Dirty Fighting – How to Street Fight Dirty Techniques number 06 (eye slap)

Hi guys! Dirty Fighting is not a system, but more a concept We teach techniques in dirty fighting that might not be allowed in combat sports so we attack the weak points, we use a different tactic Why do we do that? In a street fight we might not fight against someone in our weight class, someone bigger, maybe there are multiple attackers So that is why we use dirty tricks and dirty fighting techniques Our goal is to win the fight immediately and here in this clip we will show you some techniques I hope you will enjoy that! This is my friend Andi and I, Peter, we wil show you some techniques! In this clip I will show you the eye slap it’s a great technique – I use my fingers so it’s like a wip So the point is, I can have a better reach to hit the target and this will immediately when I hit the eyes get an reaction you can see the opponent will go back and then I can attack him and win the fight So this is a really simple technique I’ve got my right or my left in the front and I do this movement. If I make a fist it stops here if I open my hand I can reach his eyes So I hit with this part, not with the side of the handpalm this is more like a slap, like wip It’s not important which finger one finger in the eye will make him react and he will go back with the head and I can attack him immediately I like to use my stronger arm, my right arm because I have a better feeling with it and better coordination So I’m showing you some short exercises you can train together with your partner First he holds his hand up like this, it’s the same size as an eye and I stand in the right distance I train my distance feeling so I can reach the target like that Of course I can also use it when I’m closer, but you can se from here I found my right distance This is in a static position, but now he starts moving his hand as if he was moving his head and then I do the same when he moves his hand So it is really simple, but I can also reach my target Later you can combine it with a punch or something else Another exercise is: he shows different targets up, down, left, right so he starts like that So he shows me the target and I try to react as quickly as possible For the last exercise we can also use the focuse pad It is very simple, I do my eye slap and then I go forward and punch with my left arm or my right arm – you can try right left or left right So I start here: 1 and then I have to go forward and punch Usually if I hit him, he will go back with his head and then I have to follow him In the real situation I slap him here and then I have to follow him So that’s it – I hope you enjoyed this clip These are a couple of exercises, have fun with them and see you soon – if you like it then don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Leave a thumbs up and share our video! Thanks for watching and see you soon

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