Daniel Sullivan – Panantukan/Suntukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing)

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  1. great video… I wish the term MMA never came about.. martial arts are ALL MMA.. you take what your opponent gives you… MMA is not a martial art..just my opinion.
    keep up the good work

  2. You are an inspiration!!! Thank you man!!!

    I remember the old MMA Cage fighting blood sport Cage rage etc etc in the 80's… None of that is on YouTube.

    Some people get involved for the right reasons and some for the wrong reasons.

    They say there is no right nor wrong. But the truth lays in combat art.


  3. to tell you all the truth in Philippines the street fight is more of a term called rambulan than a suntukan .
    Suntukan in english is simply boxing .

  4. In my own experience, and observations, once a person is competent to a certain level in (a) truly street effective system(s), the likelihood of any given situation on the street becoming physical is greatly reduced. Aggressive, violent persons, whatever their reason for going there, often have a certain level of instinct and awareness in picking their potential targets, and the demeanor, vibe, actions, words and general " feel" to the person trained in such true combat systems will, in the majority of cases, lead to their not being perceived by a potential attacker as an easy target, which is generally what they are looking for. This factor, in combination with the fact that persons trained in these systems are not often "looking for trouble", or having anything to prove, so to speak, usually leads to them never really often ever having to use their skills to defend themselves from anyone along the way. But it is the training and awareness, and subtle aspects thereof that, in and of themselves, majorly contribute to this being the case.

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