COACHELLA EP 4 | Armlock Options For Being Stacked | Season 2

(dramatic music) (dramatic music intensifies) – [Narrator] A quote from
author John Krakauer. “The very basic core of
a man’s living spirit “is his passion for adventure. “The joy of life comes from “our encounters with new experiences, “and hence there is no greater joy “than to have an endlessly
changing horizon, “for each day to have a
new and different sun. “If you want to get more out of life, “you must lose your inclination
for monotonous security “and adopt a helter-skelter style of life “that will at first
appear to you to be crazy. “But once you become
accustomed to such a life, “you will see its full meaning “and its incredible beauty.” – My name is Aaron Perez. I just got my black belt. Started jiu jitsu 10 years ago
with a good friend of mine, a childhood friend, Joe. Went to a local academy in Indio there, and trained for a few years. Probably 2013, I ended up
making the transition over here to Coachella Valley Judo and Jiu Jitsu, and been here ever since on the journey. The first class was pretty rough. We had an instructor
that was real old school. Yeah, he just mauled us,
the class was real tough. A lot of older guys, I was pretty much the youngest in there. And yeah I mean, just started out, the Ultimate Fighter had just started, so we were kind of fresh
out of high school, looking for something to do
to keep us out of trouble. And yeah, just decided to try it out. And then after that, got
beat up for the first week, and just fell in love with it after that. That was the end of the story there. To be honest, I never thought
I’d make it to a black belt. I didn’t even think I
would stick with jiu jitsu as long as I have and
put the dedication in. I just was in there just to have fun and just something to do
with my buddy and all that. Being just a white belt,
looking up to the blue belts and purple belts, you
know at that time I just, yeah, I didn’t, I seen
a black belt as like, that’s a lifetime. And achieving it here and having Dan and
Anthony as my professors, when they awarded me the
black belt and said that, you know, I was gonna be
representing the school and the academy, I was
pretty, pretty honored. But yeah, I didn’t think I’d
make it this far for sure. Yeah, that’s kind of
funny when people say, I can’t wait to get my black belt, like it’s the end step, it’s pretty much like the beginning. You just start all over
to refine everything that you thought you learned
in the previous 10 years, or however long it took
you to get your black belt. For me, it’s just trying
to uphold a good image for your academy, represent your school. Try to help out as much as you can, just grow yourself. You know, as a, in the art. Especially, you’ve put in this much time, you just gotta keep going. Can’t stop. My daughter, yeah, she is four now. I just like to bring her around, that way she knows when
she gets older like, this is what I’ve grown up in. And hopefully she’ll want to go along that path, see what happens. – Okay, get the sequence down, standing in opponent, okay? Ready? (all clap) Same sequence we were just doing, so Eric showed some
really tight transitions between the arm lock, the
triangle and the uma plata. They are all neighbors
in the same neighborhood, and you got to know your neighbors. So, okay, so we’re going
to do the same thing, Joe stands up, boom, I’m holding off with
the collar sleeve, boom, trying to get under, okay, I turn, I’m gonna hook, hook, I have this, but now I just want you to turn a little bit
more and sweep him over. Okay, so we’ll choose to take this arm up. We have those other options, but we’re just gonna
twist a little bit more and you get that arm lock into a sweep. Now we have gravity on our side. Okay, here, this should
be on the other side. So, he stands up. I’m holding on to one
sleeve, I’m still holding on. I pull myself close, okay? You can do one leg, two,
that’s totally fine, or you can do in reverse order. But the key is, I need to
turn a little bit more, to try to get my head
in between those ankles. And then we have a really easy angle, and you can lift up on that leg. Really easy angle. Okay, so this is useful. Okay, go ahead, he stands up, bam. I want to get underneath him. The key to a sweep is getting
underneath your opponent. One, two, almost enough,
he’s really heavy. Turn more. Makes it very light. And then, knees together,
heels to your butt, go ahead and finish. One, two, three. (all clap) All right guys, come on back. Okay. So, I’d like to show you what I call the circle of the arm lock, which is if they stack you, so Joe’s gonna stack me,
he’s not gonna go all the way to the feet like before, but say that I’m, I have
my angle pretty good, here actually, go ahead and drop down. Got the angle pretty good, but I can’t really extend into him, because his weight is over my hips, right? Ideally, we can still sweep him. So instead of pushing up into him, or pushing back into him, so going into his knee a little bit, I actually turn my knees to the side, and then take him over and then finish. So with the normal stack, we’ll
do that for a few minutes, just a normal stack on my
shoulders, not on my neck. So I can come into position, boom. He’s stacking me up, as
soon as he does that, don’t go back into him, take him to the side with your knees. Okay? Take him to the side. He can’t base out, his arm is trapped. You’re trying to arm lock it. On the other side. So you can keep the
same grip if you’d like, to really snap your legs into position, try to get tight bite every time. I’m here, okay, so I want
to pull him to the side, and take him over. Now occasionally, good
guys will put their leg up. Come on back up. Occasionally, for the
more advanced people. Boom, they put the leg there, okay? So now, it’s shifted a little bit, he can give me a little more static. Then I have to kick, I
have to kick that leg. And then end up in mount, okay. Use that against some really tough people. So kicking that leg just
tips them over the cliff. All right, one, two, three. (all clap) So we have a couple of things to address in that last technique. Number one, we’re used to
pushing in this direction, but not really pulling
sideways with our legs. So if I spin into position and
he stacks me up a little bit, you, number one, if he puts the leg up, you have to jackhammer. I’m seeing some people
that are kind of like, okay, what do I do with this leg? Do I pull it out, do I cut it under and then go all the way to mount? You can do either. But you have to jackhammer that leg if he has a really good base. You have to really kick it out, and then you can end up on top. Think jackhammer, instead of
just a regular flower sweep. Now, a partner puts us on our, instead of just kind
of, on that midway of… I’m here, yeah, so now he’s gonna stack me even more on my neck. Okay, that actually helps, because I reach out to
the thigh, spin under. If I can grab this far one, if it helps. If you’re a smaller person, you should expect to
do the complete circle of that arm lock every
time you go into it. And even if you’re a bigger person, say, Fedor versus Mark Coleman, he had to do this. Because Mark Coleman stacked him up, but he was like, nah, I’m
gonna spin under immediately. Boom, and then if you
can get that second one. You can finish, okay? Against really tough people, sometimes you have to try to spin under maybe in one motion. I’m here, and as he stacks, I’m gonna come out with it, boom. If you have it here, of
course you can take him over. So try it, be sure to stack
them not on their shoulders, but actually on the neck, that will help your partner. All right, one, two, three. (all clap) Okay, I use this
particular technique a lot to sometimes open the guard. I will put my forearm, what? I’m putting my forearm on his throat, and I block this leg from
getting around my head. Okay, if I can block that leg
from getting around my head, I’m golden. I’m not golden right now, I’m too late. Beginning, middle and
end to every technique. That was the end, that was too late. But if I come here, and
then as he comes over and I block with my forearm, and then with my forearm
extended I pull this out and then shove forward with my chest, I’ve passed the guard, okay. And I didn’t have to get
into this fight right here, of opening the guard, because I made him want to open the guard. And as he goes for it, okay,
don’t block him with the hand. He can bypass the hand. I want you to hit it with your forearm. Forearm, pull the elbow out. Block the hip, sprawl out, side control. Okay, one last time. Here, I give him my
arm, block, pull it out. And then take side control. Okay, last technique. One, two, three. (all clap) (dramatic music)

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  1. Oooooo damn someone got himself a new 2019 Origin RFT gi ! Lookin good Roy and supporting USA made products at same time . Love your teaching style .

  2. Like ballet on the mat. Sadly, the seminars were not the same. I am still sad. I should seek counseling.

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