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in the new edition of this best-selling
video dr. Jung Jing Ming explains and instructs the eight pieces of brocade
one of the most popular sets of ancient Chinese healing exercises these gentle
breathing stretching and strengthening movements activate the Chi and blood
circulation in your body helping to stimulate your immune system strengthen
your internal organs and give you abundant energy with both a sitting and
standing set anyone can practice these simple and effective exercises in as
little as 20 minutes a day the DVD edition of this video includes over an
hour of additional instruction and analysis of each of the chi gong
movements from the eight pieces of brocade these comprehensive training videos
explore White Crane gongfu one of the most famous martial styles in China in addition to fundamental stances
movements and hand techniques dr. Jung explains and instructs fundamental
Qigong exercises in Jing panties xiaolin White Crane gongfu discover
authentic Tai Chi Chuan this two-hour long instructional video is the perfect
tool for building a strong foundation for a lifetime of practice young family
Tai Chi Chuan passed down from young paan hole is one of the most popular
styles of Tai Chi and is known and studied throughout the world this video
instructs fundamental stances and stepping demonstrates martial
applications and includes the tai chi chi-gong set for developing a deeper
feeling for the internal aspects of young style Tai Chi also taught is the
entire young style long form piece by piece and in a continuous demonstration
by master yang the DVD edition of this video includes over an hour of
additional detailed instruction and analysis of each piece of the
traditional long form of young style Tai Chi trend also included is an excerpt of
doctor Young’s Tai Chi Theory lecture where he discusses and explains Tai Chi
philosophy yin yang theory and what it means to practice Tai Chi Chuan the fist
of the mind quantal young salute Tai Chi Tran this most basic northern long fist
sequence can provide a proper foundation in the style also included our over 70
Marshall applications in the sequence northern Shaolin long fist concludes the
M Bouc N and it’s applications this second-level long fist sequence is
designed to build the foundation of northern long fist power the tape
contains the complete form training routines and martial applications for
every move Shaolin long fist gongfu Gong Li Chun
and it’s applications known as the first and second ways of
ambush these intermediate sequences combine subtle techniques with the
simultaneous use of hands and legs martial applications include Shaolin
long fist gongfu ela my foo and over my field first and second ways of ambush
Edo my fool Allu my food this sequence builds on Alou my foo and
early waifu through the inclusion of several different kicks side door
attacks and forcing techniques martial applications include Shaolin
long fist funky combining techniques from long fist and northern praying
mantis shelleyan emphasizes powerful kicks trapping and striking over 70
martial applications Shaolin long fist kungfu Xiao foo Yin roaring tiger improve your martial skills strength and
focus these 12 routines form the basis for other more complex forms practiced
in northern shaolin kung fu’ practicing the routines will strengthen and add
power to all your techniques and fundamentals includes applications Shaolin long fist gongfu 12 tant way and
their applications these programs present effective
self-defense techniques that can be learned and applied immediately discover
effective and immediate techniques on how to avoid attacks learn circling
proper distance open door strategies and more defend yourself unarmed attack and knife
attack learn a wide variety of chin not
techniques and be prepared for any fighting situation with comprehensive
applications of Shaolin chin not books and videos one and to build a strong
foundation for your chin not and learn essential training techniques with a
book and video analysis of Shaolin Shin Nam deepen and expand your chin not with
this fascinating video series watch as dr. young describes demonstrates and
teaches you his techniques up close and in detail chin na in-depth series northern Shaolin sword book and video
series develop your martial intent sense of enemy timing and distance for the
quickest and most appropriate response to any given situation
northern Shaolin sword sodding faith ji-yong style Tai Chi Chuan and it’s
applications the complete young style solo form and martial applications are
presented GE press young style Tai Chi Cheng and it’s applications the Sabre is the foundation of
double-blade sword training this video demonstrates the Taichi Sabra
form in five parts Taichi saber chi-gong basic stances basic saber drills Taichi saber sequence
and Sabre applications you Taiji sword classical yang style
contains the complete form Qi Gong and martial applications for Tai Chi sword bring the martial art back to your Tai
Chi with Shin nan techniques from the form and push hands with a book and
video Tai Chi chin Nam Tai Chi ball Qigong one through four in Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi ball training used to be a major training tool however due to its secrecy
fewer and fewer people have learned it until the art has become virtually
unknown Tai Chi ball training has significant health benefits due to its
emphasis on conditioning the torso training is done with soft movements
which not only conditions the physical body deeply but also trains the mind
coordination and the harmonization of Chi throughout the body Tai Chi ball
Qigong training also improves the sensitivity for feeling or listening
Jing which is critical for Tai Chi pushing hands in a Tai Chi Chuan combat
situation in the Taichi ball Qigong video series
dr. yang Jing Ming gives detailed instruction of qi gong breathing
techniques the patterns of Tai Chi ball exercises and martial applications the
series is divided into four parts circling the ball rotating the ball
wrapping and coiling and applications Taichi pushing hands 1 through 5 in the comprehensive Taichi pushing
hands video series dr. yang Jing Ming explores Tai Chi pushing hands an
important aspect of Tai Chi training which is essential for development as a
proficient Tai Chi Chuan martial artist dr. young extensively instructs pushing
hands from the basics of routing training body conditioning and central
equilibrium to the solo and partner single and double pushing hands routines
to various types of Jing training and finally to the stationary and moving
free pushing hands also included our Basics in Tai Chi symbol sticking hand
and Tai Chi ball Qigong training which are vital interrelated parts of Tai Chi
China training Taichi symbol sticking hand training
young and he Taichi annyeong cymbal sticking hand
training has long been known as an essence of the entire art of Tai Chi
Tran it is also known as silk reeling Jing to Chen style Tai Chi practitioners
by tracing the in yang symbol in both young and in directions vertically and
horizontally a Taiji practitioner can gain deeper understanding of fundamental
concepts of Tai Chi Chuan such as coiling and neutralizing and develop the
skills necessary to apply them dr. Jung dreaming instructs and demonstrates solo
exercises and partner drills including training routines and martial
applications for pieces of the yang style Tai Chi form such as grasp the
sparrows tail and diagonal flying you these programs demonstrate the 24 and 48
postures of yang style Tai Chi these simplified postures promote health and
vitality and can be learned in less time than the long form in only 20 minutes a
day gain the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan increased strength and energy
better balance and improved bodily awareness simplified tai chi cheng
simplified 24 postures standard 48 postures sun style is based on several
internal martial styles including shinee tran baguazhang
and yang style Tai Chi it is characterized by round natural movements
and closed stepping martial applications of the movements are included Sun style
Tai Chi Chuan with applications who style Tai Chi was created at the end
of the 19th century this style specializes in softness and
neutralization martial applications of the movements are included wu style Tai
Chi Chuan with applications a comprehensive training guide for
beginning and advanced practitioners of baguazhang
one of China’s most famous internal martial arts included are the eight palm
sequence swimming body sequence and bhagwad earhooks sword with martial
applications Qigong and body condition it may buck what’s on the classic twelve
animal form and its martial applications combines explosive power and elegant
movements and is an effective way to strengthen the body and build up
London’s wild goose chicken is a traditional Chinese self healing
exercise its movements are derived from those of the wild goose itself
gracefully combining solid and soft qualities
guiding the circulation of Qi in your body and balancing yin and yang it is an
excellent exercise for all ages and all levels of health wild goose chi gong
natural movement for healthy living chiju the Chinese study of life energy
is an ancient fitness and healing practice these gentle yet invigorating
exercises will improve the flow of Chi in your body tone and stretch the major
muscle groups increase energy aid in relaxation and sharpen your
concentration in this video you will find an holistic mind body fitness
system that you can practice anytime anywhere and in only 15 minutes a day you white crane hard Qigong strengthens
muscles tendons and ligaments and develops the strength and flexibility of
the torso and spine hard Qigong also builds a strong root
improves your stability and increases your muscular endurance white crane soft Qigong trains the body
to be relaxed and coordinated for expressing martial power learn Qigong exercises for the fingers
hands arms and chest soft Qigong also keeps the spine torso and waist fit and
flexible and helps build the immune system you drawing on his 35 years of training in
Qigong and his Western scientific background dr. young presents a clear
explanation of Qigong from both an Eastern and Western perspective if
you’ve never had a chance to attend a seminar with dr. Jung here’s a home
version you won’t want to miss the scientific foundation of Chinese Qigong
a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts a common Chinese medical
practice massage regulates Chi and blood circulation in the body and is an
effective method of maintaining health these programs contain detailed
instructions for self practice as well as basic two-person massage techniques
for the head torso arms and legs Chinese Qi Gong massage for centuries the Chinese have healed
and strengthened their bodies with Qigong dr. young presents gentle
exercises to help ease your lower back pain strengthen your torso and expedite
your body’s natural healing back pain Chinese Qi Gong for healing and
Prevention arthritis the Chinese way of healing and prevention for centuries the
Chinese have healed and strengthened their bodies with Qi Gong dr. young
presents chi gong exercises designed to heal arthritis strengthen the joints and
prevent arthritis and healthy joints you a great way to energize the body raise
the spirit and deepen your understanding of Qi Gong and Tai Chi the essence of
Tai Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi KO mu guy root the classical samurai art of
drawing the sword learn these ancient sword drawing
techniques and see them performed in traditional Japanese costume in Footwear in the Taiji and Shaolin staff
fundamental training one video dr. young dreaming teaches the essential practices
of staff training which is considered the root of all long weapons training
the techniques are compiled from both Tai Chi Tran and Shaolin White Crane
kung-fu offering a uniquely comprehensive demonstration of southern
style staff training these essential staff techniques are taught stationary
and moving with both normal grip and reverse grip the techniques you will
learn include sliding and striking diagonal and horizontal traveling coil
stinging blocking advance retreating circle ceiling and four corners repel
neutralizing staff training is considered the root of all long weapons
training and this video provides you with a firm foundation for a lifetime of
practice shaolin kung fu basic training one entry in shaolin kung fu basic
training one and two dr. yang Jing Ming explains and instructs the shaolin kung
fu training done at Waimea high schools which is derived from the traditional
training originated at Shaolin Temple Shaolin basic training one teaches
stretching fundamental long fist stances and kicks and expensive hand drills Shaolin basic training to teaches
walking hopping jumping sense of distance training and extensive kicking
techniques these videos teach the essential
foundation of why ma a Shaolin training and provide excellent additional
training for all martial artists especially those interested in tracing
back to the roof Asian martial arts advanced practical chin na applications
one and two in advanced practical chin na applications one and two dr. young
dreaming instructs Qin na for those seriously interested in mastering at
Shin na technique dr. Jung explains that for your chin not to be alive it’s most
important for an advanced chin na practitioner to train and master a few
techniques until they become an immediate natural reaction dr. Jung
discusses choosing the techniques that you’re most comfortable with and that
can be practically applied in a real-life situation quickly and
effectively these videos contain detailed instruction of Qin na
techniques that dr. Jung feels are the most practical showing Corrections for
common mistakes as students demonstrate

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