Demi Gods And Semi Devils【Ep-11】English Subtitles「2003」C-Drama

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  2. This guy continues to run his mouth they no he is wicked and yet they let him keep flapping his jaws whats up with that

  3. first she says she's already wet so she doesn't mind getting dirty then she smiles when he tells the couple to keep going. she's a keeper.

  4. Deputy Chief Ma tried to discredit Qiao Feng by saying the tattoo of wolf's head on his chest was the norm of the Khitan Royalty. Although all the elders disregarded the racialism and wanted him to continue leading them he was adamant to resign from his position and left after returning the Dog Beating Staff. Villains came to disrupt the Beggar Clan and the army of Xi Xia caught all those present by using poisonous gas. Ah Zhu and Ah Bi were saved by Qiao Feng, Duan Yu carried the poisoned Miss Wang to a pavilion. All the rest were tied up by the soldiers of Xi Xia. Later Duan Yu brought Miss Wang to a house but were being followed by Mu Rong Fu who disguised himself as a senior soldier and lead those soldiers pursuing them. Miss Wang taught Duan Yu the tactics to defeat those soldiers. Finally Mu Rong Fu appeared with his face covered up and challenge Duan Yu to a duel. Singapore 17/7/2019.

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