Dirty Fighting – How to Street Fight Dirty Techniques number 07 (hand sickl)

Hi guys and welcome! This is our next clip for dirty fighting! In this clip I will show you the hand sickle strike It’s a really useful strike to throat I hope you will enjoy it – it is a simple technique and it will give you a good idea of what could happen in a real fight Hi guys and welcome! In this clip I will show you the next technique of dirty fighting with my friend Andi and me Peter Weckauf I hope you will like this technique, I will show you how to use the hand sickle If you like the clip feel free to follow our channel, give us a thumbs up Thanks for watching! The hand sickle technique is a good technique for the street It’s not allowed in combat sports but that’s why we use that So the technique is that we stretch the thumb to the side and hit with this part Our target is his throat Sometimes it is better to attack your opponent or opponents with a dirty strike technique because you want to win the fight immediately You don’t have so much time, maybe there are multiple attackers so it is really important to be prepared for these situations So this is the technique we attack like this, the head might be in this position so I strike more from bottom to top or I first hit the face if he has the head like this I hit his head and come immediately here to my target with my hand sickle So for training, this is a little bit dangerous to train so we train it here on the forearm and I show you some exercises for that The first exercise: I use his forearm as the neck for my training So what I want to do is I want to hit his forearm So it’s the same if I hit here, but I can just use his forearm So what you learn here is to not attack with your thumb You get a good feeling, you’ve got power in your hand It’s not soft, here in this moment it is hard This is the first technique – So the first technique is to attack his throat The second one is to hit and grab So you can also use his forearm – you hit and grab the throat So it’s: hit and grab So again here I want to hit and grab him immediately So it is a really strange technique, but it is really effective So these are the first two exercises and now I will show it with a punching pad The last exercise is when we hit the head first and the we attack the throat So we do the same – first with my left hand I open this part So I’m in position, I hit here and then I attack the forearm So it’s ONE and Two One and then you can go forward and attack with your hand sickle or one and then grab and pull out so you want to go here and pull out – that is the second one I stay here in my guard, hit here, go there and have another exercise So I hope you enjoyed this short clip with a really effective technique We want to show you more of that, we hope you like these clips Leave us a thumbs up and write in the comment section below and we would also appreciate it if you subscribed to our channel! Thanks for watching and best greetings from Vienna!

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  1. Why not train on the partner's throat??? You don't have to go all out and hurt your partner.. of course not!!! MUCH BETTER MUCH, MUCH BETTER TO TRAIN ON PARTNER'S THROAT SAFELY AND SLOWLY.. wouldn't you agree??? Training on someone's forearm is so totally unrealistic. Where do martial arts teachers get the idea that you have to hit partner hard when training??? I just dont get it!!! You're training false confidence that way, training to lose.

  2. Is the dirty fighting part of the panantukan module in your distance training on your sami international website ?? I really like the dirty fighting techniques and also like your panantukan videos !!

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