Countering the Punyo Feed

Hey! Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit
Martial Arts Centre. With me today is Alex. A viewer on Facebook had asked me
how I can counter the punyo feed on the slap off. So let’s set this up first. Okay.
So I’m gonna feed Alex angle one and he’s going to feed me the punyo and do a
slap off. Okay, I’m gonna explain what we’re going to do
here. Okay now normally my role is to give him a passive check with my
hand so that he can practice the slap off skill. So let’s do this again.
All right. So it’s this at this point that the viewer asked me “how do you
counter this?” Okay. All right. So first thing first, I did a video a few
weeks ago called “4 Reasons To Use The Check Hand” and I refer you to
that video. Click on the button above. So I’m gonna give you three examples of
how you can counter this punyo. The first way is with a heavy check. Let’s see
this. So, when this comes and I check this down and I can follow up with
something. But my hand is active rather than just doing this and letting him do the slap off. Okay. I’m going to intercept this attack and get it out of
the way. But here’s the key thing: once I get it out of the way, I can’t afford to
wait too long okay? So once they do this here and I do the heavy check, I need
to do something immediately. Otherwise, he’s gonna have a counter to
my counter. So he can pull my wrist off and do a stick arm bar. Okay. That’s if I
wait too long. So once you do something, you need to follow up
immediately. So that’s the first example: the heavy check. The second example would
be the stop and lift. Let’s see what what’s that’s about.
So you go here. Stop and lift. He’s wide open for
something. Let’s see that again. Stop and lift. BAM!
Pretty simple! You can do any kind of follow-up. But what I said before applies
here as well. If I do the stop and lift and I pause too long, he’s going to
do something. Yes! So no matter what you do with your check
hand, you need to do something immediately! All right. Third option is to lift
right away. This requires you to really read the
opponent and have good reaction. Let’s demonstrate this. There are some downsides
to this but I like this. So you see this you lift right away. Boom! Now,
there’s a downside. Because if you mis-time the lift you’re gonna get hit or
the person is super fast you miss that lift you’re gonna get
hit. But it’s a good skill to work on. Let’s see this again. Lift and do this.
And again you can’t afford to wait too long. Okay. Here’s a bonus for you. So if
you have a partner who has the habit of leading with his elbow instead of his
punyo, ah you got a possible counter there. Let’s demonstrate. So Alex makes the
mistake of leading with this elbow. What do we do? We check the elbow right here.
Okay. So this requires you to read your opponent. You have to diagnose
his body structure and take advantage of it. One more time. He leads with his
elbow. Yeah. Forget about this. Go for this. Check his elbow.
You control the elbow, you control the body. Right here. BAM! So those are the four
ways that you can counter the punyo. Four ways you can use your check hand to
counter the punyo. What you do after that is up to you,
the player. You know, lots of possibilities, lots of follow-ups you can
do. But that’s the general way that I would counter the punyo. And it
comes down to one thing making your check hand/ alive hand active
and aggressive. What do you think? Please comment below.
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  1. I particularly like the heavy check hand plus an aggressive six or seven! I think how you counter depends on what your opponent gives you in terms of energy/momentum.

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