Cresça com o Google – Uma luta de todas

Our society still sees women and, sometimes,
even women see themselves as a consumer good.
As objects that, somehow, belong to men. Being a woman is about facing the daily challenge of showing we’re capable We struggle daily is to establish ourselves as a capable person in this world. – Your baby is 22 weeks and 5 days old. So the probable birth date is confirmed. Grow with Google presents: Renata Alexandre: a battle of everyone I’m a gynecologist and obstetrician.
I got into college when I was 19 years old and I already had two sons. On the other hand, my marriage was an abusive relationship. Because I was too young, I didn’t notice
I thought that heated arguments was part of a marriage. Until the day I was choked to the point of passing out And when I asked for divorce, he tried to stab me. So I said to myself, do you want to become a statistic? When I discovered there was a martial art dedicated to self defense,
I wanted to get to know it I wanted to get to know it The more you think you can hurt someone in a lethal way,
the less aggressive you become. You are emotionally stronger. – Good afternoon, girls.
– Good afternoon. – My name is Renata When you look at the numbers, gender violence in our country comes from inside households. This type of violence we are talking about we suffer because we are women. After two years of practicing I found out there would be a course for instructors here in Natal. I did not know the master and I was the only woman. He looked me in the eye and said: you won’t make it to the end. I looked back to him and said: you may not be here at the end but I will be here until the end. With Krav Maga I intend to give women the capacity especially the emotional capacity, of defending themselves. I went looking for the Grow with Google training because of my restlessness There, I found out I could be more efficient. So, I opened a page on Google My Business,
that I didn’t have And from having my own website, I went for the Primer lessons that are so quick. I took it very seriously. When you thought it wouldn’t have an impact, and BAM! It generates great results route visualizations and new apprentices. You start learning to the point of becoming self taught. Google teaches you how to do it. I want people to get here understanding that Krav Maga is a tool for women to strengthen themselves emotionally for life as whole If that is making me happy and is bringing happiness and some benefit to these girls, so they can defend themselves then everything is fine. for more stories like Renata’s story

15 Replies to “Cresça com o Google – Uma luta de todas

  1. O Krav Maga nos devolve toda a confiança que perdemos. É indestrutível a sensação que ganhamos ao praticar esta arte marcial!

  2. Tamvien estaria vieno que las may enseñaran a los hijos barones el amor y respeto a las mujeres desde crianzas asi seran hombres buenos el dia de mañana

  3. Google eu nao consigo Comentar em Chat de Live de Canal nenhum do Youtube. Pedi ajuda no Fórum e Feedback desde Dezembro de 2018 e até hoje hoje o problema continua porque?

  4. O Google esta perdendo a graça, esta deixando de ser democrático, esta nitidamente sendo influenciado politicamente e pela esquerda, nada contra, mas a internet era o único lugar onde havia uma certa democracia, que percebemos não existir mais…
    A esquerda nunca foi fã da democracia, não é a toa que todos os países de esquerda acabam se tornando ditaduras!

  5. Também aprendi a utilizar o google negócios recentemente com o Programa #ELAPODE Recomendo demais! 😉

  6. legalmente as mulheres já tem mais direitos que os homens,transferir e inverter privilégios é tão errado quanto toda opressão pela qual as mulheres vem sofrendo ao longo dos tempos…tem que haver igualdade.

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