tree. It’s only when you have that feeling that
you have balance in your arms or in your feet. So are you two to two
and try to push the other person.

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  1. Il utilise la technique de Bruce Lee sauf que Bruce Lee est encore plus rapide tellement rapide que pendant les tournages en disait à Bruce Lee de frapper moin vite parce que la caméra arrivé pas à suivre Voilà je voulais juste dire sa

  2. On entend pas à cause du mec qui parle en anglais j’ai envie de le taper 😂(mais solution YA DES SOUS-TITRES)

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