Como criar um bom sistema de graduação

Hello! I am Jerônimo Marana, martial arts teacher In my previous video I said that is not necessary to master a technique so that you can learn a new technique, and I justified explaining how leaning process happens in the nervous system. So, if you have not watched this video I will leave a link and I suggest that you watch it. And if you apply those ideas it will interfere with your grade system, because contents separated by techniques tend to restrict learning. Because of several reasons. First because you can skip motor coordination acquisition period. So, for example, if you teach kicks A, B and C in a belt and then D, E and F in another you can delay motor coordination acquisition of your student. Second, people have different aptitude, accordingly to what they carry, with motor experience they had before learning martial arts or even while they learn martial arts. So, supposing a person have played tennis maybe is easier to this person, for example, to learn how to use a sword, if you are, for example a kung fu teacher, as I am. And also people have different interest, and this can be advantageous if you use what the student find interesting as a bridge for him/her to learn the other subjects that are important too. So you can teach the student, there is no problem in teaching for the student what he/she would like to learn while you make him or her aware of the importance of the other things he will learn posteriorly or that he is learning at the same time. So, in my opinion, a good grade content must be separated by levels of understanding and and execution of techniques, instead of which technique is taught in each belt. And this content must guide the students towards basic abilities and intelligence so that they can go deeper and learn the techniques without relying on the teacher, because teacher’s task is teaching the students how to learn and think by themselves, and not give them a subject for the students to simply copy. So, as I have been applying in my hapkido classes you can put, for example, as content of a beginner’s stage motor coordination acquisition. Then, positioning, how to move, which is how to occupy the space, how to move, to position myself in relation to another person. Then, ways of falling and rolling, for example. And you can ask your students to explain some specific technique. They do not need to know how to explain everything, but at least one or two adpects. And you can develop all of this using several strategies and techniques. And then in the future, in a more advanced stage you can finally ask the technique itself, when basic abilities and understanding of the principles are already well stablished. So, it does not make sense to put techniques in determined belts because they are more difficult than another because what is more difficult for an individual is not for another. And I have never met any technique that you are able to learn only if you can learn some specific technique before. So, as it is common in kung fu, is not necessary, you do not need to teach, for example, how to use the stick in a beginner’s belt and the sword in an advanced belt because it is more difficult, because actually there is no evidence to support this thesis, it does not make sense. So, that’s all. I hope you have enjoyed this video, let me your questions and comments, share with your friends, with interested people and subscreibe to my channel. Than you very much. See you in the next video. Subtitles by the community

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