CSUN Sports Episode V: The Boxing Club

One of the biggest mistakes You see Specially here at CSUN is you see a lot of “head hunters”. They kind of forget about the body they kind of hit you in the head as much as they can and they kind of neglect a lot of the aspects of fighting. Cuz when you’re head hunting you kind of zero in on the head and that’s it. And there’s a lot more to it than that. So what convinced me to go in the boxing club was my future career as a law inforcement officer. I needed to know how to defend myself so I think this is the first step to take at college and then from there I’ll go on to see how I portray in the future. So I guess coming here I knew that I wanted to do something that I already kind of like felt like I related to or like already had some experience in. I look forward to the boxing club and then like Oh there’s a boxing club here so I joined it and yea it’s been good. So far. My first emotions Umm first day of practice was I was pretty nervous like my stomach was feeling butterflies And nah I was like Ima get beat up you know I don’t know what to do but Throughout the practices I got comfortable with everybody and I guess learned how to become friends with them The first day of practice I was like before it actually started I was a little bit nervous I didn’t know anyone What if these people are better than me I’m not good enough and when I started everyone was friendly So I was like that’s pretty chill Outside of boxing I was a football player my entire life, from six years old to eighteen. Till I blew out my knee basically in high school. Coming into Csun I know boxing experience whatsoever Since then I’ve been on the team since I was a freshmen and I’ve been ever since, I’m a senior now so four and half years We train Monday through Thursday So that’s about Umm, four days It’s a two hour workout It’s pretty intense We start with an intense warm-up and then after that We go from shadow boxing and after from shadow boxing We go to sparring and then if workout in the SRC we uh just go straight to the bags. The exercising was like really intense like it was an intense training But I mean i enjoyed it I enjoyed it a lot so i knew I was going to stay here for a while. My thoughts about my instructors They’re pretty cool you know They really help me a lot you know How to hip my hip movements and how to portray you know power Through them in my arms They are pretty helpful as coaches and presidents. With Matt, I’ve known Matt for four and a half years. He was a coach here when I was a freshmen and I’ve been working with him ever since. He showed me like a lot of new things that I didn’t know before just like different movements and like Combinations and he like he kind of like woke up something else in me That I didn’t know I had before when I use to box. So like now I’m just a lot more strict with myself My biggest reward, at least here at Csun Seeing your teammates Succeed That’s number one. You know um Every fight I’ve had with at least with Csun has been cancelled last minute It’s devastating You know, you wanna cry But seeing your teammates that you’ve trained with seeing them get their fights seeing them win seeing them succeed Is one of the most rewarding aspects of being in the team.

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