Bunkai JION – 3 teisho – KARATE

What’s up budokas. Hope you’re great. Today, let’s do a bunkai on JION, triple TEISHO (palm) part. Let’s start and he’s going to attack me with a direct punch, Maite Zuki. I am blocking it like this. Yes there is this move in the kata. Yes, it’s a Gedan Barai. So Gedan Barai and then TEISHO on the elbow. Performing my taisho like in the kata. It’s a kansetsu waza, dislocation joint technique. When I’ve done this move, i will pull him back to perform like a wave. Push and pull. His head goes back here, close to me. That’s the effect I am looking for to be able to continue my bunkai. I am doing this part of the kata. In the kata, I am pulling my hand, Hikite. I can find it here. Look closely. Pulling with my hike and at the same time teisho behind his elbow. Then my other hand goes back while grabbing inside not the uniform
because outside there not going to be karate-gi. Inside the arm. His head goes forward and my hand strikes again. A little bit quicker. After, See my axis? If I am staying in front, But if I going out of his axis, I am better. I will be more effective. I hope you like the video. If so, please like and share with your friend. Question of the day, when and where did you started Karate ? Leave your comment under See you soon for another video. Ciao.

9 Replies to “Bunkai JION – 3 teisho – KARATE

  1. Salut les karatékas et merci pour votre fidélité à la chaîne.
    Quand avez-vous commencer le karaté ? 
    A très bientôt et bons entraînements.

  2. Bonjour Lionel,
    J’aime ton travail.
    C’est pourquoi je te demande si tu peux faire des bunkaies de Bassadaï et Enpi.
    Merci bcp et bonne continuation.

  3. Salut Lionel, tu as l'art de bien expliquer les techniques, et sa c'est déjà une grande valeur, avec en plus la démonstration technique qui est significative avec l'art Martial, super et continu ton travail de cette façon, bonne continuation !!!

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