Como Encontrar Um Bom Professor de Artes Marciais

Does your teacher still keeps practicing? I’m Jeronimo Marana, martial arts teacher, and in this video I will talk about why exactly you should know whether your teacher is practicing or not. The reason why I’m making this video, actually I’m remaking and not only this one, but a series of videos that I already made abou this topic, is for sharing some criteria which I consider relevant when seaking for a teacher. This is because the begginer student normally doesn’t have a reference of what is to be a good teacher or not. Normally, people use to think that a good martial arts teacher is a someone who is a good practitioner But, the fact that one is good in doing something doesn’t mean knowing how to teach what one does. So, in this video I will tell the first criterion, which is the most obvious one, that is whether the teacher keeps practicing. So if you tell me “well, I know that if I call to my teacher in such time, such day of the week to my teacher, he/she is not going to answear because he/she is training. Or, I will interrupt his/her training. So, this is a good sign. You can also say that your teacher use to travel with some frequency to China or Japan, travels once a year, once in two years to another country for learning with someone else and that’s ok, but I ask you: and what about when he/she is back? Does your teacher keeps training after coming back of the trip? Does he/she practices during all the year or just in the period reserved for going to another country learn with somebody? So, it is importante not just that your teacher goes to somewhere and practice for one month, but during the other 11 months of the year, during the space of time between one trip and another, this teacher keeps practicing. Why is it? Because martial arts is a kind of knowledge that comes through the body, you learn and understand martial arts by practice, only theory doesn’t worth. Of course theory is very important, but is necessary to practice and martial arts is a kind of knowledge for the whole life. Its development never ceases. So it is important to practice during all your life, while martial arts has a meaning to yourself, you must be practicing, especcialy teachers. It is because teacher is student forever, teachers can not stop studying, never. So, a teacher can not reach some point in life when he/she says “well, now I already learnt everything I had to learn and now I will just teach”. So is important to keep the training while is still teaching, as I told before, while martial arts has some meaning to this person, while this person consider hom/herself as a martial arts teacher. Well… And maybe you know, you’re shure that your teacher keeps training regularly because you se him/her running in the park or you know that for two or three times a week your teacher is working out at the gym… Great, is good that your teacher is doing something for keeping fit and healthy. But we must remember that this is not martial art. In some moment in the future I will explain why it doesn’t helpe both the teacher and you as a student to learn martial arts. Teacher can and should learn other kinds of physical activity, but can not exchange for martial arts. He/she can add, but exchange is not possible, it doesn’t work, must keep martial arts training. Unless there is some physical limitation, some health problem that prevents him/her from practicing martial arts, so this teacher maybe can stop, but I believe that if is not possible keep practicing martial arts, is also not possible to practice other kinds of physical activities. And if the limitation prevents some movements, it is possible to adapt the martial arts practice. So, while being a teacher there is no excuse for not being practicing martial arts. If you liked this video, please “thumb up” and leave your comments. And if you didn’t, write down why you didn’t like and disagree. And if this video was useful to you, if you think it can help other people, share in social networks because maybe you know someone who is seaking for a martial artes teacher and need some criteria for it. And also, I’m starting something new in the channel, which is: I already several of my videos subtitled to English. And if you believe that this content is important to be shared in other countries, for people who speaks other languages, I put a link below in this video’s description in which you can add subtitles in the language that you speak. And last but not least, I ask you to subscribe to my channel if you liked this video and activate the notifications so that you’ll be noticed when a new video is avaiable. I’m finishing now, thank you for watching it until the and see you in the next.

4 Replies to “Como Encontrar Um Bom Professor de Artes Marciais

  1. olá Je. Em relação às artes marciais mais recente não tão antigas quanto às japonesas ou chinesas, fale nos um pouquinho sobre a criação ou evolução dessas artes .

  2. Meu Sensei não está treinando por motivos de saúde, mas logo que operar e vai voltar a treinar. Eu, como aluno, já percebi como a falta de treino influencia no ensinamento.
    Esse período de tempo pode influenciar muito no meu desenvolvimento?

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