Butterfly Sweep Into Knee Cut Pass: BJJ Technique For Beginners

it’s mark and I’m here with Ted we are
at alpha Brazilian Jujitsu and as you can tell by the title in today’s video
we’re gonna be going over some guard passes and a sweep for the beginners
that you Jitsu if you guys want to learn learn something to be able to use them
like sparring or just learned some jujitsu some basic stuff this video is
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we’re gonna work on here this is just a really good drill for basic beginners
this comes in handy throughout your entire career Jiu Jitsu this is just a
basic windshield-wiper drill so he’s got these are called butterfly hooks and
they’re behind my knees and if I move he’s gonna follow me it’s gonna be
difficult for me to just step over and get my leg to the inside I think to set
up my basic knee cut past what I want to do is get one leg on the inside one leg
on the outside to do that I’m gonna do it’s called a windshield wiper I do not
want to be leaning too far forward I want to dig with my knees I’m gonna use
just below my knee to pressure dish it to drive this heel into his butt they
give them come closer to show so I’m gonna drive in right here then I’m gonna
bring my foot up to the outside rotate in step behind and block this leg just
like that okay so nice and slow I’m applying
weight with my shin shifting my weight to the other leg still driving
windshield wiper and behind this is just the first step of the past little
quicker it looks like this the hand it’s on the side that I’ve just done my
windshield wipers gonna drop to the head and then I shift to the other side this
leg stays up and I’m guarding this knee I do not want him to pull this knee back
up and to recover a full guard keep my hand on the hip here if it drives across
this is what I risk giving on my back so I’m applying pressure here and the last
thing I want to make sure that I do is drive my hips into him I want my hips to
weigh him down a little bit I’m gonna sink this underneath for a deep under
hook come on over the elbow and flatten her mouth
whenever I’m passing the guard it’s good to twist the spine so right now I had
both of his shoulders and forcing both of his shoulders to the mat while his
hips returning to try to keep my leg in tight here
so I’m inside I keep my head on this side if I bring it over here
particularly against a bigger opponent I make it roll to the other side I don’t
want that to happen so I put my forehead to the mat may I open him up I want to
replace where my knee is with my hip so I slide this forward I walk my hips back
turn down into this solid side control position and just so that we finish in a
good strong side control position I want my me closest to the legs to be
connected to the hip and I want to be heavy on the hips usually with my
forearm I want height control and I want to sink
my hips low to the mat and I even kind of open up and sort of a frog base here
so I can get my hips really really loved it’s difficult for him to turn into me
because I have shoulder pressure it’s hard for him to turn away because I’m
really heavy on the shoulder so again from the very beginning I’m up here you
can work this all the way through I windshield wiper block the hair pull it
to the mat open him up slide through walk the hips back turn down side
control and I can’t turn no matter how hard I try is like shoulders pushing
down on this side so I just like it’s impossible yeah you really want to keep
their face turned in the other direction so now the next thing we’re gonna do is
a sweep then we’re gonna we’re picking the butterfly suite because we’re gonna
work the butterfly sweep right back into the same knee cut pass so my right here
Gimme Gimmes we’ve got both knees on the back and I’m gonna under hook I have my
butterfly hooks here whenever a butterfly hooks is not good enough just
to connect I want them to be not necessarily Maxima
attention but a little bit of tension on his legs here now I’m going to shrimp my
hips to one side this is kind of thin in but whenever we’re doing our butterfly
guard if when I’m doing my my number one sweeps I want my hips to be to the side
say that I can get my ear close to the chest like I’m listening for a heartbeat
I want my under hook low towards the hips I don’t like it up here
some people prefer this I want low to the hips and I have my year to the chest
I’m gonna grab over the arm and then I’m gonna I’m gonna pull it forward lift
elevate just a little bit but while keeping the knee close to me once he
falls over I’m gonna put my forehead to the mat and then pop up right into Anika
so I’m here my angle control me cut pass so again stay where you are you can stay
on this side go so here I get my angle under hook over hook sink then I come up
and I’m right back into the same pretty far along it to my knee cut pass come
down if you give it to a situation rotate here for me work way is really
really strong on this foot and you’re having trouble getting it out you don’t
have to rush this position you can work work and then you can eventually bring
this up to anything hips come back anything else you wanna stay up so that
was a sweep guard pass from from butterfly if you guys did enjoy that
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