Cage-fighting Kids: Children As Young As Four Train In MMA

JENNIFER: You can get hurt in football, you can get hurt in soccer, you can get hurt in
baseball, letting him fight in a cage and teaching him to protect himself and be able
to defend himself in the real world? I see no problem with it. 00:23
COMM: Mixed Martial Arts, as popularised by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is one
of the world’s most brutal sports. But incredibly, MMA is growing in popularity in children as
young as four. 00:37
BUNNY: Some critics say it’s like cockfight, it’s just people who don’t really understand
the sport, who’ve not trained in it before. 00:43
MARIA: I like MMA because it helps me protect myself. 00:45
ALBERT: Red corner wins. 00:50
BUNNY: Martial arts has been a part of my life throughout my life and I love it, and
this is what I do for a living. And it’s what I’ll do until I’m walking around with a cane
and I can’t do it no more. 00:59
BUNNY: I have both adults and children, we’re teaching them mixed martial arts. We’re teaching
them some jiu-jitsu, we’re teaching them some kick boxing, we’re teaching them boxing, some
Taekwondo, just a mix of martial arts and since we do that it is mixed martial arts. 01:15
COMM: Two of Bunny’s most promising students are sisters Maria, aged eleven, and Valery
who is nine. And they have no qualms about going toe to toe with the boys. 01:26
VALERY: Most of my NAGA competitions I had to fight boys because they couldn’t find any
girl matches for me. 01:31
MARIA: It is a little nerve wracking but you get used to it after a while. 01:37
VALERY: Boys are more aggressive and crazy sometimes. 01:39
MARIA: And they get mad faster. 01:41
VALERY: Some boys, if they get submitted they get mad. 01:47
BUNNY: Those two girls will stand up and meet boys toe to toe, head to head, they don’t
fear a boy at all and you’ll see no change in their performance, no change in how they
execute. 01:59
COMM: The sisters who also enjoy gymnastics and painting were introduced to the sport
by their parents, who are both martial arts black belts. 02:05
ALBERT: They’re a little different, the older, Maria, she more calm I guess. She’s a little
bit more, like to play more defence, let the other person make a mistake and take an advantage
and the younger Valery is a little bit faster, a little bit more aggressive. She likes to
attack. Not to wait for the other person to come in. 02:29
ALBERT: You never know when you’re going to need what, in life, it’s better to know it
and never need it than need it and not be able to do it. 02:39
COMM: And they aren’t the only parents who see the benefit of the sport for this children. 02:43
MISTY: The truth of the matter is there are bad people out there, and this is to prepare
him in the event if something were to happen, if he were to get in a bad situation, he would
know how to handle himself. 02:54
SKIP: We knew it was dangerous but no matter what type of sports you play there’s some
kind of danger involved in it. 03:00
ELI: I think it’s just a great builder it teaches them restraint, balance, great physical
endurance, it’s a very active sport. 03:09
COMM: While children in the United States can compete in mixed martial arts, it is not
legal for them to participate in the full contact version, UFC style. 03:18
BUNNY: We do not do what you see on TV, children when they’re grappling, they can’t punch each
other where adults can. Children are not allowed to punch each other. But when they do punch
each other it’s called stand up, when we teach them stand up training then we put the headgear
on, and boxing gloves and mouth pieces, and we stand over the and supervise them. And
we wear shin and instep pads for the shin and feet. And we watch them and we don’t even
have to wait until they tap. If a child has an arm bar out for instance, we don’t have
to wait until it’s locked and the child says “ugh” we see the position is there, we call
it anyway. 03:54
BUNNY: I’ve been teaching children for many years, and I’ve never had a child hurt in
MMA. 04:01
COMM: And Bunny is unphased by any criticism he receives. 04:04
BUNNY: You still have those critics that quickly, when they hear the name MMA, oh children are
doing it, that’s child abuse or whatever but once the truth comes out and they see it,
it’s like oh I understand. We definitely are against violence. Definitely, and we’ve stressed
that. Children get out and we find that they’re doing anything, even showing other kids some
of their techniques out on the playground at school or anywhere, we warn them first
time and we tell the parents that they have to take them out the second time. Because
that is not what we teach. 04:38
COMM: And as the club grows Bunny is hopeful some of the children will continue the sport
into adulthood. 04:44
BUNNY: Football has peewee football, soccer has peewee soccer, every sport just about,
basketball has got peewee. Well now MMA has peewee. 04:52
BUNNY: Now MMA stars of tomorrow are be kids that are peewee stars of today.

100 Replies to “Cage-fighting Kids: Children As Young As Four Train In MMA

  1. once a bullie tried to hit me in the heat and i heat his nose with my forhead. he needed to go to the hospital. heck he chalanged me

  2. Yea except their fighting against children there’s no way they can fight against a grown adult and actually be able to run away or do harm

  3. Parents these days want their girls be models and singer's they accept to sell their daughters body for some freak men paying lot of money to see them.these same parents when they see a girl kick boys asses and no one can fu*k with her in school. They say oh this brutal is must be illegal. . .stupid assholes

  4. Look at all the sheltered people who never grew up in a rough neighborhood. Be thankful you can think you can just avoid trouble where in other parts of the country / world trouble finds you. I guess no one has ever heard of bullying and people just think children are just little angels.

  5. I under stand it but a 4 year old kid pushes a 4 year old kid pop pop to the side of the head in school they getting suspened or expelled

  6. Whilst studying Karate' I used to get more hurt at "non-contact" tournaments then the full contact. Just something to remember kids… 😉 But this is great to see, because they aren't allowed to punch or kick until the appropriate protection is worn. Not sure I would do this for my child, and stick to more traditional martial arts, rather than mixed.

  7. I remember watching this a long time ago, and I’m equally as mad as I was then. Firstly, doing that stuff at a young age will make brain damage because of head trauma. Secondly, they’re trying to make those girls look like they’re the real stuff when the girls are fighting against boys several years younger than them. I know that boys are generally stronger than girls, but that’s just ridiculous. A year younger, no more than that.

  8. the problem with amateur mma is that that just roll on the ground all the time they dont fight with kicks or punches they should do muay thai or kick boxing or just boxing

  9. It's a fantasy of women in grade school academia to believe that every problem with a bully can be resolved via talking, A.K.A. "conflict resolution". If that were true, there would be no bullies with repeat offenses throughout grade school. Many times that bully won't quit no matter who is talking to him/her, they will just get sneakier with their bullying tactics.

    Sometimes your kid has got to learn how to fight back.

  10. He's a boy, he will do this without gloves and a mat with 12 other boys in the street. Boys wrestle. They fight. Some girls fight it's good. This guy knows what it takes to win. You cannot coddle your children if you want them to be good at anything. You have to push them and they need to be tough. MMA is like anything else.

  11. Wish I started MMA when I was young cause I wanna become a fighter and I have no experience apart from knowing some submissions I’m 15 and I wanna start when I’m 22

  12. What the hack kids blaa?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️.
    Haha that's give me an ???idea .
    Why and we are fighting to much?
    We are friends come on guys follow
    Me and don't fight god is
    Watching.???don't fight OK!

  13. Without protection, these poor children in cages to satisfy the repressed sadistic instincts of adults.

  14. What is the point of this to teach kids to fight in situations especially younger kids it teaches them to fight when they don’t get what they want

  15. I boxed at 13 years old. Was very good having an unbeaten record of 14-0. Was not a violent kid, it was just a sport. Should have went pro but found other outlets lol.

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