Como conseguir mais tempo para praticar

Hello,I am Jerônimo Marana, martial arts teacher. Recently I have told you that I believe in Shaolin Temple the monks had around 2 or 3 hours a day at maximum that they could stop everything they ere doing to dedicate 100% to martial arts. We can, actually, practice much more than it without needing to modify our routine, because we do not have to much time on our hands and we do not have too many things to give up in order to practice more. After all, we have to work and this time, if we could buy time we would do it. Well, Musashi, the most famous samurai in Japan’s History, rote a book at the end of his life called The Book of the Five Rings. There he wrote a phrase which is: “Make your combat posture your daily posture and make your daily posture your combat posture”. What he wanted to tell us is that we
should incorporate our practice in all of our daily activities. So, I will give some examples. When you are brushing your teeth observe whether you are not spending too much energy to do it. For example: lifting your shoulders. Or applying too much force with your hands, whatever… When you are eating, when driving,
when using your computer, when studying, whatever. You stand up. When
you are standing try to check whether your weight is well distributed or wether there is no part in yor body supporting too much weight and is unconfortable, whether you are in a balanced posture or whether you can loose balance easily if someone
comes and pushes you, for example, bumps, whatever. So this is an awareness
which we must have during all the time and this is going to make us to keep progressing because we are always practicing. Is not an easy habit to be incorporated, as any good habit. But it is important beeing, trying to be always aware to your posture, to the spent of energy, the manner you are using your body in each activity
that you do. So, that is it, I hope you have enjoyed, “like it” or “dislike it”, share this video with your fellow practitioners and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much and I see you next video. Subtitles by the community

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  1. É uma boa orientação. Já faz algum tempo que procuro prestar mais atenção a minha postura em pé, forma de andar e tal. Não é fácil e ainda me distraio muito mas continuo fazendo.

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