Budo – Martial Arts Motivational Training (Katana, Bo Staff, Karate, Tricking…)

Dojokun (dojo rules) First, seek the perfection of your character. First, defend the way of truth. First, cultivate the spirit of effort. First, respect the etiquette. First, refrain from the violence.

26 Replies to “Budo – Martial Arts Motivational Training (Katana, Bo Staff, Karate, Tricking…)

  1. truly inspirational i can't believe you did all of this i would never be able to you are truly an awesome person keep being awesome

  2. Tak tohle je super, inspirující a hezky sestříhané. V záběrech, kde jsou texty, tak bych se nebál přidat nějaký jemný stín, někdy to na tom pozadí jde špatně přečíst.

  3. Very motivating dude! Once again, making me feel terrible for not even hauling my ass to the gym X'D :') LOL.

  4. Excellent! It's an honour to watch you grow and develop. We should open a training camp together some day, where people can learn real skills with weapons and also supernatural skills too 🙂

  5. Overall, a very good video! Your Japanese pronunciation is very good, too! It's better than mine. I am going to add the beginning part to my vocabulary. One thing I would like to say, though is the intro part, you have the characters in the wrong direction. Japanese is written/read from right to left when the characters are vertical.

    By the way, did you do the music, too??

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