Define Your Market To Grow Your Martial Arts School

Welcome this week’s episode of momentum Monday. I’m your host Paul Halme, and this week we’re gonna go into “who is your market”? This is more important than any funnel, any sale system you can build out. If you don’t know who you’re talking to then you’re gonna be falling on deaf ears most of the time. You’re gonna waste a ton of money. This is super super important: Do you know who you’re talking to? This really got clubbed over my head I went to Mitch Miller’s event in Phuket, Thailand. And basically he broke down that the most important thing is your market. And then of course your message to the market, but market is the most important. Who are you talking to you? What are they like? What are they into? What are their hobbies? What are their fears? What are their desires? What are their needs? Define it as much as you can. Basically take out that a sheet of paper and write down everything about a person. So you could have you know, for me it’s like my perfect avatar is a married guy with two kids between the ages of 28 and 50 Has a good job, owns a house, things like that. That’s my perfect avatar basically because it’s almost like me And I relate well with a lot of those guys And they’re probably my best clients because they’re a lot of fun to work. We got a lot of things in common. But I can speak to them really easily. When I’m writing a fitness kickboxing ad I have to change completely. I’m trying to talk to me, and I run a fitness kickboxing ad to women, it’s gonna fall on deaf ears. Just like hey it just doesn’t make any sense. So You have to get in their head. Some of the best copywriters in the world, when they’re doing copy, is they would literally try to get in their avatar’s head. They’ll try to become their avatar. Especially writing for women because women want way different things that men want. I mean we all know that, if you’re married you definitely know that. Everyone has a little bit different appeal to it, so you have to know who you’re talking to. A really good way to do this is get out a sheet of paper, like I said write out a name like Tom or Spot, whoever, Suzette, Suzanne’s whoever, anybody. Basically just go in and you create your avatar how old they are, where they live, what they want, what’s their desire. So when you’re writing copy you always write back and think back. That’s like okay, ‘so I’m marketing this person, and I’m gonna spend money to drive these leads into my gym’. They need to match my market. If my message is completely off of my market then It’s not gonna make any sense. They’re gonna scroll pass it on Facebook. They’re not gonna look at it on YouTube, things like that. So you have to find out who your market is. Get laser focused on that. Spend more time on that. It’s like the old quote like you had an hour to cut down a tree, you’re gonna spend the whole hour cutting down the tree or you’re gonna spend 55 minutes sharpening the axe so you can chop it down with ease. Really really focus on who your market is and then later on in a future episode. We’ll talk about message. How you take that market to message? You connect the two and it’s huge. It accelerates everything. It amplifies your traffic, amplifies your sales, amplifies all your results. So get laser focused on who you’re talking to. Spend the time doing the research and I guarantee you it’s gonna pay off huge in the long run, because this is a marathon. This is not a sprint It’s like I’m gonna be doing this for a long time I want my gym around for a long time and all most of my clients are the same way. So I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. See you next week

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