Combat Jujitsu Techniques : Combat Jujitsu: Throat Strike

This is when you’re dealing with a threat.
Sometimes you actually want to initiate contact to get off first and take him out. We’re going
to do a get off first throat strike. Now legally, you are probably committing assault and battery
in this case. This is for real self defense, if you or your loved ones are in fear of their
lives, you’re dealing with multiple opponents. This guy is in your face, he’s the leader
of the pack, maybe. You’re surrounded by five guys. And you just want to take one out and
start running and deal with the other ones. OK? So, this is the web hand throat strike,
how to initiate contact. If this guy were in here talking, you’re just going to jack
him, with the web of the hand, right here, right into his throat. This could potentially
really damage him, so please keep in mind that this is for real self defense purposes.
And all you do is just like you’re throwing a right cross maybe go right into his throat
and go right to his Adam’s apple. And have your other hand up to protect yourself. So,
hey man I don’t want any problems. Jack here and you’re into hitting other guys and then
running usually. One straight blast to make a pathway if you have to break through a big
crowd. And we’ll go into that later. OK so this is the web hand throat strike. And this
is how you initiate it from your prepared stance. This guy is giving me some flack.
Boom, just go. OK, so that is the web hand throat strike; how to initiate contact.

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