Campari 137 Nelson Wagner – Professor de Systema

While many people pratice more conventional martials arts like judo, tae kwon do or jiu jistu Nelson choose systema, a russian marcial art I used to practice martials arts, among then aikido In 2002 there was an martials art fair called Expo Aiki where I first saw a presentation of Systema I started to research about it because I didn’t know that there was another martial art in Russian besides Sambo People know Sambo mostly because of Oleg Taktarov that used to compete in UFC In 2003 we started a trainning group Russia has borders with several countries, like China, Mongolia Throughout its history, russia suffered invasions from different invaders Systema created a simpler method of training that could be taught from childhood to adulthood that can also be adapted to any kind of situation In Russia the summer is hot and the winter is very cold These climate changes and geographical differences had a major influence in the Systema ability to be adaptable In middle age in Russia when the rivers froze it tuns into the main road As it was slippery, the figth had also to adapt to the surface Systema was also pratice among some russian special forces As I used to pratice another martial art I didn’t realy want to learn about martial art But I had a religion issue Every oriental martial art has a religios background, a philosophy And I used to question a lot why in the ocidental martial arts I coundn’t find it I learned then that Systema has this philosophy The Christian religion is inserted in Systema For example, there is some breathing exercises that we use a psalm to talk We can use a particulary psalm to adjust the rhythm I really like what I do We have a lot of fun praticing Systema and it is also vey pleasant to do Sometimes if you just look from outside it is hard to realise it Like how is possible that a guy is kicking, punching, rolling in the ground and still likes it But we go back to our chiildhood, when we could play, roll in the ground, sit and get up again without concern This I can do today in Systema We play a lot of fighting and when we realise we are actually fighting we learn how to fight in a more fun way

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