Custom Cane For Self Defense – Protect Yourself – Custom Cane For Self Defense

Get a Custom cane for self-defense and protect
yourself in style with the art of the cane! Since 1995 Mark Shuey has been helping people
with developing their confidence and self-defense skills. Now, you can design your own custom cane for
self-defense and personal protection. This unique walking cane from Cane Masters
will be exclusively your design. Use it as a statement piece or conversation
starter. Each design is different, and no two canes
are the same. Did you know that 35% of seniors do not recover
well after a fall? Decrease your fall risk and improve your confidence
with one of our custom canes for personal protection. Choose the wood type, cane length, shaft shape,
stain and finish. You can even choose custom engraving! Add extra grips, extensions, or a striking
edge for added security. Pick the horn style that best shows off your
personality! Add the lifelike or crystal eyes of your choice. No one can call you old when you’re sporting
a dragon head cane, with piercing red eyes. Our custom canes are for personal protection,
balance and support, as well as for exercise. They make great gifts too! Pair them with a DVD explaining how to use
your custom cane for self-defense, personal protection, and exercise. At Cane Masters, we are trained to help you
design the cane that is you and you alone. Get started with the art of the cane today! Call us at 800-422-2263 or visit us at
to learn more.

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