Clinch Escapes for Self-Defense – Muay Thai or Collar Tie

If I just do this, that doesn’t do
anything. I just do this, you follow me.>>Again–two directions, like on the
elevator.>Yeah, exactly. Hey! Ando here from Happy Life Martial
Arts. Back again with Sifu Randy Brown of Randy Brown Mantis Boxing and
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Acton, Massachusetts. How are you, Sifu?>Excellent.>As always. In
case you didn’t see our last video together, he brought a hit man with him. A
hit woman–>It was awesome.>It was awesome? A hit woman. Coach Holly came down and
damn near broke my knees. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll put the link below. But that leg scissor takedown that Coach Holly did start with a clinch and I’ve
had problems with that clench tough people sometimes just hang on is so damn
heavy and my neck bent over and some of the clinch escapes that I know just
don’t always work so do you have any solutions for helping me get out of this
clinches actually and you just hit on another point that’s really important
with clinch escapes is the people pulling you down mmm so before we hit on
escaping the actual clinch let’s hit that okay let’s talk about that for a
second sure so if you this is really problematic especially you’re taller
than me a little bit so you have a better leverage so there’s me coming in
and lower you start to pull me down I start getting in front I can’t move I’m
getting stuck I’m getting jammed up so now I got to worry about your knees yep
and you’re heavy on top of me I gotta watch guillotine attacks and all sorts
of fun stuff so the first thing I want to do as soon as I get into this
position is I want to start to get my hips underneath so if he’s pulling me
let’s see he does a double hook which is even worse this is brutal starts to pull
me down and get my hips underneath and bringing my hips forward actually keep
makes it so much harder for you to pull me down it’s like you’re dead finish up
your spine is nice and strong and straight yes
so our that would be that would be position 1 for your go to before you
even start soon as those hands get there to make sure I keep my my straw
if their head if they’re not heavy you don’t need to worry about if they’re
seven years old that I can just fling my kids and I like to fight kids the next
part let’s talk about some escapes that you
said that you have failed points with Esther escapes I also as well especially
being on a smaller side of the fires yes these are good escapes like them but
they don’t work for everyone okay I found they’re not ones that I use a lot
because I can’t rely on them and I tend to I like things that I can depend on
sure so if you have this heavy hook one we call this the elevator where I just
push your elbow up so if this hook is really tight and go ahead and pull me
down this is going nowhere so while I’m doing this let me preface this with I do
this with BJJ as well I don’t fight grips a lot because the more I have to
focus on one thing that you’re doing to me the more vulnerable you’re already on
defense come on he’s getting ahead because he got a great line yeah and you
you have this other hand waiting to do so this goes this elevator oftentimes we
do like a 2 a 2 step so I go one and bang the elbow and it’s hard for your
opportunity like a double just like a timer right you directions right but
well I’m over here doing this what are you doing with that right mark yeah so I
don’t like this especially you have that heavy heavy hook I definitely don’t want
to go over here right and I certainly don’t want to be going like this trying
to dip my head around because they’re not gonna work that neat up into my
teeth like my teeth so I want to keep those another common one and I do like
this one but it’s again Turkey is it we call it a j-hook we’re gonna jam his arm
down we’re gonna do a little dip with my head like this hmm
again he’s he’s bigger he’s stronger than me so he’s gonna pull me down
and this he’s got fingers wrapped around my head so this isn’t getting me out so
well I’m messing with that stuff what are you doing to me
write whatever you want right my plan is working exactly I got your father I
broke your posture I’m on to mine yet yeah and I don’t want to be bothered
right I want to bother you to disrupt your game so these are the two that I
like to use this one I’m going to I call it a framing or a necklace so when I
counter I’m actually going to push so I do a change step and go to a flank we
call this a flank flank position some people could say side wrestling what’s
important here is in let’s say MMA or boxing you’re not allowed to kick to the
groin but if I do this and I stand here he’s got the groin attack waiting so I
don’t like that I like going here and I start to push on his neck that the more
he pulls my neck the more he’s pushing into his own cuz it gets very
uncomfortable you can feel that yeah closing it you know even if you’re tall
like you have longer reach than me right right
even though you’re taller I can always switch to my fingers and go in there yep
and then you can see what’s opening up down here like Ollie showed that scissor
clip yeah now I get access to that right that’s how she got it yes so I go here
and I cut this across nice yeah the more I’m pulling this right on
me right so I’m not out I haven’t completely ended the hook yep but I’m
now bothered you to the point where you don’t like the
hook anymore right so we can go to follow-ups yeah this is no longer really
a clinch or this right long clinch in we’re I have no big advantage here you
don’t have that strong because I would consider that escaped yeah that’s good
one good like that excellent the other is something that I call a reverse hook
so you have a hook on me and I use this very very frequently I’ve used this one
too so in here I’m gonna take this hand so you can see this hand is gonna go on
the inside and I reverse the hook so I don’t want to stay here because now look
at my shoulder extension hmm I don’t have good strength here I can’t drop my
elbow and any good clinch has a heavy elbow
so as I cut I go in to the inside line and a hook his neck again it changed my
feet to set up this flank position mm-hmm you can see that could lends
itself well to here or knee attacks yeah and I think Holly pointed out
I don’t want your knee in my face so if I leave this kind of hanging over here
you have that power attack right away right so I want to guard my position for
stuff exactly so I watch for that now here’s an important details it’s just
easy for you to shut this down if you know it hmm okay all you have to do is
tweak your elbow okay so as soon as I go like this you just
bring your elbow inside and no no I can’t get I can’t get the neck I can’t
so I did so I meant you okay if I combine these sure oh yeah
so we’re gonna do I didn’t do this a 1/2 a knife make up with all right oh so as
I go for that reverse hook yep you drop your elbow in I go right over the top
into the neck nice so these work together yeah they’re
working sometimes dropping my elbow in then you go this way if I put my elbow
up where you just get the angle you go that way yeah so this pairs very nicely
is there a Neiman mantis for this type of hand movement that’s shooting up I’m
in neck here like I said I just call it a next slice or a frame there’s not
really a name for it okay like in a Chinese name it’s a virgin yeah I was
wondering if there was something fancy about that I don’t wear very well there
is for the follow-up the follow-up ah I tell you what you’ve already given us so
much I love these I think I’m gonna play with these right now I’ll have my wife
will let me hi honey that will work but how about you put up a video over on
your channel on Randy Brown Mantis Boxing’s channel with how you would
follow these up escaping is great but I know you’ve got some very clever cool
takedowns built off of this positioning on the flank and if people want to check
those out then head over up with the link below check out to Randy Brown
mantis boxing so fair you should fly out to Boston so we can shoot the other one
day pay the ticket throw in a pie I’m there my friend just the pie actually
every other time you promised me a pie I will go anywhere for a pie speaking of
which let’s go get some fire ants that’s good
all right thank you Sifu. A pleasure to see you.>Yeah, thank you so much. If you
like this thanks very much thanks yeah he won’t be here again so take a good
look around okay if you like this video please fall well thanks all right with
your friend give it a thumbs up. Keep fighting for a happy fight life.

44 Replies to “Clinch Escapes for Self-Defense – Muay Thai or Collar Tie

  1. why would I escape the clinch 😀 I love the clinch, kata is all about the clinching and short distance techniques instead of letting the other guy foolishly swing heymakers and accidentally, but most likely hit me 😀

  2. Self defense rather than sport fighting? I’m not wasting my time trying to grapple out of the clinch. I’m brutalizing my attacker’s eyes, ears, throat, nose, and groin. And then I’m running the hell out of there.

    This isn’t a game. It’s real life. If an attacker is dumb enough to tie up his hands on you, leaving his soft spots open, then exploit his stupidity and get to a safe place as quickly as possible.

  3. Amazing content sir…Follower from India… Kid of 16….just got my brown belt…. fighting for a happy life

  4. Dear Sensei, you got heart in the right place! As well as other body parts that can be easily attacked in clinch (groin, larynx, eyes). 😉

  5. man i just realized that this guy is a kung fu practitioner, and it boosted my faith in reborn of traditional martial arts, real meaning of those forms that people thing are just a for health or something like that, there are few people in karate that done same thing, i would really recommend you, if you did not already, to take a look at ian abernethy, and karate culture, real karate guys that make karate look more like nowdays mma than anything else, of course modern, distance karate that we see Lyoto Machida, Wonderboy Thompson… uses have it's part in fighting, but traditional karate is really more about close fighting and more practical approach than todays view of kata is 😀 have a good day sir!

  6. Step one, learn how to actually clinch. You're grabbing the back of the neck instead of holding the back if the head which you should he doing. You're hunched over when you should be standing straight and close to the person you're clinching. Also you dont grab the forearm with the other arm, you grip their bicep. This is 100% bad form and technique and none of these moves work against proper clinching

  7. Another great video. I love these high quality videos with no bullshit. I swear 90% of self defense videos are crap.

    I personally love the duck-under, or i guess what he was calling the elevator. I find it's easy to slip out, especially if sweaty, and then you have their back, the safest position in a self defense situation if you have to be in contact with them.

  8. Another awesome technique for self defence I loved the fact that in this move you use the attackers strength against them. Also two videos in one day thankyou Ando always appreciated ?

  9. How about using one of your two free hands and eye gouge or crush their groin to get out of the clinch? Using the clinch for self defense is a terrible idea precisely for this reason, it's a sport control method, it gives some degree of control and leverage but at the cost of leaving both hands free to eye gouge, strike and grab the groin, it's not worth it.

  10. Two videos a day!. What a great day?!. Thank you sensei and sifu for this awesome technique???. But I still have a doubt. Will these techniques work against a tight Thai plum?. The elbows of my opponent push against my chest in that tight position. I find it difficult to use the reverse hook. Any thoughts on this sensei ?
    Thanks again ???

  11. Wow! A crossover between Randy and Ando. Today is a good day. Looking forward to Master Ken next. ?

  12. Great tips! I use the 'reverse hook' quite often. I really like the other idea of flanking/neck slice as well and the combination of both. Keep up the awesomeness!

  13. Hi ? ! Thanks for the video. I often have trouble with the clinch. That's gonna be useful tomorrow. I just have to remember it during the clinch, and not 10 seconds too late, haha ! A little video tip : try to balance color brightness when you switch from one camera to the other. Thanks and keep eating pie… Er.. I meant making videos ? !

  14. I like all of these systems that I mention.

    Funnily enough, people truly do not realize how similar all martial arts really are.

    Boxers, “their techniques” are present in other systems. I’ve seen the shoulder roll, the helmet-guard, the peek-a-boo stance, and several other “Boxing techniques”, present in, to name one, Shaolin KF.

    Judokas “their throws” of Judo are present in Shuai Jiao. A 5000 year old Chinese War Wrestling Style. Although, Shuai Jiao throws are intended to hurt the opponent.

    BJJ-type ground-fighting Techniques are present in Silat, Shaolin, Karate, etc. Including all of the locks and positions. Although, these techniques are more practical than BJJ, as they have a different purpose.

    “Wrestling Techniques” like the double and single leg, the body-locks, etc., are present in Shaolin and Silat (Among others.).

    I’ve seen escapes for “Muay Thai clinches”, in several martial arts that haven’t even fought against Muay Thai until recently ??. Especially Shaolin Kung Fu.

    I’ve also seen escapes for Figure-Four Chokes in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu ?.

    Japanese systems come from the Chinese systems. Korean systems come from both. Okinawan systems come from all three, but mainly the Chinese systems.

    Interestingly, even styles that have never met, have similar techniques, as I have said above with the wrestling and boxing, etc.

    The only thing that changes with the techniques, really, are the intent and the name.

    Some of the ways that the techniques are preformed are different, but the core is there.

    Anyways, just a thought. I like all combat sports, martial arts, and fighting styles. But, they’re all similar. ??.

    Great video, Ando ??!

    Also, is Ando Mierzwa a
    Greek name?

    Edit: Wow, this came off as very hateful. I love all martial arts ?, I was just saying something interesting :).

  15. when i used to wrestle and we ended up one hand each on the back of the head we just crushed ears until the one with most pain relented lol
    I know not a good way, just a macho way which only works in a competition with rules and a judge 😮
    edit:: 6 years of competing in wrestling all round the world and never got cauliflower ears, I consider that a big win 😀

  16. elevator, I have never seen that "double tap" before, I just use same side arm, so if he have my head with his left I step back in a jerky motion causing the person holding me to follow, move or even lose the grip if not good enough then with my right arm I slam up with everything i can on his elbow and im free, from there just slip under take back and supplex…ive done this at competitions many times and I only remember 1 time it failed, but that was against a heavyweight olympic greco roman wrestler, top 5 in the world….that is the only time "the elevator" as you call it have ever failed for me. I dont even know if I have a style anymore, I came from greco roman, into bjj, into SW, into MMA and thai so I guess im no longer sure from where i was taught all escapes from clinch i know, but I think from full clinch/double clinch I use the one from thai, the shoulder twist snap with elevation change(have to be straight in the back ofc so you dont eat a knee) down and move backwards

  17. that neck slice is great, but we were taught to use palm of the hand on the opponents jaw, like a neck crank the further forward opponent goes as going on through could be considered an illegal strike/illegal attack

  18. When Ando drops his elbow in to block the second escape (reversal of the clinch), the other hand could come up and turn Ando's arm inward.

  19. @ando mierzwa – Thank you, sir! It is always a pleasure to share knowledge with you that can help others, while benefiting from your bright company, and expertise. We enjoyed our visit immensely thanks to you and yours. I look forward to the next time! – Randy

  20. snap down & or collar tie executed extra fast .
    posture can be key to control . this leads into position and transition..

  21. Wow awesome work. You are teaching us with full dedication. You are very passionate. You are very positive sir

  22. Not bad. This sifu has experienced in the Thai clinch. And has evolve. Because Chinese Sifu still don't know how to defend our Thai clinch.

  23. Great video, I like it when you do something with other martial artists, have you or would you do one with Jake Mace, Rokas from martial arts journey, Art of one Dojo, Fight tips, Ginger Ninja Trickster, Alex Wong, Samery Moras, or Grace and Chloe Bruce

  24. I like the info in your videos and sometimes use some of it in my Taekwondo classes, do you or would you consider doing a seminar to teach and train over here with us at Odessa Texas

  25. Would you do a video talking about differences on some other martial arts like ITF, WTF, and ATA Taekwondo, or Kajukenbo, Tukong Moosul, tekkyon, Tang Soo do, Hapkido, is there a difference between jujutsu and jiu Jitsu besides the spelling

  26. Have you ever seen old training videos like Al Thomas Budojujutsu, Master Tsai protect yourself, karate connection, how to protect yourself with Simon Rhee

  27. Wouldn't it be simpler to just smash your attacker's face in with a good, solid palm if he closes into your personal space? Seems to me that the only way an attacker can hurt you is by entering your striking range up close. A lot of these moves might seem a bit too complex under stressful conditions.

  28. Ando, Dude, or should I always stay formal? Dear Sensei Ando/ Dude/ Man! LOL. You know where to grab someone. You always play on gravity as we all should. Gravity is a tool as Jack the Giant killer Dempsey did. When you grab someone from behind the head you are playing on high center of gravity. I dig, man, the way you are so humble with people. The way you let them teach you and I can see you may not know what they're showing you and in your mind you know a few ways of breaking their ways. You are there to learn. This is a good thing because you understand them and want to show us other ways. However, you have much patience..

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