COACHELLA EP 2 | Anklepicks and Omoplatas | SEASON 2

(Upbeat Music) – [Narrator] A quote from Kanō Jigorō, founder of Judo. “Nothing under the sun is
greater than education, by educating one person
and sending him into the society of his generation,
we make a contribution extending a hundred generations to come.” Kanō Jigorō, founder of Judo – Another technique that I
think is really effective. So, whether we’re clubbing
to the under hook, or we’re already tied
up, I can punch to it. If we’re in a traditional gi tie-up here, I can swim for it, under
hook, head in the neck pocket, wrist control. My under hook has to be
strong, his over hook should be pretty strong
too, shouldn’t be lazy both of these hooks should be strong. Head in the neck pocket, wrist control so, obviously, if I can
reach a leg I’m gonna do more of a wrestling attack here when he’s reachable here. But if this leg’s back
I’m gonna circle and try to bring in to me, that doesn’t always work either, guys don’t
take those kind of steps. I gotta kind of go to him
too, so I’m gonna close the distance by stepping
behind, gonna kick and then I’m gonna switch directions. I’m gonna block here as
I punch the under hook and pick the ankle. So however we’re getting
to the under hook we’ve been working on a lot of
different ways, whether it’s clubbing, punching, swimming, head in the neck pocket, wrist control, really good defensive position too if he tries to shoot in on me or any kind of attacks he tries is gonna be pretty tough here. But again, my first
options are normally trying to pick a leg, but if
I can’t reach it, he’s pretty defensive, I step
behind and close the distance and kick, block, pick. If you wanna continue
the mat, watch the arm, legs back, kick, block, pick. I don’t want my arm
hanging here, close the distance, knee slide and pass. So one more time. You guys got it? (Crowd answers) Let’s go, 1, 2 3! (Clap) Seeing platas that I like a lot. Pretty common to maybe get into some of these positions. We’ll start from, he’s got his knee up, pretty common positions here, right? So, what I’m looking
for guys, is try to get his hand by my pocket
and catching his elbow away from his knee. His elbow is usually pretty close to his knee here, okay. So, if his elbow’s on
the outside, I’m gonna try to get his hand by
my hip, I might need to scrape behind his elbow. So that’ll be the first
option, we’re here, I catch that elbow on the
outside I’m just gonna come along and scrape
along his leg as I pull his hand into my pocket and I’m looking for the omoplata. If his elbow is on the
inside I can’t scrape it, but I can go to my lasso. From here I’ll switch
to the collar and then quickly release the
sleeve catching the elbow, straighten my leg and
go back to the omoplata. So you can start with two sleeves or the collar and sleeve, it’s fine. What I’m looking for
is, where’s his elbow? Is his elbow on the outside of his knee? I’m gonna look to scrape
as I pull his hand into my pocket and go into the omoplata here. If it’s on the inside, I may have to go to a lasso and then quickly
I release from here and I catch the elbow, straighten my leg, go over to the omoplata. I like to just climb
here, get up to my elbow and start to catch the
arm straight here or he’ll roll and I got you here. So again, we start in one knee up, we’re gonna be on either both sleeves
or collar and sleeve. I’m gonna try and put
his hand in the pocket if his elbow’s on the
outside, I’m gonna scrape and go to it, or here. If his elbow’s on the
inside, I move my hips out if I need to, I go to my
lasso and then quickly here, straighten my leg,
I like to pinch my knees right here, start to extend a little bit and come up. If he wants to stay
there, he’s gonna feel it on his arm. If he wants to roll, I’ll catch it on this side. You guys got it? Let’s go, 1, 2, 3! (Clap) Same position. So, sometimes we’re here
and as I start to go scrape that elbow on
the outside of the knee he tucks it in. Tucks it in, ah! I can’t scrape it, as
I go to lasso he puts it back out, he’s
blocking it with his knee. So he’s doing a good job of using his knee to protect his elbow As I go outside, he puts the knee there. As I go inside, he puts the knee there. He’s doing a pretty good
job, like he should, using that knee to
protect that lead elbow. So I’m gonna shrimp out, I’m gonna go shin-to-shin underneath here and as I pull here I’m gonna kick
his leg out and there’s a little bit of an opening here to go back to that omoplata. So again we’re here,
pretty common position, I’m looking to catch that
elbow, where’s it at? It’s on the outside I’m
looking to scrape it, maybe I’ll come in and
lasso and open it up. He’s doing a great job using that knee to block there. Shrimp out if you need
to, shin-to-shin, pull as I stretch his leg
out, I’m gonna come right back to catching that
where we’re just working. Gonna try to send a little bit, come up, try to finish from here. Let’s go, 1, 2, 3! (Clap) (Upbeat Music)

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