China’s got talent -Yue Xiang with Down Syndrome performing martial arts20100905

My name’s Yue Xiang This is my Mother {many years ago the doctor told he had down Syndrome Now he is 17 years old…something about being a mother You are the mama? I Am the Mama And you’re doing what? I’m doing WuShu (martial arts) Good Auntie (Mom) we can all see that you love your child very very much. Yes, true. {something about having a child with Down syndrome” when they got there the doctor told me. This child hasn’t You can relax, don’t worry. But I was still worried When he was 4 or 5 and he still couldn’t walk or couldn’t talkmuch. That was really frustrating. When he was 6 or 7 he started to say “Mommy” and that made me really, really happy. So it looks like he’s doing Kung Fu (wushu), right, so what age did he start to learn Kung Fu? Well he watched TV, and then he went to parks and places trying to copy what they do. He loves practicing the moves. Now when he does the moves he really, really makes me proud. Then he started to go out and practice the moves by himself I hadn’t realised/seen how good he’d become. For example, he would go in the (sidewalk/cross the street) and kind of hide from me and I’d have to go out and ask “Have you seen my son? When he was going on the grass other people would laugh at him, because he was practicing his Kung Fu on the grass. So are you telling us you had to really keep a close eye on him, right? Yes, that’s right. That day, when he walked,…. Yes…. I think your family is realy (???) because I don’t know if any other mother could’ve handled this as well as you did. Thank you, thank you judge. I’m not sure how many people here actually know what Down Syndrome is. This kid is really, really amazing because not many people can line up all the moves, they don’t have the coordination. This kid ….very very…..amazing. From this performance we can truly see this kid’s great spirit and enthusiasm. I can’t believe this kid! Thank you, Judge. Thank you, Judge!! Ok let me see what to say. I have to say, I wanna say…YES! You’re very good. Thank you! (Xie Xie) We should thank her for doing such a good job with this kid. Yes…. Every mother and father…

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  1. I think it's impressive as shit that he knows how to speak chinese. I've tried learning chinese, it's a fucking hard language to learn!

  2. I was pretty heartwarming seeing this, and especially it being on national TV. In China there's a big stigma with down-syndrome, and children that have it are often abandoned or given to orphanages because the parents don't know how to care for them. It was really nice seeing a change from that.

  3. how do Asians knowif someone has Down's Syndrome, i mean mother looks no different than son. does she have it too?

  4. lol this dude is a fucking actor, gullible suckers hahaha, he gets away with the facts that most asians can pass for having down syndrome

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