Check out my NEW KARATE DOJO!!!

(makes fighting impressions) – What’s up karate nerds? Today I wanna take you around
a tour in my brand new dojo that we spent the past month
rebuilding, redesigning, painting, tearing down
walls and all of that. Now, in the previous dojo
tour video that I did, I was the presenter, but
today my brother Oliver, who’s standing right behind me will be presenting our
brand new dojo for you. So, I’m gonna grab this
one, and let’s check it out. (upbeat music) The floor is yours Oliver. – All right, welcome guys. Earlier you went straight through here, but we made a U-turn, so
people can actually put their shoes here and not on the floor. When you come around the corner, you will be greeted here at the reception where we have a new system
for the membership cards. You just put it here and
we will see in the screen what kind of membership you have. Then if you’re a new member, I will point to our
rules on the wall here. It’s our Dojo Kun, so to speak. “Me that steps in here,
shows my training partners “and instructors, respect and humility. “Treat the facility and
the equipment with care. “I help and encourage everyone in my group “to create an atmosphere of,” what do you say, like? – [Jesse] Comfort. – “Comfort that develops everyone.” – Yes.
– Yes. And before, we had a boxing ring here, but it took up too much space so we decided to put
new mats here instead. And if you turn this way,
you’ll see brand new wall mats to protect the wall. And the wall is actually
strengthened on the back side with big wooden beams, so the roof won’t fall in
when we practice on the cage. The mats are also new. MMA mats with a smooth surface to avoid burns from scratches. So, sliding in to the new dojo. – [Jesse] Wow. Always bow when you enter the dojo. – Exactly, and as you see in this area everything is more or less the same, but when we turn our gaze here you will see there’s a new system to keep the focus pads and
the Thai pads in place. And these are actually
support for the wall so you can practice on the other side without the pads falling off. – [Jesse] All right. – And of course the traditional weapons. Combat Academy, it’s the
mix of the old with the new. We just walked past our
Fight Shop where we have a brand new collection of
gear that hasn’t arrived yet, but is gonna be filled up all the way. We also have our little
cafeteria here where you can, where you will be able to
get your snacks and stuff before the training starts. This is the gold mine, the
black gold coffee machine. – Oh yeah.
– For an espresso. This is also new, like the
whole interior, the design. So, we got this round
table to make more space and earlier we had a different
set of tables and chairs that took up too much space. Walking in to the men’s locker room. This is the Kudo area. Show you how it works, yah! Women’s locker room. – [Jesse] Yap. Pretty fresh. – [Jesse] Yap. – Then we’ll walk down here. (Jesse laughs)
Remember. – [Jesse] Oh, yeah! – Welcome to the new second floor. This was actually two rooms before. This was kind of a free training area, we had bags hanging from the ceiling, and all the training was done
on that part of the room. But to fit more people and have
better circulation with air we teared the wall down, and we made a bench here in between where you can put the training bags. And now we will fit more people in here. Got a slack line for balancing. Just put it up across the room
here, it’s a good warm up. – [Jesse] Nice! – Well, in here we have some
new pads and more on the way. And this is a little strength
and conditioning area free for members to use. If you wanna get some
gymnastic strength training or lifting weights. That’s basically it the whole tour. Combat Academy 2.0. – Yep, thanks for watching. (curtain closing)

100 Replies to “Check out my NEW KARATE DOJO!!!

  1. If you haven't already, could you do a video demonstrating the planning or development process for building a dojo? Maybe a checklist of things to consider?

  2. Very impressive you guys did a very good job beautiful dojo again congratulations. I hope and pray that you and your family will have many successful years?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  3. At this moment you have 10 thumbs down! Who would use their time to give a negative reaction to two class lads who are providing such an amazing facility to their community! Superb dojo!!!

  4. Very impressive.Woderful dojo with traditional cum modern,i like it and i envy you,ha,ha.Our dojo is one of our high school ground.
    I wish you all the best Jesse San.Osu.

  5. Oss sensei. Wow sensei the dojo was already so beautiful and big. Now it became even more beautiful and bigger. Would love to train there, maybe some day ?. Oss sensei

  6. What intrigues me most about your dojo is: How can you fill it with people?

    Who are the regulars? People up close, from the city? It looks so big that it would take way too many people to get it running. Is your city that much into martial arts?

  7. Your brand new dojo renovations, look absolutely awesome Sensei Jesse! The best that I have seen. Just wondering have you had any martial arts celebrities, visit and train there if you do not mind me asking? Best regards to you and Sensei Oliver, Osu!???✌?✊??

  8. Woahhhhhhhhh thats epiccccccc. In my school dojo we only have the tatami??. Goodluck with your new dojo jesse.

  9. Woooow guys. Snack booth. Shirts weapons showers mats padded walls. Karate training mma mats and a space to mix it up! Huuuuuuuge space. And let's not forget the coffee! This is truly a karate/mma guy or girls dream training spot!!!!!!

  10. Hey you guys need to get to Ikea and buy some of those hand shape corner protectors (for babies heads) to go on that metal sink!

  11. Saw you fixed the roof of the 1st dojo which Oliver destroyed while he destroyed us all against the wall ! ^^
    What about the "dojo kun", Oliver : it's a real problem when you become soooo strong ! 😉

  12. Hey Jesse, I wanted to know if you and Oliver will ever sell the Combat Academy shirts, shorts, and jackets on a website. So that people who don’t live in Sweden can purchase these items. Thanks!

  13. Really nice !!! You and your Brother made an execellent selection and are good partners together !! Good luck in your new endeavor!!! Donnie Cain United States !! Nidan ,Isshinryu Karate

  14. Now I want to go to Sweden! This is very inspirational. Might auhhest a couple of ideas from your dojo for my dojo 🙂

  15. Congratulations! Its just beautiful! Wow! Love to go there someday! Thank you Jesse and Oliver for Keeping Karate and Martial Arts Alive!

  16. Always been impressed with your dojo, and now it’s even better! It looks like a very well taken care of and designed building.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire.

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