Demi Gods And Semi Devils【Ep-11】English Subtitles「2003」C-Drama

But we are all people of Sung, how could be ever
submit ourselves to a Q Dan? The more powerful Qiao Feng is, the more the Beggar Clan will be endangered! Your words stink like your mother’s fart! The more I look at you, the more I think you’re
the one who looks like a Qi Dan! Leader Wang’s will and the testimony of Abbot Zhi Kuan cannot be doubted. If Qiao Feng is of the Qi Dan, how can he be
the leader of the Beggar Clan? The will did not even mention
that Qiao Feng is a Qi Dan, and as for the words of Abbot Zhi Kuan, Huh, till now, he still hasn’t told us who led those men to battle. So how do we know whether
what he’s saying is true or not? Leader Wang went to the Yan Gate together with me. Leader Wang is dead whereas you have said yourself that you no
longer have the will to live! Pesky kid, where did you come from? I’ll kill you for that. Come and kill me if you can. Why you… Is Qiao Feng really a Qi Dan? Aiyah, who knows? Well it seems that, Qi Dan or not, Qiao Feng is still our leader! You can’t say that! If he really is a Qi Dan then he can’t be the leader of the Beggar Clan! All of you, shut up! I can prove that Qiao Feng is a Qi Dan. Qiao Feng. Isn’t there a wolf’s head tattooed on your chest? Do you dare to reveal it for all of us to see? Why wouldn’t I dare? So what if he’s got a wolf’s head tattoo? Who in the martial world doesn’t have a tattoo? Take a look! My whole body is full of tattoos, so does that make me a Qi Dan? Sure, many warriors in the
martial one have tattoos, but have you seen any
with a wolf’s head tattoo? To my knowledge, there is only one race that uses this tattoo; the royalty of Liao, the Siew family! All the followers of the
Beggar Clan are loyal to their country, so who would be willing to follow
a leader of another race? That’s right! You come back here! Come back here now! If not, I’ll kill you! My brothers! My brothers! Please stop this. Listen to me; I can no longer be the leader of the Beggar Clan. Leader Qiao… Senior Sung, enough. Before I go I’d like to say just a few more words. In the future, anyone who starts a fight within the clan will be considered an offender to the clan. And what if someone kills another in the clan? Then kill him too. If that’s the case so be it. Whoever killed Deputy Leader Ma and also stole my fan, I will sniff that person out. Oh, and Madam Ma, with my skills, I could easily get what I wanted without leaving a trace even if it was in the Royal Palace, and guarded by thousands of soldiers and cavalry, much less take something from
your home with just a handful of women. My brothers, I bid you all farewell. Whether I am a Han or a Qi Dan, in this life, I will not harm a Han. If I break this promise, then I shall be broken like this sword. I apologise. Leader, don’t leave us! The Beggar Clan needs your leadership! Leader Qiao! Elder Brother! Elder Brother! Miss Wang where do you intend to go? These people have
misunderstood my cousin brother, so I must go and tell him. It could be dangerous
with just the three of you young ladies travelling together. Why don’t I come with you? But we have to find Brother Qiao first, then it’ll be much easier to find
your cousin brother as well. Let’s go! Our clan cannot be without a leader! Now that Qiao Feng is gone, who should lead the Beggar Clan? All of you, please give us some suggestions. In my opinion, we should go out and look for Qiao Feng, and ask him to change his mind
about leaving us, then… Qiao Feng is a Qi Dan, how can he be the leader of the Beggar Clan? Now, we may still think of him as a friend, but when next we meet, it will be as enemies, and we may have to kill each other. Are your martial arts as powerful as Brother Qiao’s? It seems you are no match for him. I admit that with my capabilities,
I am no match for him. But what about those of 10 people? 100 people? The followers of the Beggar Clan
are not known for their fear of death. Announcing the arrival of
General He Lian Tie Shu of Xi Xia! Will the leader of the Beggar Clan
please step forward and greet him! The leader is not here, so let me take his place for now. My comrades are coarse, and unrefined. General, you are our guest
and have come from afar. Please dismount. The Dog-Striking Staff! You say you have arranged
a meeting with our leader, may we know what this is about? I’ve heard that your clan possesses
too very powerful martial arts, namely the Cat-Striking Staff Stride and the 18 Snake-Slaying Claws stance. Today I’ve come to see
if they’re as great as I’ve heard. Who are you? How dare you insult the Beggar Clan! Let’s see what you’re made of! So, you want you witness
the power of the Cat-Striking Staff Stride and the 18 Snake-Slaying Claws do you? Very well, bring a cat and a snake and the Beggar Clan
will show you how to handle them. So, do you want to be a cat or a snake? If the enemy is a dragon, then we will become dragon-slayers. But if the enemy is a snake, then we’ll just have to ask a
snake-catcher to come and catch it. This will be so much fun! That’s right, teach them a lesson! How fun could it be to catch snakes and cats? Come on out and fight with me! My good disciple, why have you home? And why aren’t you showing
your master the proper respect? You… My disciple, the leader of the Beggar Clan
is my sworn Elder Brother, and all of these nice gentlemen are your uncles, so be a nice disciple and go home! Stupid! Bastard! Who are cursing as stupid and a bastard? It’s up to me who I want to curse!
I wasn’t cursing you! How come you didn’t bow down and
show your respects upon seeing me? My master, accept my humble kowtow! My General wishes
to see whether the greatness of the Beggar Clan is true or just a bunch of lies. Let’s fight then! Take that! Watch and see! Whether we show our greatness or
not depends on who we’re fighting. There’s no need to waste our greatest skills on the likes of you! Watch out! Young Master Duan, who should we help? What do you mean who should we help? That skinny fellow is your disciple’s friend, and this old one is
your sworn Elder Brother’s follower! Now that they’re fighting, who should we help? My disciple is not a good person, this skinny guy is even worse! We cannot help him. Senior Ng, that sword style that he’s using, can have many different variations, but I don’t know
if that skinny guy knows this or not. If he does, then it would be easy
to overcome this sword style. The skinny guy has taken the bait, I think his right hand will be injured. Really? Thank you, Miss Wang! Senior Ng, your sword style is magnificent! Miss, you praise me too much! This girl seems to be quite talented, go and capture her! Yes! Senior Xu our purpose for coming here today is to
witness the power of the 1 Dragon-Saying Claws and the Dog-Striking Staff Stride. If you don’t know them, then we’ll be taking our leave. I thought you were the most
powerful person in your country, but why is it you
can’t even match up to a beggar, and still have to witness
the Dog-Striking Staff Stride and 18 Dragon-Slaying Claws? What do I have to do
to get you to show me? Defeat all of us here, Then, and only then, can you meet
with the leader of the Beggar Clan. Damn, somebody’s poisoned us! Scarlet! Turquoise! Miss Wang! You bastard! You… Bring that girl as well! Yes! Don’t come any closer! Get the girl, and kill that boy! After them! General, they ran too fast, we couldn’t catch them. Fool! Continue your pursuit! Bring all of these people back! Yes sir! Let’s bring them into that pavilion. We’ll continue our journey
when the rain stops. Yes! Move! Hurry up and walk! Move! Hurry up and walk! Get into the pavilion. Move! Sit here! No tricks, I won’t hesitate to kill you! Leader Qiao! Leader Qiao, come and save us, quickly! Leader Qiao! Thank you… Miss, why were you captured
by these Xi Xia soldiers? Miss Wang, they won’t be able
to catch up with us so soon, let’s rest here, and continue our journey later. Young Master Duan, where are we now? This… I don’t know either. Just now, when we were being
pursued by those Xi Xia guys, I just ran without thinking. Miss Wang, are you alright? I’ve been poisoned. I’ve got no more strength. You’ve been poisoned? Do you know by what sort of poison? How can I help treat you? I think this poison is one of the Xi Xia
people’s own creations. This poison is colourless and has a pleasant scent. And those exposed to it will lose all their energy. I think there’s only one type of
antidote to cure those who’ve been poisoned… Young Master Duan, you were also there, but how come you weren’t poisoned? I accidentally ate a toad, so I’m immune to all known poisons. Miss Wang, don’t you worry, I promise I’ll find the antidote Antidote… for you! There’s no need. Young Master Duan, you just take care of yourself. I’m a man, I’m not afraid of the cold. Miss Wang, you’re a woman, I cannot let you bear such discomfort! Thank you, Master Duan! I’d sacrifice, everything, for you So don’t you think, I could stand just this bit of cold? Miss, you said just now, that the poison you inhaled, had a pleasant smell Whereas this smells terrible I’ve tried some, and it has no ill effects to my body, so this may be the antidote! Here. People say that effective
medicine usually smell pungent, so although the stuff
in this bottle smells terrible, I’m thinking it could be the antidote. You try it first, and see whether it works or not. Young Master Duan, I don’t think the rain
is going to stop anytime soon, so we’re not going to just sit here for another few hours, are we? Wouldn’t it be better if we found a place
to shelter ourselves from the rain? You’re right, Miss Wang. Let’s go! Leader Qiao, you were right! I feel much better now! Yes, thank you Leader Qiao. Miss, do you know where the Xi Xia are bringing the Beggar Clan? Leader Qiao, why do you want to know? They drove you away from the Beggar Clan, so why should you care about them? That’s right. Leader Qiao, if you save them, but they still want to kill you, what will happen then? I have been with the Beggar Clan for a long time, and owe them much. They’ve also been my friends for most of my life, so how can I sit back and watch them die? As for those other matters, I have no idea how they will turn out. But… Alright then, if you’ve both recovered, then I will have to bid you farewell. You never listen to other people’s advice, go ahead and do whatever you like then! Leader Qiao, Leader Qiao, you’re a great hero. I admire you! Many people out there want
to do you harm, please be careful! Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me. Look, there’s a house there! You’re right. Let’s go, quickly! Be careful, sir! Young Master Duan, are you alright? I’m alright, no problem at all. Horses make mistakes too, you know. If you’re alright, then stop laughing. Help me get down and let’s get into that house first. You’re right, what’s wrong with me… No, this won’t do! My hands are dirty, and I’ll definitely soil Miss’ clothes. I’ll go and wash my hands first. I’m already soaking wet, do you think I still care about that? Oh, that’s right. Sorry. Is there anyone here? I’m sorry, we’re just looking
for a place to keep out of the rain. We didn’t mean to interrupt you. Please go ahead with what you’re doing, don’t mind us. Let’s see how that idiot kid handles this first. I can keep my eye on
my cousin sister at the same time. You two are… Sister, I’m giving this to you. Please lend me some clothes. I’ll go and get my clothes. You don’t have to give me anything. You don’t have to be so polite, I’m really giving this to you. Can you please bring me somewhere where I can change my clothes? Can you? Are you sure you want to give me that? And you only want a spare change of clothes? Of course. Why would we want to deceive you? Come along then! Halt! Stupid fools. I asked you to capture them, not wander around aimlessly! We’re still searching… Searching for what! I saw a man and woman entering that house! Go and capture the two of them! Yes sir! Miss, these are my best clothes. If you don’t mind them,
then take off your wet clothes and wear this. Thank you, miss, but I have no strength, Can you please help me? Sure. May I know your name, sir? My family name is Kam! Oh, so you’re Elder Brother Kam! No, I’m not Elder Brother Kam, I’m Middle Brother Kam! Elder Brother Kam is my elder brother! Miss Wang! Oh no, those villains have followed us here! Here! Go inside and find them! What are you all doing in my house? Are you also looking for shelter from the storm? Stop talking nonsense! We’re here to capture that immoral couple! Sir, you must be mistaken. Miss Hua and myself are… we’re not an immoral couple. We already have a wedding agreement, it’s just that we haven’t
had time to hold a ceremony. You cannot arrest us! What are you talking about? Husband! Husband! Are you alright? You! Why did you hit my husband? Girl, don’t be afraid, come and play with us. I’m sorry, sorry for my insolence, I’m sorry. Why are you still standing here? Oh, yes, yes, yes. Miss Wang, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do! They’re killing people down there! They’re coming up now! Go and stop them, don’t let them come up here! Alright. I’ll stop them. You can’t come up here! Young Master Duan, use your finger to press
his stomach nerve point. Where do I press now? Press his chest nerve point! Miss Wang, they’ve stopped advancing for now, but they’ll surely attack again. Do you have any more bright ideas? This boy is powerful! Does he have magical powers? Now what? Should we go up again? I don’t want to put myself in danger. I have an idea, let’s burn them to a crisp! If you won’t come down, I’ll just have to burn you! This is bad! They’re trying to burn us! What! Hurry up and surrender! If not, I’ll have to burn you! It looks like they really do want to burn us! We’ll die whatever we do, so I might as well fight them! Boy, you dare make a fool out of me? Where do I press? Young Master Duan, move behind him and attack the nerve point on his 7th rib! He is a follower of the Pu Nan Hu Jua Sect, so his martial arts aren’t that great. Young Master Duan, be careful! Miss Wang, I can’t take care of myself, and can’t protect you, so we’ll meet in the next life! Young Master Duan, are you using the Ripple-Treading Step now? I’ve heard of it, but never seen it in action! Yes! Yes! Miss Wang, let me show you again. Take care of yourself first, don’t show it to me anymore! If you don’t see it now, and wait till I die, you won’t ever get to see it! Miss Wang, it seems that these guys
aren’t all that great after all. Did you get to see my steps just now? Young Master Duan, the steps you used were too complicated, can you show them to me once more? Sure! Except… I’ll have to trouble you all again! Hero, please let us go away from here. In order to protect Miss Wang, I’ve had to kill so many people. I don’t want to kill anymore. Take it as I’ve lost please don’t attack me anymore. Who are you? Why is your face hidden? Miss Wang, this guy is crazy, so what do we do now? I have no idea what martial arts he is using. Just attack his chest. Actually I didn’t want to kill you, it was you who came at me. So don’t blame me for this! Miss Wang, it’s done, no problem. Done? Do you think it will
be that easy to get rid of me? Why don’t you just go, I don’t want to have to kill you. Trying to look tough, are you? Do you honestly think you could kill me with your capabilities alone? Fine, I admit defeat, I surrender, now please let us go! All that smiling tells me that you aren’t at all sincere. The Single-Finger Stance and
6 Divine Nerve Swords of the Duan family are powerful indeed. With the guidance of this young lady, it could be ever greater. I want to test your martial arts skills. I’ve never learned any martial arts, I only killed them because I was desperate, so please let us go! Mister Duan, I’m worried that
there will be more enemies on the way, let’s just leave this place. Yes! How can you leave here
when you haven’t killed me yet? I don’t want to kill you. Mister Duan, quickly ask your master for advice, and see whether
she can think of a way to kill me. Mister Duan, come upstairs now, you’re no match for him. Let’s just escape! There’s no escaping with him guarding the entrance below. Please help me put on my clothes first. Close your eyes. I have no strength now, so please help me dress up first. But no peeping. Alright. And make sure your hands don’t roam! I’m sorry. Hey boy, I asked you to learn
some martial arts to kill me, not for the both of you to make out. Ignore him! It’s done, you can open your eyes now. He didn’t show me any martial arts, so I can’t think of a way to fight him. Is he very skilled? Yes indeed. When he was fighting you, he used 17 different martial arts
techniques from different schools. What? He used 17 martial arts in just that short span of time? Yes! When he tried to cut you with his sword, he was using
martial arts from the Shaolin Temple. Another sword style he used was called the Blade of Mercy, which is used to defeat opponents, not kill them. When he placed his sword on your neck, that was one of Master Yang’s stances to capture his enemies. Finally, he used a Xi Xia martial art to kick you. You are no match for him, why don’t you just surrender? I’d already surrendered at the start. I admit that I am no match for you. Would you be willing to let us go? I can let you go, as long as you promise me one thing. And what’s that? From now on, whenever you see me, you must kneel down and kowtow to me three times, then say, “Master, please let let this dog live!” I have my dignity. Don’t think I’ll ever kowtow to you. Do you truly not fear death? Of course I fear death, but I will not kowtow to you. If I become Emperor one day, wouldn’t you have to kowtow to me anyway? Kowtowing to an Emperor, is a sign of respect, not a plea. Stop talking nonsense, do you agree to my terms? No. Fine, I’ll just kill you then. Fine, if you want to kill me, it’s not as if I can do anything about it. But I would beg you for one thing. This lady has been poisoned, when I’m dead will you please send her home to Mandra Hill? Why should I help you? The General of Xi Xia has decreed that whoever captures this girl will be
given a reward of 1000 taels of gold and be awarded a promotion. How about this, I’ll write you a letter. After you send this lady home, you can take this letter to Dali to claim 10000 taels of gold and be awarded a promotion as well. What do you think I am, a three-year-old child? Who are you that you can get me a reward and a high rank just by writing a letter? Everything I’ve said is true, why won’t you believe me? I’m warning you, if you dare kill us, my cousin brother will cause Xi Xia to be thrown into utter chaos and confusion. Who is your cousin brother? My cousin brother is Mu Rong Fu, a renowned figure in the martial world. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of him? If Mister Mu Rong, saw just how close you were with this fool, do you think he would seek revenge for you? What nonsense, I have no such relationship with Mister Duan. Who are you? Do you dare tell me? I will not change my name. I am called Lee Yan Zong. Your surname is Lee? That’s right, this is the surname
of a prominent family in Xi Xia. Loyalty to the country, destroy Liao and Song, decimate Tu Bo and conquer Dali. You’re good at speaking empty words. General Lee,
it will take more than your martial arts to conquer the world. Besides, your martial arts
skill isn’t necessarily the best. There are at least two people whose martial arts are greater than yours. Who are these two people? The first, the leader of
the Beggar Clan, Qiao Feng, is the sworn Elder Brother of Master Duan! Qiao Feng, even he may not be a match for me. Who’s the second person? He is my cousin brother, Mu Rong Fu. I was expecting that. Then, if I want you to tell me who is the greater one between them? Hmm… leader Qiao Feng may be greater than my cousin brother. But your cousin brother is highly-knowledgeable. If he continues improving himself, he might still become the greatest of them all. In the future, the greatest of them all could be Mister Duan! Bullshit. He only does well with your guidance, and knows part of the Ripple-Treading Step. How can someone like him
ever be the greatest of them all? If he listen to my advice, in three years time,
he may still not be a match for Qiao Feng, but he’ll definitely be a match for you. Fine! You Duan fellow, I will kill you now to prevent you
from being a nuisance in the future! No, no, I won’t ever be the greatest. And even if I did become the greatest, I still wouldn’t kill you, so you don’t have to kill me! General Lee, it looks to me that you’re afraid he
will defeat you in three years’ time. Don’t you dare try to test my patience. I will not be deceived. I have already told you, if he kowtows to me every time he sees me, I will not kill him. Mister Duan, your martial arts can sometimes
be activated, and sometimes not. Do you know why? I don’t really know. Why don’t you try stabbing him on his right wrist, then holding tightly on to him, while grabbing his sword, then using your 6 Frost-Melting
Palms to absorb all his inner energy. What? 6 Frost-Melting Palms? When we were at Mandra Hill, didn’t you use that martial art to defeat Aunt Yan? Alright, I’ll give it a try! Miss Wang, I regret that I’m not capable enough, and won’t be able to return you safely home. When you marry your cousin brother, please don’t forget to pour a few cups of wine next to the tea plants at Mandra Hill. Treat it as if I was present at your wedding.

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  2. This guy continues to run his mouth they no he is wicked and yet they let him keep flapping his jaws whats up with that

  3. first she says she's already wet so she doesn't mind getting dirty then she smiles when he tells the couple to keep going. she's a keeper.

  4. Deputy Chief Ma tried to discredit Qiao Feng by saying the tattoo of wolf's head on his chest was the norm of the Khitan Royalty. Although all the elders disregarded the racialism and wanted him to continue leading them he was adamant to resign from his position and left after returning the Dog Beating Staff. Villains came to disrupt the Beggar Clan and the army of Xi Xia caught all those present by using poisonous gas. Ah Zhu and Ah Bi were saved by Qiao Feng, Duan Yu carried the poisoned Miss Wang to a pavilion. All the rest were tied up by the soldiers of Xi Xia. Later Duan Yu brought Miss Wang to a house but were being followed by Mu Rong Fu who disguised himself as a senior soldier and lead those soldiers pursuing them. Miss Wang taught Duan Yu the tactics to defeat those soldiers. Finally Mu Rong Fu appeared with his face covered up and challenge Duan Yu to a duel. Singapore 17/7/2019.

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