DANNY ETKIN: First time meeting MATT EMIG and what it was like being his student | INTERVIEW |

how did you get into forms and life with
not your full-time coach yeah sure all right guys what’s going on is JJ
here from forever flying back with another video for you guys so I’ve seen
from the top of the video today’s video is with Danny a kid team John Paul
Mitchell tricks where adrenaline Pro actually you name it
he thought it so last weekend the Irish open myself and Danny decided we were
going to do some filming together so we basically sat down and had a
conversation about our past growing up as a trick Oh different tricks that we
struggle with we’re good at blah blah blah right so before we get to this
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know that when I was a kid and criminal I was like 10 11 years old I would
always see Danny all over the Internet and I’m never talking about this well I
used to watch Danny oh here we go and he was like literally the media
Miami I used to watch Matt a lot and then I saw they had the student Danny on
existence and so I how did you get in the forms and like he’s not a full-time
coach yeah sure yeah so when I was eight years old I was at a tournament
it’s hardly doing one open and my grandpa came all the way over from
England and he knew that I watched that Emma kiddie owes like he was my absolute
evil that’s kind of how I got into all this stuff is I just watch these videos
and I saw max 540 tutorial and that was one of the first tricks that I ever
learned from YouTube and through that I just watched a bunch of dynamic videos
and like he became my favorite of all time and my grandpa knew that because I
was like absolutely obsessed so he came to New England open it was like Danny
like this is you’re just like your Idol right here I was like yeah yeah you got
to get a picture of them I’m so shy back then I did not want to get the picture
at all and he like force me like told Matt to come over
we took the picture and then that was basically the beginning of our
interaction and then from there I think my mom like hit him up for some private
lessons and that is kind of like how it all began he was like really injured at
the time it was like right when he tore everything in his knee so he was like
literally on crutches during our first lessons but I was like eight and a half
about when that happens so he wasn’t and the rest is history
yeah so he wasn’t like your actual initial coach anytime
well when I came to the experience stuff like he basically consider it my initial
hit for like maybe six months ish before – a year but it was like no it was like
it wasn’t the extreme that you see it’s like you didn’t start with him but he
like because he was your mind of it and then just Indiana it just works out so I
ran for so that’s pretty awesome consider like I always thought was his
initial coach but it’s funny how the universe works so I put people together
and stuff but when I was growing up I’ve always look that Danny was like this big
like if you were to do Miami again Danny with you
that’s great he was cool to see like you progressed yeah like even though he
wasn’t my first coach I got him at a young enough age where my style is all
of higgs-like beautiful yeah so like my movement like kind of how I work is
especially when I was younger it was like completely his I think as I got
older I kind of adapted my own before but like you can still tell them
it’s June you can still tell them like there’s there’s elements of Mary in
history that is alright guys I hope you enjoyed that little snippet of the
interview like I said before if you’re interested in watching the full
interview head over to Jean and worldwide link will be in the
description discount code is there too if you want to sign up for a premium
account I’ll throw in some of the topics that me and Danny talked about right now
how was it for you like get interest it come naturally did it take a while like
a certain age before you start getting it yeah so I started tricking about like
a fish do you think that doing forms made you
do clean hundred-percent huntersam you can always tell from me I can always
tell who’sa form Stricker versus like who’s at records record what was your
biggest trick achievements of like the trick that you’re most proud of
don’t worry to come Danny talked about some really interesting things that I
didn’t know about him the certain tricks that he saw as his biggest achievements
how he got into meet you Matt Emmy it was really interesting to find out a bit
more about his past so anyway thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed it
make sure you leave a like comment down below subscribe and I’ll see you guys in
the next video goodbye

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  1. Yo I swear I thought the same.. when I was young and watching Danny I knew Matt was his inspiration!! Well this was a lit vid bruv.. good shit

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